Sunday, March 27, 2016

Rude 'fashionista' at the Avenues

 It's funny that I have had another run in with a 'fashionista' soon after writing my post about how fake these people are. It was family day at the Avenues, we were waiting for our car from the valet in the Prestige area of the mall when I see a Kuwaiti girl aka 'The real Fouz' walk up with her 'male' friend. My daughter was impressed because she knows all of these females on IG etc. I however would never lower myself to ask for a photo, I mean it's not like they are the Rock or contributed anything to the world.

Alas, my daughter was like 'should I go ask her for a picture?' I was like no way, who is she anyways? But my daughter insisted, I'm sure it has something to do with impressing her friends, on going up to her and asking for her picture. My daughter made the mistake of tapping her on her shoulder and asking for her picture.

Our car arrived and as I walked up to the car I overheard her complaining her her friend about my daughter tapping her on her shoulder. Another prime example of how they will smile in your face and talk crap when you walk off. If you aren't on the same level as they think they are then they will fake smiling and laughing with you when they actually hate having to deal with you.

Not all IG people are bad, the nicest ones I have met are @musaed_1980 and @dudette_7d

All I see is a campaign telling the youth that being natural is not acceptable and you should run after plastic surgery to make yourself feel better. Nose too big? Not acceptable, you must have plastic surgery! Brown Eyes? Not acceptable, you must get contacts! Overweight? Not acceptable, you must have surgery! Natural eyebrows? Not acceptable, must  be plucked, primed and colored! No Cartier bracelets? Not acceptable, go take a loan and buy some! No Porsche? Not acceptable, you must take out another loan to get one!

I miss the days before technology!!!


  1. She was just on @tafteesh. They said that she's got like half a million likes a day. What a waste of people's time.

  2. Omg, I saw that on IG, that's a really bad picture of her

  3. The Real Fouz my ass! Shes as fake as they come! I was in Dubai taking a picture of my hubby in a restaurant in Dubai Mall and she was sitting behind us with a "male" and "female" friend (I didn't know it was her until I check Instagram) and started acting stupid and saying stuff to her friends.. I think she thought i was taking a picture of her... All these Kuwaiti wannabes are nobodys. Shes disgusting inside and out!

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks so. Sometimes I feel like readers will think I'm exaggerating or hating but I swear they are so rude.

  4. All the instgram Omani girls I met were soooo sooo nice (even though I was all loser-ery dressed when I met them---in a frayed granny floral house dress and bathroom ship ships;) ). I met the girl from the Overdressed? She is Kuwaiti I think? She was really nice:). She even hugged my daughter. Never met this girl though... ;)

  5. We have to encourage our daughters to set their sights higher than these fake malingerers.

  6. Preach!
    Funny if you notice that most of the girls or women you will see in malls looks like clones because of the makeup. Most of the ladies does the same makeup. Malls are like runways now.

  7. A real man would appreciate a real woman, a superficial guy would ofcourse only be suitable for a superficial woman, birds flok to the same tree

  8. i agree that they're all fake and stupid, but that's not her in the before photo. i went to school with her and face say that's a completely different person on the left, lol.


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