Wednesday, April 17, 2024

It happened to me, getting hit from behind while stopped in the emergency lane

 Today I was in Farwaniya looking for the Kuwaiti passport place, which was found to be torn down completely, when returning from the area I heard a faint noise from my tire and knew there was a nail or something in my tire. Sure enough, there was a huge screw in it, I tried to reach my garage in Surra but the screw came out and my tire went flat, I immediately pulled over to the right side of the highway opposite Zahra on 50 highway. 

I called my winch and he was on his way to pick my car up, as I waited I could feel the cars close, every one of them shook my car as they passed. All of a sudden I got jerked and felt my car hit from behind, pieces of lights and the car landed on top of my car. The white Land Cruiser had stopped a bit ahead of me and I know some people are runners so I drove close enough to his car to get his plate number, ruining my tire.

I was in shock, the Kuwaiti guy came to my car and opened my passenger door asking if I was ok, I just started crying, from shock and relief. He told me he had called the police and surprisingly the police actually showed up within 10 mins of the accident. They took my info, his info etc, meanwhile my winch showed up and my car was loaded up to go to the police station. I had called my sister to come but it would take time so the guy who hit me gave me a ride, awkward, but what to do. 

I sat behind him because the whole side of his car was damaged, we had a short chat and he kept apologizing. We arrived at the police station and it was over and done with within 30 mins. I think he was on his phone, he told me he was headed for the back of my car but veered to the left at the last moment clipping the left side of my car. 

My car

His car

People out there please pay attention, we have all seen the video of the Kuwaiti cop that was on the side of the road and was completely rear ended and he was injured. Don't look at your phone, be aware of your surroundings and pay attention! You could easily kill innocent people and yourself within a split second.

Sunday, July 23, 2023

Kuwait, A dream suspended - Kuwait in the 80's

 I came across this video, how times have changed. You can see how important education was back then and how the country was protected by the citizens. If only the new generation would watch old videos and remember how Kuwait once was.

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Visa 24 for mothers of Kuwaiti children - New Procedure

 I was married to a Kuwaiti until 2015, I was on a visa 22 during the marriage. After the marriage ended I went through a lot in order to receive a visa 24 which was sponsored by my Kuwaiti kids. Up until this year I had always renewed it with no problem every year as they refused to give me more than one year in case I get married again (eye roll). I went to the same manager who has helped me from the beginning only to be told that he can no longer help me and that I will have to go to Dajeej and get permission from the manager there. 

He gave me a wasta pass and I finally found the guy who should approve it. I handed him my documents, he asked me for some additional ones and one I had never heard of. He told me bring all of the document and he will 'work on it', I asked him what he meant by 'work on it' considering my visa expires on the 23rd. He said it will take time and asked if I had a friend with a residency, I asked why, he told me he could give me an extension but needed someone I assume is a sponsor.

The treatment of expat mothers of Kuwaiti kids is so bad. In Saudi the mothers are treated as Saudi citizens without receiving nationality which is great. In UAE they are granted 5 year residencies but here we have nothing to look forward to here. We walk the line here, we are still treated as expats, for myself my ex applied for nationality for me but didn't finish the procedure. The benefits for us, health care is mostly free, and we get a visa 24, that's about it. 

I never thought after 20 years of being here I would need a 'sponsor' for a 30 day extension. Am I running away? My kids are young and I'm stuck here and now have to have a sponsor? 

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Saudi AlBaik coming to Qatar


"The first two out of five 'mobile restaurants' are on their way to our sister country, Qatar, to participate in serving our loved ones there during football matches," AlBaik said.

Saudi Arabia's popular broasted chicken brand AlBaik is on its way to the Fifa World Cup in Qatar. In a video posted on its Twitter account, AlBaik showed two of its restaurant trucks travelling to Doha. The restaurant chain said it would have five trucks based in Qatar for the World Cup, which kicks off on November 20 with the hosts playing Ecuador at Al Bayt Stadium. AlBaik, the fast food chain famous for its crispy chicken, opened in the UAE at The Dubai Mall last June, much to the delight of thousands of food fans across the country.

It then opened a pop-up venue at Expo 2020 Dubai and was one of the event's most popular outlets, with long queues outside its doors throughout the duration of the world's fair. The outlet has since reopened at Expo City Dubai, serving up its broasted chicken, which is the chain's most popular dish alongside jumbo shrimp and fish fillet. AlBaik also has outlets in the Mall of the Emirates, City Centre Ajman, Al Majaz Waterfront in Sharjah and City Centre Sharjah. link