Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Lake Restaurant Complex

Surprise! A new restaurant complex is coming to Abu Hassani area, just when you thought we had enough, here comes one of the many heading our way. I was on the opposite side as I haven't quite figured out where the entrance is to the complex. The name of is 'The Lake' although I haven't heard of a Lake in Kuwait here is one now.

The restaurants I could make out are Pastamania, Applebee's, Olive Garden and Seal of Taste? Not to mention this Lego looking thing being built next to The Lake.
More restaurants perhaps?

Kuwait is last place in tourism Revenue

KUWAIT: Ten Arab countries earned nearly $57.586 billion in international tourism revenue during 2015, and this represents 3.8 percent of the total international tourism revenue of $1.5 trillion during 2015.

The annual report of the World Tourism Organization said at the global level, 10 countries earned $655.9 billion in 2015, which is 43.73 percent of the total revenues. As for Arab countries, UAE topped the list during 2015 with $16.038 billion, which is 27.8 percent of the total Arab countries’ tourism revenue. Saudi Arabia was second with $10.130 billion, Lebanon third with $6.857 billion, Egypt fourth with $6.065 billion, Morocco fifth with $6.003 billion, Qatar sixth with $5.035 billion, Jordan seventh with $4.065 billion, Oman eighth with $1.540 billion, Tunisia ninth with $1.354 billion and Kuwait tenth with $499 million.

---Is that really surprising when majority of Kuwaiti citizens run off to another country as soon as a holiday is announced?

Thursday, August 25, 2016

89 Mall- Egaila

I've been seeing all of these signs for 89 Mall (can't help laughing at the odd choice of a name) all over my area and now I know which one it is. This huge one being built close to The Gate Mall. I've seen it being built for months but never knew the name....89 Mall link. I could see at least five escalators so it should be a big one. According to their website it will house some name brand shops.

Back in November I was at a health show and spoke with a Manager of Fitness First, at that time she told me they are opening a gym in this mall and it should be open in May. It is now August and the mall is still unfinished but once it opens it may have the gym there. There are also two more buildings opening up, I wonder what the traffic situation will be like.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Six Flags coming to Dubai

US-based Six Flags has reportedly pledged to build the world’s biggest roller coaster ride in Dubai.
According to the Wall Street Journal, the tallest roller coaster in the world is in New Jersey and operated by Six Flags while the world’s fastest roller coaster is in Abu Dhabi at Ferrari World.

“There will be rides that are bigger, better, faster, broader than any rides in the world,” John Odum, senior vice president of international park operations at Six Flags was quoted as saying.
Both Abu Dhabi and Dubai are encouraging the development of theme parks to help boost foreign tourist arrivals as oil prices slump, causing an economic slowdown in the region.

Six Flags operates approximately 20 theme and water parks in North America and has also signed an agreement with a private Ho Chi Minh City based company in March to open two parks in Vietnam.
Earlier this year, Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum exempted Saudi Arabia from a GCC theme park deal, allowing the Gulf kingdom to pursue plans with Six Flags.

--I guess that means Entertainment City won't be turned into an awesome theme park, bummer!

Kuwait school fees- 2016

It's that time of year for parents to dig deep down into their savings and pray they can cover the ever increasing cost of sending children to private schools. Children get a Burger King education on a Harvard payment plan...welcome to Kuwait! My last school fee (post) was in 2013 in which you compare the difference in the prices which will continue to increase annually.

UPDATE: These prices were taken off of the websites, it does not reflect the additional fees of transportation, uniforms, books or other costs associated with private schools.

 American Creativity Academy
 American Baccalaureate School
 American School of Kuwait (ASK)
 Canadian Bilingual School
Global Bilingual Academy
Gulf British Academy
 International British School
Kuwait International English School
 New English School
The English Academy
These fees for American/British/Canadian are compared to the Indian/Pakistani school fees below, what a massive difference in fees! In all honesty I have visited the Fahaheel school and it was shocking to say the least but my main point is the school fees are less for those who are willing to do without all of the fancy amenities. Update: I visited the school over a year ago for those asking.

I do know that the testing standard for the Pakistani school is really difficult.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

My Grand Cinemas VIP has Expired

Oh how I will miss this card, last year chosen bloggers were (post) given a VIP card from Grand Cinemas which included free entrance for the blogger and their guest. I must say I put that card to work as you can see from the wear and tear and I will miss it. I would like to thank Grand Cinemas for choosing me as one of their recipients!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Muna Al Fuzai and her outrageous Opinions

I do not know why people would go swimming wearing full clothes, unless they are trying to draw public attention. This is my personal opinion because I cannot find a justification for such weird behavior while swimming in public pools or the sea. The question here is why this insistence on challenging Westerners in their own countries?

The burkini, a wetsuit-like garment that covers the torso, limbs and head, has prompted growing national discussion in France about Islam and women’s bodies, even though it is only worn by a handful of Muslims. This weird swimwear raised heated debate in French society and calls for a ban on burkinis. It has received support by most French political classes because they see the burkinis have no place in a country whose motto celebrates equality and freedom, and this dress code has no place in French values, traditions or customs.

France’s Socialist prime minister expressed support for local bans, saying that the swimwear is based on the “enslavement of women” and therefore incompatible with French values. Three French Mediterranean towns have banned the garment on beaches this summer, citing security concerns after deadly extremist attacks throughout the year. Some have criticized the ban, saying it is a discriminatory decision and could inflame religious and social tensions. Some also expressed readiness to pay the €38 penalty against any woman who wears the burkini.

Prime Minister Manuel Valls expressed an opinion in an interview saying that this kind of swimwear is not compatible with the values of France, adding that he does not think a legislation is needed because general rules on clothing restrictions cannot be a solution.

I believe he is right. I keep wondering why any of those women are so desperate to go to the beach and attract public attention by wearing clothes that are alien to French society. If these women are so keen to swim, why do they not have their own pool in their private homes instead of making themselves a subject of security concern and attract public and media attention. I cannot see it as a matter of fashion or personal liberty.

It is known that French laws ban face-covering veils in public. France has lost a lot of innocent people because of terrorism. It is natural that when you cannot see the face of a person, you are concerned, especially in these circumstances. I do not know why some people insist on imposing their vision on countries that do not deprive them of religious practices and try to impose their views by force. France has the right to decide on matters for millions of its citizens and protect them.

By Muna Al-Fuzai
--How many times has this woman said rude things about people and situations? She talks about foreign women marrying Kuwaiti citizens and this time she talks about the 'Islamic Bikini' in which she can't understand why women who wear them want to go to the beach. While some Muslim women like to hang out in hotels wearing bikinis others wear Islamic attire, what's the big deal and who is she to judge? No one has said anything about the Chinese women who wear face masks to protect their skin while looking like a hospital patient. I wonder what France would say if they dealt with a Chinese lady who was covering her skin as to not get skin Cancer?link