Friday, October 30, 2015

Research On Respiratory Allergies

I'm Abdullah Muhammed Sadiq, Student @ ILOA. I am the team leader for my research project :

Air Quality in Kuwait and the Incidence of Allergic Diseases

We are currently in the data collection stage and would like as much information as possible.

-----Dear Readers,

Would you mind helping some students out by filling out their survey?

You can find the survey link here


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Restaurant Updates- The Southern & Mama Lita's

A couple restaurants in Mahboula have made some changes, The Southern has closed and is supposedly moving to another location. The building has been gutted and separated into two businesses for a quick turn over.
 Mama Lita's was sold off to an Arab and is now serving Arabic food as you can see from the roasting chicken oven, on Talabat they have Arabic food and there is no Mexican anywhere in sight.
That leaves Adobo burritos as the only Mexican type restaurant in the area and unfortunately was last visit was disappointing as the rice was hard and it wasn't very good considering the prices.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

United- No more direct Flights

United Airlines drops Kuwait flights

KUWAIT: American carrier United Airlines will stop providing flight services to Kuwait as of January. United will also stop services to Bahrain. The announcement comes only a few weeks after the US Department of Transportation found Kuwait Airways guilty of discrimination for refusing to allow Israeli nationals to fly its New York to London route.

A United Airlines spokesperson Luke Punzenberger told the aviation blog View from the Wing that the carrier would continue a “dialogue with the [Kuwait] government”. “We have taken steps to cease our service to Kuwait and Bahrain, effective January 13, 2016. We will continue to maintain an open dialogue with both governments and others who may be affected by this decision, and offer alternative travel plans or refunds to customers who could be impacted,” he was quoted as saying. United told the blog that the “service is not meeting our financial expectations”.

United was the only US carrier to offer direct Kuwait to US services. Passengers can also choose national carrier Kuwait Airways for direct flights to New York, though it’s unclear at this point if the recent ruling will result in an interruption or halt in KAC flights to the US.

-----That's going to suck for a lot of contractors!

Resettle Refugees

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 25: Assistant Undersecretary for Correctional Facilities and Sentences Enforcement in the Ministry of Interior Major General Khaled Al-Dayeen disclosed that the ministry has signed an agreement with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), reports Al-Rai daily. The agreement is related to the resettlement of expatriates who are due for deportation and their countries are experiencing conflicts or events that may jeopardize their lives.

However, resettlement will be done by looking at cases individually, indicating the officials of UNHCR have started their visitation to the deportation centers to study the cases. In a press interview, Major General Al-Dayeen pointed to ongoing cooperation between the ministry and the commissioner ever since news of forced deportation emerged in the country and prompted the intervention of the commissioner of refugee affairs.

The commissioner intervened to look into some deportation cases before trying to implement the resettlement program for deportees to suspend their deportation due to certain conditions in their home countries that put their lives at risk. “Indeed, we have granted the commissioner necessary space to study the cases to affirm our coordination with human rights organizations and Kuwait’s adherence to international conventions they are signatory to”, added Major General Al-Dayeen.

He pointed to 4,000 inmates in the correctional facilities- among them 120 women, affirming “the inmates receive humane treatment in accordance with international conventions, noting the UNHCR officials have made 70 visits to correctional facilities in the last five years, which is an average of one visit per month”

---I fully understand the need to help refugees but at the same time if they have committed a serious crime they should stay. A lot of Syrians in Kuwait have committed bad crimes, does that mean they get to stay regardless? Will they feel as if they can get away with anything and continue to with their crime? What about those poor children standing in the hot sun selling watermelons? Why isn't someone looking after them and making sure they are not part of a child trafficking ring?

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Hassan Ashkanani Museum

I finally got the chance to visit the family museum owned by Hassan Ashkanani in Bayan. It is a grand collection of old historical items from Kuwait as well as family archives and pictures. I love the fact that each piece has a story and a lot of them are linked to his grandfathers and other relatives who held on to their documents and are now on display.

 H. Ashkanani is an Assistant Professor of anthropology and archaeology at Kuwait University and has been collecting antiques since he was twelve years old. His is aim is to document the old life of Kuwait which includes the pre independence era when the Kuwaiti people limited their life inside the wall.

Inside the wall was a specific lifestyle associated with a specific economic activity. I believe literature doesn't cover the lifestyle details except for some major political, economic and such events. Through 'material culture' we will have a better insight into the old life of Kuwaiti people. How did they live? What materials did they use to survive? What materials did they use in their daily life?

It's a journey of understanding ourselves and how we helped build Kuwait.

You can find more information in Arabic on the website and his IG @has_ashkanani

Thank you Hassan for the visit and education, I really appreciated it and could've spent hours listening to your stories.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Madison the lost Cat

It seems the airport has lost a cat earlier this month, you can find more info on the FB page set up for her.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Snapchat Divorce

A Kuwaiti man divorced his expatriate wife after seeing a Snapchat video of her smoking shisha.

The video that has gone viral on social media has received mixed reactions.

Reportedly, the wife who was smoking shisha without the knowledge of her husband took a video and send it to her friends via Snapchat. However, by mistake, she added her husband to the list.

The husband was shocked at seeing his wife smoking and divorced her.

Many social media users alleged that husband was aware of his wife’s habit of smoking shisha, and this was only an excuse to divorce her.

Abdullah, an Egyptian, said that many women smoke shisha in secret – without the knowledge of their husbands. “I agree with what the husband did. She was cheating in a way. If she knew he did not like women smoking shisha, then she shouldn’t have lied and did this behind his back.”

Mohammed, a Kuwaiti, said men can easily know if their wives smoke shisha because the smell lingers on, on clothes and body as well. “How come he did not know that his wife was smoking? It’s obvious that he knew about it but found this as an excuse to divorce her.”


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Hummingbird cake from Magnolia Bakery

While we were waiting for our movie my sister had me try a slice of hummingbird cake from Magnolia Bakery in Al Hamra. It was a rather huge piece and it tasted really good, a mix between a spice and carrot cake. You will definitely need a glass of milk to wash it down with.

Monday, October 19, 2015

7-Eleven coming to UAE

International chain of retail convenience stores 7-Eleven is planning to open 800 stores across the UAE and recruit 10,000 employees, a senior official said.

“Our plan is to have 800 stores in the UAE and for this we’ll hire around 10,000 young graduates in the next 10 years. On average, nearly 15-18 staffers will be required to operate each store, which will be operational 24|7,” said Khamis Al Sabousi, President of Seven Emirates Investment, the master franchise of 7-Eleven convenient stores.

“The new recruits will have two-month training and then join the company,” he said, adding that a majority of those hired will be from the Philippines, India and Africa in order to maintain clear communication with customers.

“In our plan, we will go to universities in the Philippines and India to hire graduate students who have good marks. We will bring them here, train them and then they’ll join the company.”

Locally, candidates may apply through 7-Eleven’s UAE website.

The first 2,000sq ft 7-Eleven store in the UAE was opened last week at Business Bay Square, offering some 2,500 products.

Seven Emirates Investments plans 40 outlets in Dubai alone by end-2016, requiring over 600 staff to operate outlets, Khamis said, adding that the company will also offer franchise to third parties after the infrastructure that supports 7‑Eleven stores is fully built.

This includes partnerships with third parties that would make and deliver fresh foods daily and 7‑Eleven’s proprietary retail information system.

“We’ll look to convert regular grocery shops into modern convenience stores in order to modernise stores in the UAE; so we need something like 7-Eleven stores who have the technology and experience. The stores will have fresh foods, good service, ATM machines, bill-paying facility, WiFi facility and laundry among others,” said Khamis.

Globally, there are more than 57,200 7‑Eleven stores in 16 countries.

----I just want a Slurpee!!!!
and maybe a Big Gulp :)

Friday, October 16, 2015

Tax man coming for the Kuwaiti Money

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 15, (Agencies): With the application of Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) in Kuwait, 6,500 Kuwaitis with American citizenship will have to pay annual tax worth a total of $20 million to the US Treasury.

A minimum tax of $ 2,800 is expected from the 200 Kuwaitis who gave up their American citizenship earlier this year, reports Al-Shahed daily quoting informed sources. They explained that Kuwaitis with American citizenship and annual incomes above $99,200 will have to pay 28-35 percent of their incomes as taxes.

These taxes are on their liquid assets and not on their real estate or other assets. Kuwaitis with US citizenship and incomes more than $ 200,000 a year will have to pay 28 percent of their incomes as tax.

The new FATCA law will also be subjected to the 63,000 American expatriates working in Kuwait. According to sources, the US Treasury will receive a total of $1.82 billion as tax from the Kuwaiti- Americans and the American expatriates in Kuwait.

Meanwhile, the National Assembly’s Foreign Affairs Committee on Monday recommended the approval of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) agreement between Kuwait and the US.

----Giving up US citizenship, back to applying for visas to travel there or paying an annual fee which sucks both ways unless you are a broke one who earns less than the $99,200 allowed income.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Crashed cars-Kuwait Collection

About a month ago on IG there was a video of some cars on fire outside a home in Mangaf I believe, well here is what was left of them after the fire was put out. 

I always submit my pictures of crashed cars to and most of the time they will publish them, it's an awesome site to see idiots crashing their expensive cars.
Everyday there are nice cars being crashed in this country, unfortunately most will still have payments unless they have the gold insurance package.

Third American arrested for Drugs

KUWAIT: Financial Crimes Police arrested an American for bringing in ‘chemical’ and other illicit drugs by courier. He was caught with 1,126 envelopes of chemical; $305; 40 million Iranian tomans; KD 2,165; 4,200 Chinese yuan and 3,310 Afghan rupees. The suspect confessed being a member of a gang that brings in drugs for sale. They then smuggle the money out and launder it by buying precocious stones. He was sent to concerned authorities.

----Hey idiot drug dealers, ya'll better get out while you can before you get arrested! If you get caught you will disappear into the jail system with no one to help you, not even the embassy will come for you so don't think they will save you. The central jail is not like it is in the states, you won't chill with free meals and a gym to build your jailhouse physique either.

You people also realize you are giving all Americans a bad name and now they will start going after Americans now, they already have problems with Americans skipping out on their loans so do us all a favor and GTFO before too late.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Ikarus Marine- Ocean Activities

I met the Mustafa, the manager of Ikarus company one night at Marina Crescent while looking over his neon fitted boats. Ikarus Marine is a new company in Kuwait trying to bring the feel of Dubai to the people here. He has boats with neon lights that take people out on the ocean for hour tours, at this time it doesn't include a buffet but food is available for purchase. 

There are characters that come out and entertain the kids as well as music. As I was taking pictures I also noticed his company rents out jet skis and water crafts. The location is Marina Waves if I am correct, I've only seen jet skis being rented but the water crafts are there as well.

They have a website but it is under construction, you can find more information and pictures on their IG @ikarusmarine and snapchat ikarusmarine or call them on 98920706/98921171/61. I really wish their were dhow rides like in Dubai where you go cruising which includes entertainment (guy with albino python and a bird), food and a lady who does henna. That was the best time I had in Dubai which also included wadi bashing.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Husband caught with GF

A woman in Kuwait was shocked when she she saw her husband with another woman in a shopping mall and fainted on the spot.
The husband, who was also shocked, not only ran away, leaving his wife to be attended by the mall’s paramedics, but also fled from Kuwait.

This incident went viral on social media.

Many said that the husband’s reaction is worse than his shameful affair.

Mubarak, a Kuwaiti man, said that no matter what the consequences, he should not left his wife in that condition and run away. “He should have expressed regret and begged her to forgive him. Not run away. He is a coward.”

Abeer, a Kuwaiti woman, felt sorry for the wife. “I can imagine her shock. It must have been difficult for her to see her husband with another woman. How dare he cheat her and how dare he do it in a public place. He doesn’t deserve her and if I was in her place, I would never go back to him. She should seek divorce.”

Noura, another Kuwaiti woman, said the incident shows that the husband is a mean person and that she deserves a better man.

“Good that she found out what kind of person he is. She deserves a better husband, a real man, not this coward.”

-----Oh hell no! If I was the wife, the paramedics would have been called to pick up his battered body, not there to pick me up from fainting.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Kuwait zoo moving to Mutlaa?

“The zoo will be transferred to Mutlaa from its present location in Omariya. It will be much bigger there. I don’t think that the distance will stop people from visiting it, as today the roads are modern and a long drive is part of a picnic far away from the city. Also, Mutlaa will be a residential city and to have the zoo there is better than in a crowded area,”

---Seriously? I don't think I will travel to the border of Iraq to see some animals!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

I watched a girl get Kidnapped

I can now add seeing a girl get kidnapped to my experiences in Kuwait.

Last night around 10:30 pm I was out with my friend and her family, we decided on Hardee's by Shaab Park. The weather was nice so we were sitting down outside waiting for our food when I heard a female screaming like she was fighting or something wrong was going on. I turned on my video and headed over to Sultan Center where everyone was looking.

I see a guy in dishdasha picking up his ghutra and agaal heading towards the drivers seat while a second guy in dishdasha was in the backseat holding onto a fighting girl who was screaming and wrestling with the guy in the back, everyone was watching but doing nothing. The guy jumped in the seat and sped off past me as I glanced at the poor girl in the back, he had his hand over her mouth.

As they sped off jumping the curb 4 or 5 guys dressed in jeans ran past me after the car yelling and looking like something was really wrong, about 3 cars sped off after them. I called the police and gave them the tag number and description of the car but I am doubtful they did anything.

It sucks that because of traditions and people being scared to intervene when they see a woman being thrown into a car they think she might be doing something wrong and perhaps it's her relatives taking her. I was a minute too late or else I would have tried to help, it might not be my business for I will never stand by when a female is being beat or manhandled by men.

I do hope she wasn't harmed but it was definitely shocking to see and it leaves me wondering what happened to her.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

American busted for Drugs

KUWAIT: Criminal detectives arrested an American expat working at Camp Arifjan with 1,400 envelopes of the drug “chemical”, in addition to KD 72,000 he made from sales. He confessed to receiving the drugs by courier at Camp Arifjan. He said he also manufactures the drug at home.

----I guess he should've remembered the quote 'quit while your ahead.' Now he will disappear for years in the central jail before being deported. The central jail is a scary place for criminals who think they are tough. It happened before, an American got caught with a small amount of drugs and disappeared for years before anyone knew what had happened. Good luck bro!

UPDATE: It seems the other American guy who got caught for drugs was the above guy's friend and they work for Honeywell. They were getting their drugs via APO to APO and obviously some more people in the post office are going down soon. He also had a meth lab set up in his apartment selling meth to the crackhead contractors, drug tests coming soon although meth only stays in the system for around 24-48 hours unlike weed which can take 30 days to clear out.

Side note while we are on the subject of illegal items:

In another development, DCGD busted a network selling imported liquor in Ahmadi, run by a Kuwaiti citizen and four Indians. They had 850 imported liquor bottles. The arrest was made after an undercover agent was sent to buy 10 boxes (120 bottles) of Black Label whiskey for KD 10,000. The Asians used to supply the citizen with the liquor and he sold it.

---That's premium liquor! Check out the huge bottles of Black Label! Someone is going to have a hell of a party in their chalet soon, I mean it will be destroyed by a bulldozer (yeah right).

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Saudi husband caught in the act with maid

A Saudi woman could be jailed for up to one year for publishing a film showing her husband flirting with his housemaid in the kitchen, a newspaper reported on Tuesday.

The unnamed wife had caught her husband flirting with the maid in the kitchen at their house in the Gulf Kingdom and secretly filmed him with her mobile phone.

She then published the film on social media and wrote a caption saying: “the minimum punishment for this husband is to scandalise him.”

‘Sada’ newspaper said the film went viral on social media networks in Saudi Arabia and said most viewers supported the wife.

It also quoted well known Saudi lawyer Majid Qaroob as saying the woman could be jailed for upto one year on defamation charges.

“She faces up to one year in prison or a fine of SR500,000 (Dh500,00) for defaming her husband in line with the law on information technology crimes.

“This law includes stiff punishment for anyone using mobilephones with camera or other equipment to photograph others and defame them,” he said.

----Tisk, tisk! And to think, they want to bring house helpers from Bosnia and Morocco. Men will be men and this will continue to happen not matter what a female looks like. A friend of my sister had a house helper who was quite old, she had stomach pains and when they took her to the hospital they found out she was pregnant. I'm not sure who's husband did it but it was a scandal.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Platinum Gym closed and Ransacked

I took my friend for juice the other day next to Platinum gym on Restaurant street when I looked over at the gym it was dark and destroyed. I don't know what happened only that they have been rapidly expanding or maybe the owner of the land wants them off because they want to build something more lucrative? 

My favorite restaurant Grillo has also been closed down, so many memories. 

If I remember correctly we used to hand out at the bowling alley down in the basement, the good ole' days!