Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Life in Kuwait Blog Anniversary

Today marks the eighth year anniversary of Life in Kuwait Blog....for those who are still with me a very special thank you!

I started this blog for the expats and those outside of Kuwait who wonder what we do here. So many things have changed, some good, some bad but I miss the early days of first arriving here on  February 14, 2004. What a wonderful place and time to be here, not a lot of people, simplicity and nicer people.

Here's to what's to come, cheers!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Kuwait Zoo 2018

New year, kids on vacation, not much to do in Kuwait, take a trip to the zoo. That's was our schedule last week since there isn't much to do in Kuwait and we had lunch already. Everything is pretty much the same as the last time we visited last year. There's a lot of construction going on and the elephant's area has been closed and metal siding has replaced the fence, no idea what's going on with them.

This lonely little bear
 This one has no water to swim in and no water to drink
 The hippos have been moved from the big pool area to this tiny one with green stinky water
 Flamingos are still white due to not being fed properly
 The angry chimpanzee that spits at people
 The garbage left behind by visitors
A lot of the exhibits were closed and some animals were gone, if you visit the zoo and find the black llama be careful, he spits. I got a face full of grass from that lovely little creature while my daughter was spit on by the chimpanzee. I wish they had some kind of volunteering program there where people could give more attention to the animals, it's kind of depressing to see them going crazy.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Sky Cinemas Kuwait

I finally got around to seeing a movie at Sky Cinemas in Salmiya, we watched "The Commuter" which was a bad choice but I did enjoy the surround sound system in the theater. The cinema was a little on the small side but it was easier leaving when you don't have 100 people trying to get out after the movies are over.

It's located in Dalal Mall next to Fanar mall, back street, contact number 2228 7999 and their website link.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

2018 New Year, New Beginnings

It's already 2018 which means I've been blogging for 8 years as of the end of January. I apologize to my readers, if there are any left, for not updating as much as I should. Between working 6 days a week, dealing with problems at work, being a mom, sister, daughter and friend it feels as if there isn't enough time for everything and my blog has taken a back seat right now. As we all know the blogging scene has all but disappeared, people who were once blogging have traded in their thoughts for pictures and trying to be the next fashionista via IG and Snapchat

I use both of those but I'm still not showing every move that I make. Social media is a cut throat world and I see those that succeed if that's what you want to call it and those that are abused by trolls, I would rather watch from the side lines than be a victim. I still don't understand how youngsters look up to social media people, most of them have not achieved anything but acting like they are so happy and buying up ugly "couture" items that make the average person sell their soul just to have what they display.

What an ugly place the world has become, I'm always thankful I grew up before internet, cell phones and social media. I lived by my mom's words "be back by dark" and if I wasn't I could hear her whistle for me a mile away and would run home as fast as I could. We would save up quarters for ice cream and dimes and nickles to make calls from the pay phone.

I often wonder if anyone even reads what I post, does anyone actually care? I do miss getting invitations to events but now those go out to the 'popular' Arabs on social media. This is a new year and I feel some changes coming on that will give me more time to write even if it's only my mom who reads my blog.

For those who continue reading my random posts I thank you and I hope to more blogging, volunteering and general things I like with the normal working hours I will have.

Stay tuned.......

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Gulf Cup 2017- Kuwait

As we all know with the recent Gulf crisis it was only natural Qatar would have the Gulf Cup held in another country, they chose Kuwait. It was a big boost for Kuwait, both economically and touristic wise. The opening was presented to more than 50,000 people and finally the stadium was getting used since the opening of it a few years back. The first match was Kuwait vs. KSA and Oman vs. UAE in which UAE and KSA were winners. I however was waiting for Qatar to play as I am rooting for them all the way, their game was the following day. 

I took off from work to see the game, we headed to Jaber Stadium around 3:30 as the match would start at 5:30 pm, we arrived to an empty stadium with not a single soul around besides the police guarding the entrance. We sat for an hour and nothing changed, I looked online to see if it had been canceled but there was nothing so we headed to Marouj to check out the Qatar activity there. They have big screen tv sets and we see Qatar playing! A friend messaged me and told me they were playing in Kaifan in the Kuwait stadium so we headed that way.

The whole area surrounding the tiny stadium is under construction and no parking, it was a horrible mess. I was shocked that Kuwait would make the Qatar team play in such a bad place! After all, they were the ones who gave Kuwait this chance and that's how they were treated? The place is old and falling apart, the seats were dirty and garbage all over. I was told that because they feel that no one would show up they moved them to Kaifan, even if that was a reason they should've treated them better than that. No nice place with restaurants, just a few random people selling seeds and nuts from a plastic box. I've been to Qatar and it is amazing so seeing them diminished to a low area with nut sellers was sad.

Jaber Stadium
 Kaifan stadium

I guess they went all out for the Kuwait team and had them play at Jaber stadium, only for them to lose twice so far. I follow a lot of people from Qatar and the people who are here have visited the martyr house in Qurain, Avenues, the art museum and Mubarakiya as well as the restaurants Kuwait is famous for, that;s pretty much it for tourism. Even if only 5 people showed up at the stadium it would be ok, I think Qatar deserved that much. I can already hear people saying, well it costs a lot for security etc, everyone knows the area surrounding Jaber stadium is not good, Jaleeb Al Shuyoukh is on the other side of the highway! I don't know why it couldn't have been built more towards the city instead of that embarrassing area.

Anyways, this is just my opinion and Qatar is set for Gulf Cup 2018, I can only imagine the awesome show they will have. Go Qatar!!!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Hollywood females falling for Arab Men

It looks like a lot of Hollywood females are coming to the brown side, they are hooking up with men from Middle Eastern continents. But will it last?

Rihanna and her Saudi billionaire man from KSA Hassan Jameel

Britney Spears and her Persian man Sam Asghari

Kourtney Kardashian and her Algerian man Younes Bendjima

Janet Jackson and her Qatari ex husband Wissam Al Mana

Khloe Kardashian and her Moroccan ex French Montana

Although two relationships bit the dust the other three seem to be going on strong. Most females who know about Middle Eastern men is that they tend to act one way before marriage and a different way after. It's all fun and games while dating but once you officially become their wife they will probably expect some changes. Janet Jackson couldn't handle the Islamic way of life that her husband expected so she divorced him while gaining some significant benefits.

I do feel sorry for their son, the father wants him raised Muslim but his mother and her family which are the people raising him are Jehova's Witnesses so more than likely he will not see the Islamic way of life, sorry, but Wissam should've seen that coming. I just wanted to let Mr. Wissam know that if he needs anyone to talk to I'm here for ya boo..ha ha..issa joke folks!

I do wonder how the families of these men feel about their relationships, like the Saudi billionaire dating Rihana. KSA is a strict country but as seen by their actions in the media once they leave KSA they tend to leave everything else behind as well and party hard. Doesn't his father and their family care about his actions? Of course a lot of Saudi families have a huge amount of kids so one black sheep in the family probably doesn't count.

These are my thoughts and opinions, like anyone cares, but ladies, keep doing what ya doing, brown guys are another breed of man so enjoy!

Disclaimer: Yes I know some people do not consider Persian men Arab but they are in the general vicinity.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

The Museum of Islamic Art

This time during my visit I got to visit the Museum of Islamic Art and what a beautiful museum it is. It's built out on the water and five levels of beautiful art exhibits.There is a huge window that overlooks the bay, a coffee shop is located in front of the window with an amazing view.

You can check out their website for more information, the museum is free of charge.