Saturday, March 17, 2018

511 Tactical Kuwait Location

My new job requires the employees to wear tactical pants and I don't know my size to order online so we took a trip to 511 Tactical store in Al Rai. The store is loaded with all kinds of clothing, shoes, a fake horse and some buggies.

Of course the prices are high as it always seems like they take the US dollar amount and put into KD of the same amount which in reality is 3 times as much. But if your looking for some tactical wear and can't order online then take a trip to Al Rai, you can find more on their IG @5.11kuwait_tactical

Monday, March 12, 2018

Real estate and restaurants--the bubble has Burst

KUWAIT CITY, March 11: The managements of some commercial complexes have received letters from a number of agencies of well-known brands about their intention to leave the sites they rented by the end of March, reports Al-Rai daily quoting informed sources.

They explained that these letters came from agencies in the textile, accessories, perfumes and restaurant sectors. The sites that will be vacant are huge. In some complexes, the rented sites that will be vacant are of size 1,000 square meters.

This will in turn negatively affect the real estate sector this year. The sources indicated that the managements of those complexes have already started promoting the sites that will be vacant soon, stressing that re-renting these sites will not be easy due to the current troubling conditions facing the real estate sector.

Meanwhile, Secretary of Real Estate Union Qais Al-Ghanem said a number of companies recently reduced the number of their branches and their employees due to fall in rate of consumerism in the society. He indicated that these companies rent strategic sites that are capable of ensuring profits, and also depend on earnings from strong branches to compensate for the loss of weak branches. Al-Ghanem stressed that market conditions have changed recently and companies are re-evaluating their presence in different areas. He revealed that many of them decided to close down branches that are not making profits.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Qatar Trip- Boat Trip

Besides Souq Waqif and Sealine we also too a boat trip around the area and to The Pearl. The water was clean and blue, the expats sailing on their boats would wave and smile as they passed, what a lovely place to be. 
 These are the homes on an island for the Emir of Qatar and his three wives, one for each which means there's still an opening for one more, I'm available Sheikh Tamim!
 Entrance to The Pearl
 The boat for Sheikha Moza

 This area is only for diving
 Some of the ridiculous houses on their own island

I would definitely recommend taking a boat trip around Doha, it's amazing!

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Al Aysh Camping Supplies- Egaila

When it was cooler I wanted to get some gear to set up a 'kashta' (small camping area) in the desert but didn't know where to buy supplies. A friend of mine told me about Al Aysh for camping stuff in Qurain behinf LuLu Hypermarket. I found the store really cool and loaded with everything you would need for the desert, falcons, hunting and fishing.
I bought this kit which is filled with everything you need for your 'kashta'
 I got a rug and one of these as well

 If you need Arabic coffees or some tea there's a store that will grind it up with spices there as well

I love the place as it's filled with all kinds of stuff and the guys there are really helpful too, I only wish they had some falcons hanging out there.You can find more information on their IG which also has their google maps location which makes it a lot easier than driving all over trying to find it like I did.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Qatar Trip 2018 - Souq Waqif

Anyone who knows me will tell you I love Qatar and try to visit as often as I can especially during these difficult days with them being hated by a few GCC countries. I just love the country and the people who live there are so nice which takes some getting used to after living in Kuwait for so long. Our go to place is definitely Souq Waqif, it was the first place on our list as soon as we landed.
 This is the stable area where the horses that are used by the police are kept and you can walk around and see the horses in their stalls
 We had our dinner in one of the Qatari food restaurants, the first time I tried khanfaroosh
 Tribute to the Emir
You can find the food area which are stalls set up by the locals selling homemade food

 I am obsessed with falcons now and Souq Waqif has their own area dedicated to falcons with a falcon hospital as well, you can visit the various shops selling falcons and hold one
 I love the way the old architecture is captured throughout the Souq
There are so many areas to visit which can't be done in one day but come early if you want to see the old Qatari uniformed police riding horseback through the souq.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Over Jar - Death by Chocolate

While walking around The Avenues we came across Over Jar chocolate cafe and I remembered I had seen some fancy things on their IG page so we had to check it out. 
The teeny tiny jar of French coffee with a tiny brownie piece
 The chocolate cookie skillet with ice cream and chocolate injections (highly recommended)

 The brownie sunday in a jar: brownies, chocolate ice cream, chocolate syrup, nuts and marshmallows with a waffle slice and whip cream

 I loved this quirky lemonade with some hairy cotton candy
It was definitely almost death by chocolate! There are several locations in Avenues, Sea View, Opera House and The View mall, you can find more information on their IG @overjar