Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Al Shaya Backlash

Well, well, well.....I just received a call from an employee of Al Shaya requesting the post about their shopping outlet to be taken down or they would go back through their video and make problems for the person who brought me in. First off there are no signs that say 'No photography' nor is there any kind of waiver to sign saying anyone who writes about it will be persecuted. I don't see them requesting Mark to take down his post about it from 2 years ago, he was never threatened and it's still up which is why I never thought posting about it was illegal. I can only figure they have my number so they can contact me directly and think it's ok.

I've worked with Al Shaya and never figured the company would take a post like that so personal. They are a huge company with loads of staff yet a post about their employee outlet would cause them to threaten me? Outlets are nothing new, we have them all over the states, it's just old stuff that didn't sell at reduced prices. The company should worry more about their staff members buying items with their discounts and reselling them at higher prices. NOT A BIG DEAL! Even Al Ostoura has an outlet and they let the public shop there.

I feel like I took pictures of some secret nuclear weapon or something the FBI is protecting, not a picture of some shoes. So what's really going on?

I will remove the post but I hate being bullied into it with idle threats. I am a nice person until I feel threatened and for those reading I am in no way scared of your threats but I took it down because of the person who works there otherwise it would still be up.

In the future maybe your policies for this SECRET location should be changed, have signs posted and guests sign a waiver so your location will never be told.

Side note: The stuff wasn't even that great to begin with. If the other post about their shop is not removed within 24 hours I will re post mine again, one cannot pick and choose who can and cannot post about it.


  1. This is not good ! First, they could have very nicely asked you to remove it and that's it. Why is the threatening from a big brand like Alshaye for such a matter !

  2. I really don't know how a little blog like mine could stir up so much trouble yet the other blog posted it and nothing was said. I've done events for them and this is how they thank me. The female who called was someone I met a long time ago for an event and she has my number so some how it got to her and ticked her off or something, it started off nice until it got to talking about my post.

    I promise you there was nothing posted about no cameras and the only reason I did a post without hesitation is that it has already been written about. I had to give in out of respect for the employee who took us and that is why I removed it.

    I didn't want this to turn into another Benihana episode haha


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