Sunday, August 20, 2017

Hijab discrimination in Kuwait

I've heard all the Americans talk about a certain doctor who they all like to go to for whatever reason. I really want a doctor who can understand my needs so I gave this particular doctor a try. Upon meeting him I told him the basics. He asked me about marriage, kids etc. He asked me about some symptoms, one was if I cry for no reason. I told him I have a lot of pressure in life and sometimes I do as do a lot of people. He told me I need a partner, I was like yeah that's true but a good man is hard to find in Kuwait. He started to say something and then stopped.

He told me I was still beautiful but maybe I should remove my hijab. I know he isn't Muslim but how dare he tell me something like that. I was shocked and saddened at the same time. I told him I wasn't and that a man isn't that important. After the meeting I got in my car and burst into tears. It's not the first time I've been told that I wouldn't find anyone because I wear it. I moved to this country because it's a Muslim country, never would I think that one day I would be discriminated against by fellow Muslims.

When I meet someone online or via internet I have to make sure to say that I wear hijab due to the fact a lot of Muslim men don't like it. I've been asked why I wear it the way I do and when I tried a new style I was told I look like Hamas. My mom's Kuwaiti husband had a discussion with his sister about this subject. She told him that with the marriages today a Kuwaiti guy will meet a girl and tell her that he will marry her if she removes her hijab. It really shocks me when they say that while their mother and sisters are wearing it. What has happened to society? How do Muslim men think it's ok to tell a Muslim woman to remove it? Why do they think it's ok to demand pictures of her without hijab before they marry?

All women see are these so called "fashionistas" flaunting their fake eyes, eyebrows, noses, boobs and lips. Everyone saw the video of Zori Ashkanani saying she wished she didn't wear hijab. I feel sad for my young daughter having to grow up in this society where you have to be a certain way to be accepted.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Good garage in Sharq

A friend of a friend who is Kuwaiti has a partnership with this garage, he's really cool and down to earth. They did an excellent job on my car and my sister's truck for reasonable prices. The shop is around the corner from the Al Ghanim garage in Sharq.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Shakey's Pizza has arrived in Kuwait

It looks as if Shakey's pizza is coming soon, as a native Californian I know Shakey's very well as we used to visit regularly growing up. They had a buffet and round potato mojos. I'm  not sure if the pizza market in Kuwait can handle another franchise but 10 of these are set to open over the next seven years.

This franchise however is not from USA but from the Phillipines.

---MANILA - Shakey's Pizza Asia Venture Inc. is set to pursue its first overseas venture in Kuwait, its president and chief executive Vicente Gregorio said. The company signed on Thursday a franchise agreement with Kuwaiti partners to open 10 Shakeys stores in Kuwait over the next seven years, Gregorio said.

The first store in Kuwait is expected to open next year, he added.Shakey's Pizza Asia Venture also owns perpetual rights to the Shakey's brand for the Middle East, Asia except Japan and Malaysia, China, Australia, and Oceania.

"We will be opportunistic for each of the markets because we need to find the right partner. If don't find the right partner then we don't want to rush it," the company's chairman Christoper Po said.--

Shakey's was established in 1954 in Sacramento California, today there are 51 stores in the US with 47 in California alone and over 500 stores globally.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

The Dining restaurant Complex

Another restaurant complex has popped up, this one is near Abu Hasania. It only has three open as of now.

 Memes Curry
 Drive-thru Caribou
 Molten Me

The only good thing about these hidden places is that they tend to be less crowded.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Shaab Park Closed

I had heard Shaab had closed down and the rumor is true. There is a fence around it and if I'm not mistaken Sultan Center and the restaurants may close as well soon.

There are green posts around the whole area meaning at some point it will all closed. I have no idea what they will replace the area with.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Is anyone ever guilty of a crime in Kuwait?

----Does anyone ever get convicted in Kuwait? It seems as if only 1 out of 5 cases ever have a conviction and if they do they sign a 'good conduct pledge' and serve no time. The only people getting hard time or deportation is someone who doesn't have a valid visa or forgets their driver's license, he will get deported immediately.-----

Court acquits rent collector of embezzling ‘hefty’ cash

KUWAIT CITY, July 15: The Court of First Instance acquitted a rent collector and rejected the civil case filed against him for alleged betrayal of trust and use of rents worth a total of KD 45,000 for personal use. Lawyer Khawlah Mubarak Al-Hassawi, who represented the defendant, explained that the Public Prosecution charged the suspect of collecting the money belonging to the landlord and using it for personal use. He had collected the amount from caretakers of the buildings but did not deposit it in the bank account of the owner, due to which he was relieved of his job. However, Lawyer Al-Hassawi countered the allegation, saying the case against her client was not proved beyond reasonable doubt.

Man absolved: The Criminal Court acquitted a citizen of possessing hashish. Case files indicate a friend of the accused borrowed his car and the friend passed by a security checkpoint but he did not stop. Securitymen then forced him to stop, resulting in the discovery of an undisclosed quantity of hashish. He was referred to the concerned security unit where he denied having any link with the hashish and the car. The officers summoned the owner of the car for questioning, during which he denied the accusation saying he handed over his car to the friend’s uncle. The Public Prosecution charged the owner of the car with possessing drugs. Attorney Zaid Al-Khabbaz, who represented the accused in court, demanded for acquittal of his client as he was not caught red-handed. He also pointed out that the investigation results are not enough to prove his client is guilty, adding the testimonies of the two security officers were false. He said his client has no criminal record and he has never been accused of possessing drugs.

Verdict nullified: The Court of Cassation nullified the verdict issued by the Court of Appeals, which indicted a Kuwaiti female consultant surgeon for allegedly forgetting a piece of gauze inside the stomach of a patient after a surgical operation. The court acquitted the surgeon. According to the appeal filed by defense counsel to the doctor Lawyer Hawra Al-Habib, the patient filed a case against her client who works in a local hospital, claiming to be suffering from acute pain after the surgery. It was later discovered that the pain was due to a piece of gauze left in her stomach after the surgery. She demanded penalty to be issued against the doctor. The lower court refrained from pronouncing penalty, but ordered the doctor to pay KD 1,000 worth bail bond and sign an undertaking of good moral conduct for six months. Lawyer Al-Habib disagreed with the previous court ruling, saying her client was not responsible for the damages emanating from the intervention. She declared that a doctor can not determine the effect of operation, healing or its success, stressing that the doctor is only obliged to exert efforts carefully, while the patient should complement the efforts in such unusual situations.

By Jaber Al-Hamoud Al-Seyassah Staff

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Yaal Mall Fahaheel

I'm sure most people have seen the numerous ads for "Yaal Mall" or y'all mall as I like to call it. I would love to know how they come up with the names for places. Yaal Mall is now open with a few stores ready for business. There's True Value on three floors, a small entertainment area for kids, Papa John's, e Fashion and some other random stores no one has heard of.

There's a bowling alley and a Dairy Queen coming soon as well. The mall is next to Al Ghanim in Fahaheel.