Thursday, May 31, 2012

Are these shorts too short? Foreigners told to cover up in UAE

Are these shorts too short? Foreigners told to cover up in UAE -

Abu Dhabi (CNN) -- At 23, Asma Al Muhairi has never considered herself a social activist. But a shopping trip to a Dubai mall left her so irate that she started a campaign against revealing clothing and has sparked a major debate in the United Arab Emirates.
Al Muhairi's campaign to persuade expats and tourists to dress more modestly began after she and her friend Hanan Al Rayes saw a young woman in shorts that they considered left little to the imagination.
She said many people in Dubai Mall were looking at the woman, but no one did anything, so she approached security guards and threatened to call the police.
In our days people always knew it was wrong. It is in our culture and our religion

Asma Al Muhairi"We never saw this 10 years ago or even five years ago," said Al Muhairi, who began her campaign through a hashtag on Twitter -- #UAEdresscode.
"I'm only 23 but when I was young it was different," she added. "I feel sad for the new generations. My nieces when they go to the mall they think it's fine to look at people dressed like this.
"It makes me sad. In our days people always knew it was wrong. It is in our culture and our religion."
While wearing skimpy clothing is not illegal in the United Arab Emirates, shopping malls have policies that state knees and shoulders should be covered.
When I first came to Kuwait in 2003 it was completely different than today. Women were still covered up for the most part and a little bit more modest. Today no one cares and they wear whatever they like. Americans who come to Kuwait to work are told to dress modestly as well. Once they get here and see that everyone wears whatever they want they end up joining that club and I've seen some ugly examples.

I'm always asked by readers about dressing in Kuwait. I tell them that almost anything goes in Kuwait now, no restrictions. Here are some examples....

Her pants were so low I could see her pelvic bones..

To each his own, but there are some things you just don't want to see when you go out.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fire kills 19, mostly children, in upscale Qatar mall

Fire kills 19, mostly children, in upscale Qatar mall - Yahoo! News Maktoob:

DOHA (Reuters) - At least 19 foreign nationals, including 13 children, were killed in a fire that ripped through an upscale shopping mall in Qatar on Monday, the country's interior ministry said.

The children were from New Zealand, Spain, Japan, the Philippines, and Benin, among other countries. A Spanish diplomatic source in Madrid told Reuters that four of the dead children were Spanish.

It was not immediately clear what caused the blaze, which media reports said broke out at a childcare area at the Villagio Mall in Doha's west.

Qatar's interior ministry only confirmed that the fire had started somewhere between Gates 3 and 4 in the mall and that an investigation was under way.

"There don't seem to have been any fire alarms or sprinklers at the mall," a relative of a two-year-old child who died in the fire told Reuters, speaking by phone from Qatar's Hamad hospital.

A ministry official said that all buildings in Qatar abide by safety regulations "with no exceptions" and that an investigative committee would be formed to look into safety requirements issues.

Smoke was seen billowing from the mall, which was evacuated. Ambulances and police vehicles blocked entry into the shopping complex.

"We tried to get to the children's area but the extremely high heat stood in our way," Brigadier Hamad al-Duhaimi of the Qatari civil defense told reporters.

A ministry official told journalists that none of the dead were Qataris. Four of the dead adults were teachers and the other two were civil defense personnel, the official said. Seventeen people were wounded, including four children, the official said.

I pray for those who lost their lives, what a horrific tragedy.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Yellow days in Kuwait

Some pics of Kuwait's wonderful weather...

Not even a face mask can help you with this dust...

Friday, May 25, 2012

Animal Prisoners of Friday Market

I really don't like Friday Market but that's the only place I know of to buy fish supplies. They have closed down a part of it where they had dog fighting. I think they should enlose all of the buildings so humans and animals can have some A/C.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

AWARE Center- Sadu House Tour

AWARE Center:

28 May 2012, 5:30 pm

The Sadu House is the place to discover the Bedouin art of weaving, it’s styles and history. Established in 1979 and now renovated it exhibits a wonderful collection of textiles. Souvenirs are also available for purchase in it’s on site shop. Perfect and unique gifts for friends and family back home. Time: 6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. Fee: 2 K.D.

I love Sadu House!

Monday, May 21, 2012

“Donkey rape” sparks tribal massacre in Yemen

“Donkey rape” sparks tribal massacre in Yemen - Emirates 24/7:

Fifteen people were killed or injured in tribal fighting in Yemen after a male donkey chased an ass and raped it just near the house of its owner.
Newspapers in Yemen said the owner of the ass got mad after he saw the donkey riding his animal, prompting him to chase the donkey and hit it.
The attack infuriated the donkey owner, who called his armed tribe men and asked them to take revenge.
“The problem snowballed into an armed fight between Makabis tribe, which owns the donkey, and Bani Abbas which owns the ass…15 people were either killed or injured in the battle,” the Saudi Arabic language daily Aleqtisadiah said, quoting newspapers in Yemen.
A large police force intervened and stopped the fighting at a village in the southwestern province of Abb, newspapers said, adding that police had arrested eight persons involved in the conflict.


Keep your asses and donkeys seperate at all times if you live in Yemen.

Random Stuff

On my home from work yesterday I saw a guy driving down the highway on two wheels, finally after more than eight years I saw it live. I've seen the videos and wanted to try it out but after marriage those things stop and since I haven't gone to Qatar too often to see it live I thought I would never see it. Little things like that make my day.

When I got home I noticed an Arab lady pull up in her Mercedes with a baby seat in the front seat facing the window! I watched her park her car and get out with 6 inch heels on trying to get her baby bag and purse, she shut the door with the baby in the hot car. I was really hoping there wasn't a baby in the seat but she went to the passenger side and got her baby out. Does she not know that a baby should never be put in the front seat? Either the kids are running wild in the car or a child is in a car seat and still in danger. I remember in the states a lady had her baby in a car seat in the front seat facing the window and she hit a curb while parking, the air bag went off and decapitated her baby.

I'm all for fashion but trying to carry a baby and balance bags while wearing 6 inch heels is not the best move. A fancy two door sports car is not really kid friendly either. Just sayin'.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Kuwaiti Wedding- "Yalwa"

Last night my family and I attended the Kuwaiti wedding of one of my sisters in-laws. She was a woman in her 50's getting married for the first time so it was a small family event held at one of their houses. There were older women attending so we got to see the dances of old Kuwait which was way cool. There was something new that I had not seen before, all of the brides family were wearing green as was the bride, she sat down in a chair and the women held a green satin spread over her head as they sang a traditional song for her. My sister and I held the spread and it was really nice to be involved with an old tradition. It's called "Yalwa".

 These are some things not seen any more in weddings as the new generation frown on old traditions and prefer more modern venues that involve spending way too much money to prove one's worth. All women try to outdo one another during these celebrations but I really enjoyed the one last night as it felt more like a family situation where the bride interacted with her guests. I really wish I had videos of old wedding traditions. I would love to have those for my daughter to celebrate when it's her turn to walk down the aisle.

Maybe one day I might sit with the older women and write down their stories of old traditions before it's too late. The children of the future generations may never know how things used to be if no one takes the time to teach them the old ways.

You can read about old Kuwaiti traditions here: (link)

Monday, May 14, 2012

AWARE Center- Dickson House Tour

AWARE Center:

19 May 2012, 4:30 pm

The Dickson House Cultural Centre, as it is now known, once served as the official residence for a series of British Political Agents to Kuwait, with the most famous of them being Colonel Harold Dickson who came to Kuwait with his wife, Violet, and two young children in 1929. The house was the scene of momentous occasions in Kuwait's history and provided accommodation to a multitude of fascinating characters including royalty, statesmen, writers, oil prospectors, rebel leaders, and explorers. Participants will meet at the Dickson House. Time: 4:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. For additional information, reservations etc. please call Aware Tel: 25335280

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Update: Little boy lying on the Road

I found the article relating to the accident I saw and unfortunately it states the little boy died. May his soul rest in peace.

Nine firemen suffer smoke inhalation at Amghara site:

 5-yr-old ‘killed’: A five-year-old boy died and his mother sustained serious injuries following a traffic accident at an unidentified location, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily.
According to reports the victim lost control of her vehicle and the car overturned.
The mother has been admitted to the Adan Hospital. The remains of the boy have been referred to Forensics.

People please buckle up your children!

Friday, May 11, 2012

AWARE Center- Dickson House Cultural Center Tour

AWARE Center:

19 May 2012, 4:30 pm

The Dickson House Cultural Centre, as it is now known, once served as the official residence for a series of British Political Agents to Kuwait, with the most famous of them being Colonel Harold Dickson who came to Kuwait with his wife, Violet, and two young children in 1929. The house was the scene of momentous occasions in Kuwait's history and provided accommodation to a multitude of fascinating characters including royalty, statesmen, writers, oil prospectors, rebel leaders, and explorers. Participants will meet at the Dickson House. Time: 4:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. For additional information, reservations etc. please call Aware Tel: 25335280

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Little boy lying on the highway after a car Accident

Last sunday I saw a horrific accident where boy parts were strewn across the highway which bothered me greatly. Yesterday on my way home from work once again I came up on cars with flashers, it was another accident. Not a big deal until a white T-shirt caught my eye. In between the two crashed cars there was a little boy wearing a white T-shirt and jean shorts, he was about 2-3 years old lying there unconscious, I hope. He was lying on his stomach with his legs tucked underneath as if he were sleeping. I lost it after that, I just started to cry and prayed for him and hoped he was ok.

There was no one there to hold his hand or console him. Just a group of men yelling at cars and waving their hands as the boy layed there all alone. I thought about pulling over and running to the boy if only to hold his hand but I know that there would be problems. Unfortunately in Kuwait if you try to help you could be held liable if something happens to that person so people just drive past accident scenes. My heart goes out to that family and I pray for the little boy to recover Inshallah.

This is the exact reason I brought car seats with me from the US for my kids. Why can't people understand that holding a child is the worst thing a parent can do. Even if the police enforce this law no one will follow as the police are not respected here and I could only imagine a cop trying to pull over a Kuwaiti man and telling him to buckle his kids up or to wear a seatbelt. That guy would probably kick the cop's butt. Until parents care enough to buckle up their kids they will continue to face heartache when they kill or hurt their kids due to negligence.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Qatari Sheikh denied NY apartment

This is what royalty does with their country's money....

 In today's housing market, good deals are waiting to be had. But for one New York co-op, a $31.5 million bid wasn't even enticing enough to merit an interview with the potential tenant.
The prospective buyer also happens to be the Prime Minister of Qatar, Sheik Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani. He made an offer to purchase and convert two apartments in the co-op belonging to the late heiress Huguette Clark.
NBC News reports that the apartments cover about 10,000 square feet and are located on the 8th floor of the luxury co-op at 907 Fifth Avenue, at East 72nd Street, on the east side of Central Park.
And while Clark's estate approved of the sale, the building's co-op reportedly decided against even interviewing the sheik over concerns such a high-profile resident would affect the building's "quiet character." In addition, the board was apparently concerned about the sheik's plans for extensive construction to join the two apartments into one living space.
As NBC notes, Clark was the "perfect neighbor." At least for those who think the perfect neighbor is someone who is never actually at home. The heiress passed away in 2011 at the age of 104 after spending the past 20 years living in New York City hospitals.
Still, it's not like the prime minister will be homeless. His cousin, Qatar's hereditary ruling leader Sheik Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, lives down the block. And the prime minister himself is also the owner of a 436-foot yacht, Al-Mirqab, which reportedly cost several hundred million dollars.(link)

Everyone knows Qatar is rolling in money now after finding natural gas and the fact that there are very few citizens means more money for royalty. It's not just Qatar though, all rulers are guilty of this practice while their people suffer. Why not use the money to help the poor? Use the money for medical research? Instead they choose to use it to show off. Who really needs a $31.5 million dollar apartment? I hope they remember when they die they can't take it with them.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Body Parts on the Highway

The other night my husband was taking me to my OH meeting and then we ran into what we thought was traffic from a car accident. As we got closer I didn't see any crashed cars and wondered what the problem was. My husband saw something covered up on the road which turned out to be body parts from someone who had been run over. The parts were strewn across the highway and people were driving around them. Further down the road there was a white H2 with damage to the right side, I guess that car was the one who hit the person? I didn't see anything about it in the paper yesterday so I don't know details. That has been the most disturbing thing I've seen in my 8 years living in Kuwait. May that person rest in peace.

Monday, May 7, 2012

May Fayre at Sadu House

With the success of the Winter Fayre last year Sadu House will hold their May Fayre this Saturday! For those who missed it in the winter you can join us this Saturday and Operation Hope will be there as well! Everyone will love the different items for sale as well as meeting people of all nationalities. 
I hope everyone can join us !!

When: Saturday, May, 12th
Where: Al Sadu House
Time: 10 am- 4 pm

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Delissshhh Cookies- So Cute!

 One of our regular Esther's Attic shoppers provided us with some lovely cookies for our Mother's Day gathering. They were gingerbread cookies perfectly decorated and tasted great! Her name is Natasha Tasic and her company is Delissshhh. Operation Hope will be selling her cookies at the May Fayre event at the Sadu house.
For more information you can visit her Facebook page here (link) or email her:, please support up and coming entrepreneurs!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Esther's Attic Summer Madness Sale!

Tomorrow will be Esther's Attic summer madness sale! All items are reduced! Books for 100 fils, hardback books 250 fils, most clothing 500 fils and DVD/CD/LPs for 500 fils and greatly reduced household items as well. Please join Operation Hope/Esther's Attic on Saturday, May 5 from 7 a m-12 pm.

Rumaithiya, Block 9, Street 92, house 23.

See you there!

Part of Avenues mall new expansion is for small Businesses

Mabanee Real Estate Company, overseeing the Avenues Mall project, said that part of the mall's new expansion will be allocated for Kuwaiti small businesses.
The company said in a press release, on Wednesday, that the leasing process of stores in the new expansion phase was complete. Kuwaiti owners of these small businesses were required to pay nominal fees for rent in means of support.
The new expansion will add a new dimension to the mall. It takes the form of an old Kuwaiti souk with old architectural designs and narrow allies, making the Avenues one of the most prestigious malls in the world.
The mall will have an overall leasable area of more than 270,000 square meters, with over 800 stores and parking for 10,000 cars. The total project development will cost around 300 million Kuwaiti dinars (over one billion US dollars).

I spoke with the old manager for Applebee's and he said his new job will be working at Red Lobster which is set to open in the Avenues around September! Olive Garden, IHOP and Texas Roadhouse are also set to open up soon! I saw a job ad for IHOP on one of the websites hiring cooks, so yes it is coming soon. I can't say how much I hate going to the Avenues due to traffic congestion. There should be more outside parking so people don't have to get caught up in the problems of underground parking.

The best advice is to go before 2 p.m. as you avoid traffic and there are not too many people there.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Kuwaiti Monopoly Game

Here's a Kuwaiti Monopoly type card game. I think it's cool that it has some old school items included. 

Check out the website to place your order:

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Shabestan Iranian Restaurant

While visiting Crowne Plaza for a function my husband and I decided to have dinner there. We started off at Ribeye Steakhouse, until I saw the prices on the menu. It has been a couple of years since I last ate there and wow the prices have increased too much. I decided to go next door to the Irani restaurant, their prices are reasonable and the food is really good. You also get complimentary yoghurt/cucumber side and fresh Irani bread.

We chose the set menu in which you get salad and your meal included in one price or you can order the meal for 2 which is also good. The only bad thing is once you've completed your meal you will want to take a nap!

Contact Info: 1848111 extension 7777/7778- Crowne Plaza
Hours: 12 noon- 12 am for online reservations

There is also a new location next to Shaab Park
Contact Info: 1823888 or 25636587 extension 103

Home Delivery is also available.