Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Burying the hatchet with Al Shaya

(Bury the hatchet is an American English idiom meaning "to make peace". The phrase is an allusion to the figurative or literal practice of putting away the tomahawk at the cessation of hostilities among or by Native Americans in the Eastern United States, specifically concerning the formation of the Iroquois Confederacy and in Iroquois custom in general. Weapons were to be buried or otherwise cached in time of peace.)

I've decided to be the better person and 'bury the hatchet' with Al Shaya even though what they did in my eyes was wrong and uncalled for.

It was never my intention to expose their secret den of discount clothing to the public or their competitors, you can still find a post from Mark on the location btw. If there is a next time let the problem be handled between us and not involve an innocent person.

---Fun facts: Did you know there is a special team that surfs the internet looking for anything negative about the company? It was formed after Mark posted about their secret discount location and that's why they came after me. Big brother is watching and don't be surprised if someone comes to your door dressed like MIB with that memory erasing tool telling you to take your post down.

Live and learn! Kuwait is too small to have problems with people, you will run into them again at some point.


  1. I'm surprised that the store is supposed to be so secretive. I think everyone knows about it and though I'm not an Alshaya employee, I've been to the store a few times myself. The store is just filled with a lot of mismatched stuff anyway. I know it's all "high fashion" stuff from Harvey Nichols, but it just looks a mess and can I go as far as saying that things look tacky?

  2. Can I ask what happened?

  3. That would have to be by email as they are still watching


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