Monday, August 29, 2011

Kuwait to build safari park-style facility

Ever thought of a safari park in Kuwait? It seems someone has a new idea of building one in Jahra of all places.

I cringe at the thought of this idea, take a look at the poor animals in the zoo. Now the uneducated can bring their kids to an open park and really abuse the animals, target practice probably. The lovely city of Jahra, 'nuff said. I can see the bedoo kids running after some wild animals and riding on the zebras and elephants. I hope this idea gets rejected, for the animals sake.

See article below:

Kuwait is planning to build a new, more humane safari park-style facility, a local daily reported.

The new safari zoo, to the west of Jahra City, will be more modern in design, with the animals allowed to roam freely while human visitors will only be able to travel through it by car or in specially designed trains.

The Public Authority for Agriculture and Fish Resources (PAAFR) is launching the project following widespread public dissatisfaction at the state and conditions of Kuwait's one existing zoo, Kuwait Times reported on Sunday.

"It will be located on a 16,000 square meter site, sixteen times the size of the current zoo," Yousuf Al Najem, the director of Kuwait Zoo, said. "The zoo will be established under the BOT [Build Operate Transfer] system, and will add to the existing entertainment facilities in the country," he said, quoted by the daily.

PAAFR is currently conducting a number of studies on the best layout for the new zoo, he said.

If you missed my post about the zoo click here:

Taco Bell - Abu Halaifa - Grand Opening

News from Taco Bell Kuwait Facebook page:

Abu Halaifa grand opening!

When: Tuesday, August 30, 2011 Time: 10 a.m.

Where: Applebee's/ Burger King complex wherer Kebabji used to be.

Not the place I thought of going to on the first day of EID. I didn't know they made tacos at 10 a.m. either, breakfast burritos perhaps?

Be there or Be square.....

First day of Eid will be Tuesday: Ojairi

We will know for sure tonight.

First day of Eid will be Tuesday: Ojairi:


“According to astronomical calculations and visibility conditions, Monday, Aug 29th, will be the last day of Ramadan and Tuesday, Aug 30th, will be the first day of Eid Al-Fitr,” well known Kuwaiti astronomer Dr Saleh Al-Ojairi told Al-Watan Arabic daily.

Al-Ojairi called on decision-makers in Kuwait and the Islamic Arab world to shun differences and avoid controversy when it comes to the sighting of the crescent and declaration of the first day of Eid Al-Fitr. He added that differences among Sunnis and Shiites are the main cause of controversy in this issue

This month went by so quickly........ Happy Eid to all...

Sunday, August 28, 2011

I miss.......

With all the burger joints in Kuwait they still can't compare to the best burger places in Cali.....

Tommys in Los Angeles, best chili bugers. I can remember as a kid riding all the way to Los Angeles from Riverside just to eat at Tommys. We loved the weekends.

Best chili burger and fries.

The location in Los Angeles we used to go to.

Closer to home we would always hit up the local In-N-Out for the crazy mix of burgers, fries and shakes to die for. My sister got her first job working at Tommys. She told us about all the crazy types of burgers no one knows about unless you have In-N-Out experience.


Burgers. My sister told me the stories of the protein burgers that they hated making because they had to dig out the biggest pieces of lettuce. She did enjoy peeling potatoes and making fries.

Bring In-N-Out here paleeeeeease!

I'm hungry now after these pics..

Residency cap eyed to limit expats - Foreigners cut to 45% of population

Changes are coming.......


Kuwait government is working on plans to introduce residency caps on expatriates to slash their number in the country to 45 percent of the total population, local Arabic daily Annahar reported on Sunday.

“The government will suggest imposing a cap of six years on unskilled labourers, eight years on semi-skilled employees, ten years on semi-skilled employees who are with their families and 12 years on skilled employees. Foreigners with rare expertise will be given an open stay,” Annahar daily quoted a source as saying, the report said.

According to 2010 estimates, the number of foreign workers in Kuwait stands at 2,340,000 and make up 69 percent of the population, the report said. The total number of Kuwaitis is said to be 1,120,000.

A source cited by the Annahar daily said the government is interested in proceeding with the residency cap plans after the World Bank ranked Kuwait as having the fourth highest rate of foreigners compared to the nationals

Click here to read the full story.

Friday, August 26, 2011

‘First day of ‘Eid’ will fall on Aug 30’

This month of Ramdan has flown by, it's almost time for EID.

‘First day of ‘Eid’ will fall on Aug 30’:

First day of ‘Eid’ will fall on Aug 30’


The first day of Eid Al-Fitr will fall on Aug 30 because the Shawal crescent (Hegira month) will not be visible on Aug 29, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting Astronomer Adel Al-Sadoon.
Al-Sadoon explained it is impossible to see the crescent in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries except through telescopes in nations in the southern part of the equator in Africa. He said, “these countries are similar to us in most of the nights, so Aug 30 will most likely be the first day of Eid according to the visibility of the crescent.”

Happy holidays everyone.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

American accidently runs over 8-year old Kuwaiti girl

I heard about this 3 days ago from one of the guys who rides the shuttle bus. An ex-ITT employee now working for SAIC accidently ran over an 8-year old girl who ran out in front of his car. He was held in jail but released as the family said it wasn't totally his fault. That doesn't mean it's over, it just means he is not in jail.

I pray for the little girl and her family. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'oon.


A young girl, whose identity has not been disclosed, died when she was allegedly run over by an unidentified American motorist on a road in Faha-heel, reports Al-Rai daily.
Acting on information paramedics rushed to the scene of the accident and took the girl to the Adan Hospital but she was declared dead upon arrival.
The remains of the victim have been referred to Forensics.
The American has been detained at the area police station for interrogation.

You can read about it in Arab Times Online.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Remember typewriters?

Yesterday I was watching T.V. with my 11-year old and the guy was typing on a typewriter. I told my daughter that's what we used to use before computers. She looked at me with shock and was like you didn't have computers? Yes child, once upon a time we had no computers or cell phones and we played outside.

Once upon a time we used our imagination and creativity. These days kids are stuck on the couch playing with game consoles or watching a blue ray movie. My 2 year old knows how to work the Apple I-pad and I-phone already.

Bill Gates has contributed to the world's obesity lol

At least 5 days off on Eid Al-Fitr

For anyone who has anything to do with the immigration departments you probably won't see anything until after September 4. My company was told by our sponsor that for 2 weeks there will be nothing done for our visas processes and we should wait until after September 4 to proceed.


At least 5 days off on Eid Al-Fitr:


The government will declare a 5-day holiday if this Ramadan is of 29 days and Eid Al-Fitr falls on Tuesday. However, the holidays will stretch to six days holiday if Ramadan is of 30 days and Eid falls on Wednesday, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily.
A source also revealed that the Ministry of Finance transferred the salaries of civil servants to various banks on Thursday Aug 18 based on the directives of the Council of Ministers to help workers fulfill their needs for Eid Al-Fitr festivities.
The directives also include an early payment of pensions for Kuwaiti retirees — beginning August 25, instead of early September, and all government workers are expected to receive their salaries before the end of this week.

At least 5-6 days off for Eid, this is the time I really miss working for Kuwaiti companies.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Saudi Gazette - Secondary schools for vocational training soon

Maybe Kuwait should take some notes from KSA. It seems the GCC countries are starting to take control of their countries from foreign workers. It's not bad to work in the private sector. My first job was at Burger King which was cool to a high school kid.

In the states Americans work all jobs. Working as a garbage man or public works fixing the streets is a city job and used to pay pretty good. If citizens would get off their high horse and realize that working in the private sector is a way of giving back to their country instead of thinking they are too good things might be different

My mom met a young Kuwaiti youth who works in Al Ghanim, she was surprised at first but then praised him for working as a salesman. Way to go little man!

Saudi Gazette - Secondary schools for vocational training soon:

"JEDDAH – The Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC) is setting up secondary schools for students who have completed their intermediate courses to serve as a nucleus for the creation of a generation of blue collar workers trained in different trades.

Dr. Ali Bin Nasser Al-Ghafis, Governor of the TVTC, said here Tuesday that the graduates of these secondary schools will be able to pursue their higher technical education at technical colleges.

He said the syllabi taught at these schools have been designed to produce skilled workers for various industries. These workers will gradually replace the one million skilled foreign workers in the country.

Moreover, graduates will be trained to start their own small businesses which will contribute to the country’s national economy.

Al-Ghafis said there are 35 technical colleges functioning under the corporation’s supervision teaching more than 40 specializations. This includes electronics, electricity, mechanics, environment, nutrition, communications, telecommunications, hardware, software, hotels, tourism, civil engineering and architecture. The corporation also has 14 higher technical institutes for women.

More than 78,000 male and female candidates have already applied for enrollment in the country’s technical colleges.

He said the corporation is busy constructing 50 technical colleges and 42 high technical institutes for females in the Kingdom, to be completed in 3 years. Al-Ghafis said the corporation has now started the infrastructure for 300 education projects including technical colleges and vocational institutes.

Good ideas KSA!


On my way to work I've noticed the planting of trees or bushes out in the desert before exit 105 Ali Sabah Al Salem. They are planting hundreds of bushes or trees. Does anyone know why they are planting so many trees?

Saturday, August 13, 2011


It's gerge3an (pronounced girr-geean) celebration time. I've had the bad kids from downstairs come to my house yesterday and today. Too bad they aren't dressed up like they should be, they're just looking for free candy.

As in the past, on the thirteen, fourteenth and fifteenth nights of Ramadan, children wander through the neighborhood in groups dressed in traditional outfits. They keep singing and praying to Allah to protect the children of the houses they visit. The mothers give them candies and nuts in celebration. It's kind of like halloween in the states minus the pumpkins.

Inshallah when my kids grow up they too will celebrate. I just hope the tradition continues, Kuwait has lost so many traditions already.

Happy Gerge3an!!!!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Proposal to build 3 hospitals for expats residing in Kuwait

Proposal to build 3 hospitals for expats residing in Kuwait:

Govt to present new health insurance draft


The government will soon present a new health insurance draft bill to improve medical services in the country, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily quoting informed sources.

Sources disclosed the government will submit the bill to the National Assembly in the next legislative round for review and approval. Sources explained the proposal is aimed at regulating treatment procedures in private hospitals abroad or in Kuwait. Sources said the government will pay installments of the proposed health insurance through the establishment of joint stock companies, in which 50 percent of the shares will be offered to the citizens and the remaining portion to specialized local and foreign corporations. Sources added the joint stock companies will construct hospitals, hire medical experts and purchase the necessary equipment to better serve the citizens.

Sources confirmed the proposal includes a social insurance scheme for expatriates, in addition to the construction of three hospitals exclusive for foreigners residing in Kuwait. Sources said these hospitals will be established in Jahra, Farwaniya and Ahmadi. Sources clarified the bill also states that the existing public hospitals will serve only the Kuwaitis and citizens of other Gulf countries upon completion of the hospitals for expatriates.

Why don't they give 3 of the old government hospitals to the expats and open the new ones for Kuwaiti citizens? Yes, the government has been trying to fix up the old hospitals but a brand new hospital would be ideal. Finally some good deeds for the country.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hathy Kuwaitna

I just saw an advertisement for the movie "Hathy Kuwaitna". It's a documentary about the early days of Kuwait. It talks about the history of the State of Kuwait, the history of it's rulers and Kuwaiti people. The cost is 1 KD and is 72 minutes long.

It is showing at Cinescape theaters. I don't know if it has English subtitles.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Plucking Eyebrows in Islam

I took this info from a Islamic website. Since it is Ramadaan there are a few topics that come to mind. First one is about plucking eyebrows. My mom who is very religious stopped plucking many years ago when she found out it was haram. I myself have recently quit after watching some videos about Islam. I still see the Muslim females wearing hijab yet they have really plucked and dark eyebrows. Even if they have no make up on they still have their eyebrows done even though it is haram. I can't inderstand it. It is ok to pluck the middle of the eyebrow if they connect or pluck chin or mustache hairs so the women do not look like men.

"Asalamu alaikum wa ramatu Allah wa barakatu Ladies,

We all love to look beautiful, but I am so tired of seeing 'Muslim' women with plucked/waxed eyebrows who follow the Sunnah.

I asked myself, 'these women should know it is haram, right?!' 'How can they not know their religion?! This is a big deal!'

So with that said:

Bismillah ArRahman, IrRahim,

It is not permissable, it is haram, to pluck, wax, touch the eyebrows.

Bukhari (4886) and Muslim (2125) narrated that ‘Abd-Allah ibn Mas’ood (may Allah be pleased with him) said: May Allah curse the one who does tattoos and the one who has a tattoo done, the one who plucks eyebrows and the one who has her eyebrows plucked, and those who file teeth for the purpose of beautification, changing the creation of Allah.

Sheikh Ibn Jibreen said: “It is not permissible to cut the hair of the eyebrows, or to shave it, reduce it or pluck it, even with the husband’s approval. This is not the matter of beauty, rather it is altering the creation of Allah Who is the Best of creators. A warning has been narrated against doing that and the one who does it is cursed; this implies that it is forbidden.

I guess some people risk it for attention.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

THE 3 CLUB: RUN FOOT | Let's help them run for a better life

A reader brought this cause to my attention and now I'm sharing it with everyone. It's a good cause.

THE 3 CLUB: RUN FOOT Let's help them run for a better life:

"RUN FOOT Let's help them run for a better life

Dear Reader,

Most of us in kuwait live secure, healthy and comfortable lives. We can afford luxuries. While in other parts of the world, some can barely afford to eat let alone basic necessities like clothes and shoes.

Working in the sports and retail industry we noticed how often our clients and members change their shoes and purchase newer models. This brought forth the notion to collect their old shoes and send them to those who can use them.

So in the name of giving back and charity THE 3 CLUB & VIVA TELECOM are launching 'RUN FOOT' a campaign that will start in ramadan to collect used and wearable running shoes. Together with the help of the Direct Aid agency here in kuwait, we will be placing drop boxes in our local Extreme sports shops. Or if you have more than 12 pairs collected you can call us up on this number #99617983 and we'll come collect them from you.

Our aim is to collect 1000 pairs of wearable Running shoes before the end of ramadan.

'One man's trash is another's treasure'

If you want to help us collect or need more information please email us to

Thanks readers!