Sunday, July 26, 2020

Seaside restaurants Update

After Al Shaya bought up most of the restaurants along Gulf Road here a few updates. Below is the old McDonald's which has been turned into a Burger King / Pizza Hut. The change baffles me as I don't think BK is as popular as McD's especially after they changed their fries, I haven't eaten there since. I wonder if they will close down the BK/Pizza Hut currently on the beach in Salmiya? It's really old and gross.
 The old sheesha/restaurant is now Villa Fayrouz
 The old Le Notre is now Dean & Deluca / Aisha's and is now open for business, well take away business.
There was a group of restaurants located beside the Towers, those are now under construction as well. I remember when they first opened and were so nice and expensive. There was no indication on what it will be turned into.

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Msheireb perfume from Fueguia 1833

I have so much respect for the Al Thani rulers of Qatar so when I saw this limited edition perfume from Fueguia 1833 I had to get one. I wasn't real sure of the fragrance so I played it safe with the smaller bottle as it is a very expensive product. When it arrived it was amazing and I wish I had bought the bigger one. I ordered this one from Italy after seeing a post on Sheikha AlMayassa's IG account.  

 'The perfume you are about to experience was made to celebrate #QatarCreates 2020. Msheireb, a downtown regeneration project, was conceived and developed by my mother HH Sheikha Moza bint Nasser as Doha's new design, fashion, art and culture destination'
 Sheikha AlMayassa reposted my IG spost on her story line...I'm such a fan girl so I was like OMG
I posted another picture and Fueguia 1883 reposted
And once again on Sheikha AlMayasa's story line
The smell is just amazing, the perfume is limited to 800 bottles, mine was 007, awesome number. I found out the following week it was being sold in Qatar in the museum, A friend of mine contacted me asking where I got mine because it was all sold out in Qatar. You can fin more about the perfume here. The company was nice enough to let me choose two sample fragrances for free. I had never heard of the Italian perfume company until this fragrance came out, they are definitely selling upscale and exquisite scents.

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Wed on Web

Can't get married in real life? You can get virtually married online with Wed on Web.

It's a fun concept during this

Monday, July 13, 2020

Ice skating rink in Kuwait City - Update

Everyone knows the ice skating rink in the city has been demolished to make way for a new Al Shaheed park addition and supposedly a new ice skating rink that will most definitely be really expensive to use compared to the 3KD entry fee that was charged in the old one, here's a post from last year. I took my kids there to visit for the first and last time before it was torn down.

Here's what the site looks like now, the Discovery Mall is left standing but is not in use as I'm guessing they will include the building in the new park design.

 At the time of these pictures only the walls and bleachers were left out in the sun

I could only find these two pictures of what the park might look like.

Is there anything left of the past?