Monday, August 3, 2015

Old Kuwaiti house Fintas

One of the last of the old houses I've found in Fintas and it's for sale meaning it will soon be demolished and a brand new ugly 'modern' designed building will replace it. Soon nothing will be left of the past, land is worth more to the people than memories. Once an elder dies the property is immediately put up for sale for the money even if one of the family members wants to save it. I've heard of families being kicked out by their siblings once the parent because of  money. It is so hard to have a house in Kuwait which means some families live in their parental home for as long as they can but sadly they will face eviction when death comes, usually the only sibling who took care of their parents while the other ones rarely visited.

If anyone comes across old buildings I would recommend taking pictures as they will be the only lasting evidence of what once was.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Iraqi Invasion 25 years Ago

KUWAIT: Kuwait marks today the 25th anniversary of the Iraqi Invasion, when former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein ordered his troops to advance into Kuwait on the dawn of August 2, 1990 with the intention of annexing the country into Iraq.

A coalition of 34 countries led by the United States of America helped liberate Kuwait in February 1991 in an operation that has become known as the ‘Gulf War.’ Kuwait suffered massive statewide destruction during the seven-months-long invasion, while hundreds of Kuwaitis fell as martyrs or were taken as prisoners of war by the Ba’athist regime’s troops.

The Iraqi military forces also set ablaze between 605 and 732 oil wells before leaving Kuwait, triggering an environmental disaster that has been declared as one of the worst in human history. Kuwaitis reminisce the invasion’s anniversary every year by remembering the sacrifices displayed during the ordeal and recalling the need to learn from its lessons.

------I wonder how much the new generations will know about this war and how many people died protecting it. It isn't a constant reminder of what happened to Kuwait only a memory of the horrors for some, a few grainy videos on YouTube but will the next generations know the true extent of what went on or will it be a faded memory and stories told by their elders? You can see pictures of the destruction here which is an excellent site for those who want to learn more.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Omar Borkan Al Gala in Kuwait

Well it seems the guy who supposedly got kicked out for looking too good for Saudi Arabia is blessing Kuwait with his presence. I think he was really kicked out because he was dancing at a concert and that's why he was ejected not because of his looks. He was gifted a Mercedes Jeep by some old chick too, I guess those kinds of things make you famous. Kuwait did have Kim Kardashian here and she was famous for her porn movie. Kuwait wow just wow, we can't have Akon but we can have these no names come to visit?

Anyhoo it seems someone thinks he's cool enough to be booked in Kuwait for pictures. So if anyone is desperate interested in taking a picture with him you can book him at the above listed number.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Job Ad

I saw this job ad on Bayt

Professional Chef

Al Zabin Family

Job Description

A well-qualified and trained chef is required in one of the high profiled families of Kuwait.
As per the norms , the chef will be responsible for managing the concerned duties. In addition to that, he /she should be willing to prepare and organize catering for in house parties or celebrations. The private chef should have experience in working with the household environment as well as a professional chef.

Job Description
- Responsible for Menu planning and preparing meals
- Must take into consideration all the family member's dietary habits and requirements.
- Oversees the service, presentation of meals and social events
- In charge of everything related to kitchen such as organization , hygiene , shopping for supplies and etc
- Must be knowledgeable in preparing all kinds of cuisines.
- May have to cook different meals for each member of the family.

The number of working hours and leave days will be mentioned during the interview. Also, the salary will be decided based on the qualification and experience. Accommodation and basic necessities will be provided. The candidate is required to carry a complete portfolio of his/her identification details, qualifications and work experience.



------This must be one of the fanciest detailed description for a chef I've ever seen here. This one definitely beats out the 'Asian cook' want ads in Waseet.

"May have to cook different meals for each member of the family' *eye roll*

Monday, July 27, 2015

Tyrese Gibson dedicated to UAE

Tyrese Gibson, the Fast and Furious actor and R&B singer, has announced plans to make $700 million (Dh2.57 billion) of film productions in Abu Dhabi. The 36-year-old made the statement on Thursday while promoting his Black Rose album in Yas Mall.

“I want to do a film slate, at around $700 million (Dh2.57 billion), so when Avatar, Mission: Impossible, Fast and Furious, when these movies are being made, instead of us coming to shoot for three-four days, we’re going to shoot in Abu Dhabi for the whole movie,” Gibson told Gulf News. “We’re going to co-finance these movies, instead of just coming here, shooting and leaving,” he added.

The star confirmed he’s ready to pursue the project as soon as local partners approve.
Gibson has previously visited both Dubai and Abu Dhabi on numerous occasions, continuously expressing his love for the UAE.

“When I first came here, it was the first time I had smiled, or felt joy, since my brother Paul Walker died [in November 2013]. God said to me, go to the UAE, there’s blessing on the other side. I am on a mission now to change the perception of the Middle East. God gave me a vision and, Inshallah, this will all come to pass,” he said in an interview with GN.

The rapper was reportedly staying at the chairman suite in the Jumeirah Etihad Towers, where a car passes through one tower to the other as a stunt for the Fast 7 movie.

As for his album, Black Rose, it’s currently a No 1 on the Billboard 200 charts. According to the artist, it will be his last solo album.

-----This guy is awesome, you have to check out his IG @tyrese it's filled with pictures of his recent trip to Dubai promoting his new album Black Rose.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

TIES- Differences between Arab and Western Culture

Differences Between Arab and Western Culture

Why are North Americans and Arabs considered "cultural opposites"? Join TIES for a discussion of the often extreme variations in communications styles, value orientations, thought frameworks, and cultural preferences between Arab and American peoples.
Tuesday, July 28 @ 7pm

Shuhada Area - Block 4, Street 413, Villa 67 - Kuwait

Tel: +(965) 25231015 /6        Fax:+(965) 25230855


Friday, July 24, 2015

Project Free TV shuts Down

I've been using this site to watch shows from the states for a few years now. A couple of days ago I was watching with no problems, my last show watched was American Pickers and when I went to watch last night it brought up a blank page saying 'goodbye' and that was it. I figured it was something to do with the internet carrier in Kuwait but as I did some research my worst fear has happened. Sadly, the site just shut down with no warning. That's it, no more, no alternatives just

I know of other sites but none that have a daily list of shows as sometimes I forget what I'm watching.

Just one word....WHY???????????

Divorce in Kuwait

Statistics show that mixed marriages have the lowest divorce rate on the country. The absence of openness, the lack of a sense of responsibility and adultery were cited among the major reasons for divorce in Kuwait in 2015. The justice ministry said that the change in the behaviour of spouses after marriage, negligence, domestic violence, and the interference of families were the other reasons cited in filing for divorce.

According to the ministry, 32 Kuwaiti couples divorced in the first three months of the year, representing 1.9 percent of the 1,601 marriages contracted.

The figures showed that the total number of marriages in the country, including between non-Kuwaitis, was 2,120 with 39 ending in divorce, a 1.8 percent rate, Kuwaiti daily Al Watan reported on Tuesday.

About one quarter of the Kuwaiti men who got married during the January-March period took foreign wives. However, six of the 385 marriages ended in divorce, the ministry said.

Kuwaiti women took 134 non-Kuwaiti husbands, and only one marriage ended in divorce.

The numbers show that mixed marriages have the lowest divorce rate in the country.

The figures indicated that 344 marriages were contracted between people staying illegally in the country — a term used by the local authorities to refer to the Bedoon (stateless) residents.

However, the divorce rate reached alarming levels within this segment of the society amounting to 37.5 per cent of the marriages.

Gulf countries have some of the world’s highest divorce rates, prompting the local authorities to seek out solutions to control the phenomenon related mainly to a demanding lifestyle and a high status consciousness.

---Seems like the Kuwaiti women who marry non-Kuwaiti men are the happiest, does that mean the Kuwaiti men are the root of divorce? Hmm....

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Timothy Carr Show Reel 2010-2015

Tim recently moved to Qatar where he is a filmmaker and Executive Direct @houseofwow, Kuwait lost a great guy and producer but money talks/bs walks. You can follow him @tjcfilms and his YoutTube account @tjcfilms2011.

Keep up the good work man!