Friday, April 2, 2021

Mansaf from Chef Bu Naji

A long time friend of mine has a weekend restaurant making Irani, Kuwaiti and other Arab dishes. I decided on Mansaf as I haven't had the dish since my trip to Doha. I scheduled it for 2 pm today which is a Friday and it arrived on time nice and hot.
It arrived in a big box with yoghurt sauce and some saffron rice pudding dessert

This was for four people
I love any dessert with saffron (sholeh zard)
A big thanks to Bu Naji for this amazing homemade dish, you can check out his menu and place orders from his IG @ma6bak_bunaji he also shows his cooking skills on his Snapchat account or call 55126969.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Food Hall in 360 Mall

I haven't visited 360 in a while, I needed to pick up some perfume in Bloomingdales so I had a walk around. In the new extension I found this extremely cute food hall and took a stroll through it.

There are so many little shops for tea, sweets, chocolate and more
Next time I want to try bao, I've seen it but never tried it

I love the bright open spaces and greenery
Woop! is a popular juice place for IG people to take pics of their juice
Outside seating area over looking the new tennis courts that might be used one day, who knows
I got a juice from Woop! and finally tried a donut from DOH! It was wow!

I love this hall and definitely will visit again, it was difficult to eat a donut, drink juice and take photos while standing, I can't wait for some freedom. Please open up the seating again! I use IG for more activity as blogging has taken last place these days. Not much going on or freedom to move but for the days I do go out you can catch me @mimiblogz

Monday, December 28, 2020

Al Ashira Mall complex in Mangaf

The new mall strip in Mangaf has opened, filled with coffee and pastry shops. Al Ashira Mall is a nice open air place with a drive-thru Starbucks, Tiger Cookies and Koobs along with random restaurants still being opened.

There's also some outside seating along the road with heaters now for winter time.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Central Blood Bank artwork by Monstarium is Gone

 In June 2015, Monstarium added some of his characters to the wall of the Central Blood Bank in Jabriya. I always thought it was cool and added some color. Recently as I drove by I noticed it had been painted over and is no longer there.


I wish there was more color in Kuwait and they kept art work around the country.