Saturday, February 28, 2015

Friday, February 27, 2015

Light Display in Mishref

 This is so beautiful and it's free to enter which is very nice of the people who set it up. It's located in Mishref around the corner from the fairground. I passed it up when leaving the carnival and had to check it out. There are so many lights, food stalls, tent to relax and drink tea and a bigger tent with stalls to buy items.

I hope they bring it again next year!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6

'Our source, who has seen Samsung's new devices in person, tells us that the mid-level 64GB curved Galaxy S6 will cost carriers €949 ($1,076), with the top-end 128GB model priced at €1,049 ($1,189)—around €50 more expensive than the comparable iPhone 6 Plus.'
The same source also said the firm is having yield issues for the curved display, which could mean the handset is in very short supply when it launches.
For the non-curved Galaxy S6, European pricing is €749 ($849), €849 ($963), and €949 ($1,076) for the 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB models respectively - $100 cheaper than the curved version.
The site warns that these high prices could dent the phone's popularity. 
'The pricing of both the normal and curved versions of the Galaxy S6, however—if carriers pass the price hike onto consumers—could be problematic unless the hardware is truly sensational.' 
Samsung is set to unveil the handset in Barcelona on March 1st. link

Carnival City- Layaly Febrayer

The carnival is located in the same place as the P2BK event was in Mishref, it was cleaned up and painted for this event. There are several shows going on every half hour and the pirate show was the best. The entrance fee is 1 KD and there is VIP but not sure how much. VIP is great for front row seats to the pirate show otherwise you have to fight with the crowd to see it.

 Brazilian couple with their metal swinging things

 Cooking show with samples to try

 Japanese drummer show
 Snow show with a huge line of people
 Pirate show
I couldn't get more pictures because I had to hold up my daughter to see the show while everyone pushed and shoved for a look. It's a nice carnival but once the crowds come it ends up being very crowded with people starting to push and shove and run over each other with their strollers. Some of the roads in the fairgrounds have been dug up and construction closed off several exits which means trying to get out is a nightmare. The last day is the 27th website

I made a turn to get out realizing the road had been closed so I was blocked in so I decided to go over the median curb to try and get out or be stuck for hours. As I got to the open road a police guy waved to roll my window down thinking he was going to help me get out, WRONG, he asked me for my license and registration. I was shocked I tried telling him I was trying to get out because I was stuck and finally he mumbled something smart and let me go. Sometimes it really is better to leave the country rather than deal with crowded venues, lack of parking and rude people.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Kuwait Towers now Open

KUWAIT: Serving as a monument reflecting the country’s proud history and continuous progress, the newly refurbished Kuwait Towers re-open today, coinciding with the country’s celebration of its 54th National Day and 24th Liberation Anniversary. The site had been closed since 2012 for maintenance Standing at 187 meters on the costal side of the capital city, Kuwait Towers, or Abraj Al- Kuwait in Arabic, was built due to an initiative by His Highness the late Amir Sheikh Jaber Al- Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah. The three towers, peppered with three humongous spheres, were built as a replacement for old water tanks in the old city area

National monument Kuwait Towers serve as a national monument which also houses a cafe, a restaurant and other facilities. The design of the towers was approved by Sheikh Jaber and was conceived by Swedish and Yugoslavian companies. The construction process took five years, from 1971 till 1976. The official opening ceremony occurred on March 1, 1979. The towers sustained some heavy damage during the Iraqi invasion in 1990, with the cost estimated around KD 2 million. After the invasion, repairs were done to the towers and they were re-opened on December 26th, 1992. —KUNA

Happy Holidays Kuwait 2015

I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday- Love CIK

February 25 & 26 information

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Kuwait airlines considered a 'crappy' airline to some People

"A crane? A falcon? A big chicken?"

"When I arrived at JFK, I approached a plane so tired-looking it might as well have been a Douglas DC-3. The blue and white livery sported nothing more than the airline’s name and an unidentifiable bird — speculation on the internet ranges between crane, stork, falcon, and “big chicken.”"
You can read the full article here.

Kuwait McDonald’s Morning Cheer Contest Entry National Breakfast Day

Vote for Kuwait! UAE is leading, vote here

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Kuwait Car Accidents

Just a few samples of Kuwait car accidents, theft and funny things

This is the car that was seen in  video from Kuwait up to date showing a Hummer H3 backing out and hitting this car several times before running off.
It was once parked straight until the H3 got to it, we reported it to the security but the owner couldn't be found, that must really suck to come and find your car damaged
This Cadi was left overnight in Shuwaikh waiting for a paint job the next day, it was on the night of the black out and someone stole 3 tires and rims

This is what's left of someone running into parked cars in Jabriya near the round about. It looks like someone came from the street directly into the cars. That is why I fear parking my car next to the street.

Never know when you need two tires
Always something to see here.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Q8 Food Festival

Don't forget to buy your tickets for the first ever Q8 Food Festival on their website!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Crazy Dust/Sand Storm 2015

A new year and a new dust/sand storm hits. This one came with a warning and IG gave everyone a play by play. Here are a few pictures from me neighborhood and I just saw the saddest video on IG with a guy riding a horse in the storm getting hit by a car, I hope he is ok. 

 Of course we can all remember the dust/sand storm of 2010 that came with no warning.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Animals surrendered to the Zoo

Lion, hyenas and baboons surrendered to Kuwait Zoo
KUWAIT: Reports of a Filipina who died after being attacked by her employer’s lion left many shocked, but also opened the door for many dormant laws to suddenly come to life. Kuwait already has a law that prohibits wild animals from being kept in residences.
Moreover, new regulations were put in place as a result of that unfortunate incident, including a law prohibiting walking dogs in public places. The authorities also announced that all wild animals will be confiscated if they are not surrendered to the authorities.
The Kuwait Zoo in Omariya is the only place where these wild animals can be surrendered and taken care of. For the last few months, zookeepers revealed they have received one lion, two hyenas and five baboons from individuals. Some of them were handed over by local police. “We got them from people around Kuwait. Some apes were brought in by the police too. The lion is just a cub and not dangerous at all, but it will be once it grows up. But the hyenas are already big and dangerous,” a zookeeper told Kuwait Times. “The baboons surrendered to us are native to the Arabian Peninsula.
They can be kept as pets but need extra care since they are sensitive creatures. This is why we are not recommending anyone to keep them as pets at home, especially if they have kids. Baboons should be in the wild or cared for by a zoo,” the zookeeper said. Some people also sell wild animals at the Friday Market. “The problem is if you don’t know how to handle animals, they remain a danger despite their daily diets. Even if you know how to feed or take care of animals, they are.
By Ben Garcia
If you have been to the Kuwait Zoo you will know that it is only a small step up from the animals living in their current situation. It's nice that they brought them to the zoo but does the zoo get additional support in order to take care of them? The conditions for the animals at the zoo is not that good and I can't understand why the government doesn't provide more help. Talk about tourism and bringing people to visit when they can't take care of the touristic sights we have now. I say raise the entrance fee for the zoo so they can hire more security to protect the animals from being fed plastic bags full of popcorn (I'm still haunted by not being able to get the bag out of the animal's mouth before he swallowed it) and poisonous leaves from the trees. I would love to 'adopt' the zoo if I knew who was in charge of it and could work with them.

Hala February Holidays 2015

National holidays announced
KUWAIT: The Civil Service Commission (CSC) announced yesterday that next Wednesday, February 25, would be an official holiday on the occasion of Kuwait’s National Day. It also announced that next Thursday, February 26, is an official holiday on the occasion of Kuwait’s Liberation Day.
All governmental institutions and public bodies will suspend work on the National Day and Liberation Day, the CSC said in a press statement. — KUNA

Ahmadi Zoo- KOC Park

There's a free mini zoo in Ahmadi established by KOC. It has some goats, chickens, ducks, a monkey, a llama and a couple emu.

Of course they eat bananas. Teach them how to disobey the rules at an early age!

It's a nice park unfortunately some of the people are not the best example of Kuwaiti citizens. But we had a good time lighting up the grill and cooking hot dogs. There are designated pit areas to grill but the bathrooms are indescribable, there aren't words for what I saw or smelled.