Thursday, November 29, 2012

2 more days until Operation Hope Christmas Bazaar!!!

Reminder: Please join Operation Hope and Santa Claus for our Christmas Bazaar. Spread the word!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Deserted American mothers launch website to shame runaway Saudi exes

Saudi Gazette - Deserted American mothers launch website to shame runaway Saudi exes:

 RIYADH – An American mother who had a baby out of wedlock with a Saudi student who then deserted her has launched a website to name and shame all Saudi men who leave their children behind in the United States.

The founder of the website came up with the idea to name and shame Saudi fathers.

Deserted mothers can shame their ex-Saudi partners by sending their families a message about their sons’ true actions.

The goal is to force the father to provide for his son or daughter.

Saudi Gazette gathered information about the website and discovered many Saudi students had left their young children behind in the United States.

These students brought nothing but trouble to their families in the Kingdom. They traveled abroad to come back highly educated.

Instead, they got themselves into trouble then left behind innocent sons or daughters often born out of wedlock.

The stories on the website usually start when an American woman falls victim to a Saudi student who promises her the stars and she falls for it. But when she gets pregnant, he cowardly runs away.

Deadbeat Gulf daddies your days are limited!! Ali Hamad Al-Sulaiti watch out!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Operation Hope - Christmas at Hope House

Operation Hope will be hosting their Christmas bazaar on Saturday, December 1 from 9am-3pm. Our pre-holiday bazaar  is being held in the courtyard of Hope House where you can buy your candy canes, live poinsettia plants, hand-painted cookies, holiday towels, tapestries and quilts, peppermint flavored hot chocolate packets, frankincense, myrrh, hand bag organizers, scarves, jewellery and much more. We will also debut the work of Kuwaiti/American abstract artist Rashed Al-Alban.

Bring the kids to see Santa too!! Esther's Attic will also be open for shopping.

Address: Rumaithiya, Block 9, St 92, House 23, parking for the event will be passed the house by the co-op as to not upset the neighbors.

Please pass the word!!!!!!!!!!

All proceeds from Esther's Attic and donations from vendors will go toward our winter warmth bags.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Awwww scared of a wittle Tiger?

They wear those ugly grey sweats outside of the country as well? When will they learn those pants are so not sexy and show off what little they have.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Kuwait Zoo has improved a Little

We took the family to the zoo the other day and I saw some improvements. It seemed a lot greener and some of the displays had a lot more plants and trees. The monkey display had doubled the fence so people can't feed them cheese puffs and the fence surrounding the elephants was placed further out so people can't get to him and feed him bread. There were fences around the plants so people would stop ripping off the branches and feeding it to the animals. The plants are toxic to the zoo animals but it didn't stop one Arab lady and her kids from taking the branches with them to feed animals. The Egyptian security guard tried to stop them but to no avail, she just laughed and kept on walking.
They still don't respect rules or security personnel and that is inbred and will never change. My advice would be to hire some big bedoon guys and let them handle the problem and have a couple Kuwaiti guys in the control room in case things got out of hand. But again, no one really cares about the zoo or animals in general so this abuse will continue and animals will suffer. The foliage is overgrown and isn't kept up especially around the baboon exhibit and they really stink. There are signs around the exhibits describing the animals inside which is a positive step.

The zoo is nothing in comparison to the Abu Dhabi zoo, it is huge and is similar to the US zoos. They have interactive programs and teach children about the animals. I think they should incorporate animal treatment in schools so when the children visit the zoo they won't have the urge to feed them popcorn, do they honestly think there are popcorn machines in the wild? I did have a big problem with the Indian family to let their kids run around in the swan exhibit, it was too dark to take pictures though I tried. Now the FN are creating bad habits as well? What has become of Kuwait?

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Trash Explosion

The garbage outside is piling up more and more. Two days ago the garbage truck came and hooked up the green garbage container, emptied it and then took off with it still hooked on the back of the truck. Now there is no container for garbage and this pile is from 10 plus buildings on the street. I've never seen this happen before and it's gross. Do garbage trucks come and take off with containers and leave a pile of trash? Who will pick up the trash pile now? This is really bad and now my area is officially GHETTO!
Another reason to move.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Operation Hope SOS

We at Operation Hope are asking for your donations for Esther's Attic. Gently used clothing to furniture items are what we look for and all money earned from sales goes directly to our winter warmth fund. This winter season we would like to provide 2,000 winter warmth bags to the needy.  Please pass the word to anyone who may be moving or cleaning house. You can also help out by visiting Esther's Attic every Saturday from 9am-12 pm.

Rumaithiya, block 9, street 92, house 23

We appreciate your help!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

AWARE Center-House of Mirrors Tour

AWARE Center:

26 Nov 2012, 5:00 p.m

The House of Mirrors is home to the family of the late renowned artist,Khalifa Al-Qattan. His wife has spent vast amounts of time creating sceneson the walls, the floors and even the ceilings to showcase what can be donewith broken pieces of mirror and glass when accompanied by an artists'touch. Enjoy a cup of tea, an artful snack and a guided tour with theAWARE Center to view the splendors of this 'bedazzled' home.Cameras are welcome.This is an adult only tour for 8 participants.Please forward your name, email, place of employment and telephone contact to toregister for this tour.Fee: KD 4

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Kuwait sets another world Record

‘Kuwait has broken world record in traffic demises’:

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 17: Chairperson of Traffic Safety Society Bader Al-Matar has said the need for security operatives to implement traffic regulations against violators to control the rate of traffic offences in the country, reports Al-Shahed daily.

Al-Matar added that Kuwait has broken the world record in traffic deaths, with 17 deaths recorded in every 100,000 cases on the average. He stressed Kuwaiti roads have the capacity to accommodate about 700,000 vehicles and almost 1.6 million vehicles ply the roads.

He noted the current traffic lights have failed, so government must introduce online systems to manage traffic. He urged the government must reschedule the timing of work in the ministries to reduce traffic congestion which has been troubling both citizens and expatriates.

STOP giving out licenses to everyone, companies make your people car pool and I think licenses should expire every 2 years or so to stop fraud. When it's time for renewal there should be a search of people's work permits and if they don't meet the conditions it should be taken away. Get all of the old useless junk cars off the road. Simple.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Protest in front of the US Embassy

Kuwaitis condemn Israeli attacks on Gaza, slam US Support for Palestinians
KUWAIT CITY, Nov 16: A large number of Kuwaitis gathered in front of the American Embassy in Kuwait on Friday evening to protest against the Israeli attacks on Gaza and to express their support for people of Gaza. They also denounce the attitude of US administration towards the Israeli aggression.

During the demonstration, the protestors condemned America and Israel and urged the Hamas movement to destroy the Zionists. They chanted slogans such as ‘We will remain here until the pain diminishes’, ‘Kuwait and Palestine are not two but a single nation’ and ‘Fire on Treacherous Zionists’.

Even after security forces allowed the demonstrators to protest for almost an hour, they struggled for nearly 30 minutes to disperse the protestors.

The protestors initially resisted the security order, leading to a few skirmishes between the securitymen and the protestors.

As majority of the protestors started to leave, a few among them urged them to stay back and chanted ‘Death to America’.

Meanwhile, former MP Jama’an Al-Harbash said, “The first Israeli aircraft fell in the hands of the Palestinian resistant groups today after strenuous efforts. With the fall of the leader Ahmad Al-Ja’abari, the entire Ummah is now with Gaza and the rules of the game have changed.”

In the same context, the National Convention Forum condemned the Israeli attacks on Gaza Strip, calling on all Arab and Islamic nations to support the Palestinian community.

They indicated that such widespread support will encourage the Palestinians to face such Israeli aggression and brutality, stressing, “We urge all nations that love dignity and honor to support the oppressed Palestinian brothers who have been resilient enough to protect sanctities of Arabs and Muslims.”

Meanwhile, thousands of people across the Middle East protested on Friday against Israel’s aerial bombardment of the Gaza Strip, with some chanting “death to Israel” and others calling for the bombing of Tel Aviv.(link)

So let's see, half of the population was at the Avenues while their husbands were protesting in front of th US Embassy, does that mean Salmiya was empty? Do they really think wasting their time in front of the Embassy whill do anything? The freaking US embassy doesn't even help the Americans here so what the hell do they think they will accomplish. Yallah go back to dwaniya, drink some tea and smoke some sheesha, A7san.....

Friday, November 16, 2012

Texas Roadhouse- Yummmmmm!

It was my mom's birthday so we decided to go to the Avenues and eat at Texas Roadhouse. We thought that if we left early we would beat the traffic. Our journey started at 1:30 pm. The chaos started at the junction on 5th ring and it took us 2 hours to get from Fintas to the restaurant. The wait was 65 minutes and we were given a plastic thingy that lights up when our table is ready. I wonder how many of them will disappear.

Finally it was our turn and we got booth seating in a corner which was great. There are Americans working there supervising the expat staff which means the food and service is good at this time but they are supposed to leave by December. We could not decide what we wanted, it must have taken us 20 minutes to decide. Since it's a steakhouse we ordered steak. They bring you hot rolls with cinnamon butter and peanuts to snack on while you wait.

We decided to try the fried pickles, I'm still not sure if I liked them or not. They were really really salty and then sour. The waiter was good considering the chaos around him. Our drinks were refilled and when we needed something he was there to get it for us. Our order came and wow what a beautiful looking steak! It has been a long time since I had a great steak. I also wanted the fried fish, country fried steak and ribs. They ran out of ribs, that sucked.

 Peanuts while you wait in line...
 Fresh rolls with cinnamon butter....

 Peanuts at your table......
 Fried pickles............
 Ribeye steak and shrimp combo....

We were so stuffed we couldn't even look at dessert. I really like the place but it will have to be a monthly trip as I can't deal with the traffic and chaos of the mall unless I go during the week at 12 pm, that's about the only time you can enjoy it. For those who are used to throwing peanut shells on the floor like they do in the states, don't do it here, they give you an empty bucket for the shells. Not as fun as throwing them on the floor. Can you imagine the faces people would make if they saw peanut shells on the floor? The fufu chicks might skid on them with their 6-inch stilletos.

We finally made it back home around 8 pm. We did no shopping or looking and the experience took us 7 hours. I will never understand how they could open up the new shops without adding parking spaces. I would think parking should be done first and then open up the shops. On a side note there will be booming business for glass shops considering all of the idiots who illegally parked their cars and got a lovely "No Parking" sticker put on their windows. When will they learn?

FYI: Olive Garden is also open and it was a 65 minute wait as well. My next place to visit!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Service Hero wants your Vote!

If you like to voice your opinions and would like to be heard try out Service Hero, an online service that allows you to express those opinions both good and bad.

"Service Hero is the Arab World's only 100% consumer-driven customer satisfaction index. Our voting platform empowers consumers like you to rate the service quality of places you visit, like your bank, café, mobile operator and car garage. Your votes tell companies their strengths and weaknesses and how they compare with competitors. Your votes also provide industry averages and an overall country average which can be compared on a global scale.
Service Hero adheres to internationally recognized research principles. It is a member of ESOMAR and is backed by an Independent Advisory Council ensuring results which are impartial, objective and which accurately reflect the voice of the customer."
Want to vote? (Click here)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Oz Land- Dome Mall

There's a small play area for the kids in the Dome Mall, the one with Chili's next to Kuwait Magic Mall. It's 5 KD to play on everything including petting the dog, cats and rabbits.

The animals are clean and as per staff they have had their shots.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Al Manshar is a ghost Town

One mall opens as another begins to close down and prepare to be demolished. I barely remember the fish market that used to be where the mall is, I think we drove past it during my first visit in 2003 and I think it was still there when I moved here in 2004. I wish I would have visited the fish market souk area before it was torn down but anyways Al Manshar is next to be torn down. I guess it started off as a good idea but didn't generate enough interest and the high rental prices didn't help either.
My old company rented out some of the apartments connected to Manshar but in 2008 we started to move the people living in them as we were served the notice of the building being torn down. Those apartments were HUGE and I wanted to move in but they too are slated to be torn down. What a waste. The apartments had 3 bedrooms, there was a gym and a pool and play area for the kids, it was great even though it was old. They don't make apartments like that anymore. Another chapter of Kuwait closed and will be forgotten.
Manshar is like a ghost town, only Chili's and a couple stores are left open. Chili's is still making 400 KD a day so they are keeping it open for as long as possible. I wonder if the owner is going to recycle the building materials, the mall is only a few years old and has a lot of fixtures. 

The hotel is to be left standing so I guess they will build the new building around it and the graveyard, I wonder how that's going to turn out.

Monday, November 5, 2012

New Phase open at the Avenues- Including The Cheesecake Factory, Red Lobster and Olive Garden!

Today was the grand opening of the new phase at the Avenues. Media events aren't as bad as I thought they would be. My feet are killing me from walking for four hours but it was a great experience. It officially opened at 10 am but we had a media tour at 9 am. I must say it is really beautiful and the sunlight coming in made it so bright. Only a few stores are open but I saw Red Lobster and Olive Garden upstairs and I can't wait for them to open.
Victoria's Secret is now open and they have bras! In the states they have 2 for $18.00, here they are 2 for 18 KD, it seems they just take the prices from the states and turn it into KD. For all you Cheesecake Factory lovers it's finally here. Texas Roadhouse is supposed to open on November 10, there will be a press release about it's opening.
                                             Red Lobster
                                              Olive Garden

Mr. Al-Shaya was there to cut the ribbon for Harvey Nichols and Cheesecake Factory.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Dean and Deluca

After all of these years I finally got sucked into going to Dean and Deluca by my sister. I've fought it for years as I don't like to mingle with fufu rich Kuwaitis and pay for over priced food. I must say it's a pretty nice place and they have some things that are reasonably priced as well. We sat outside under the covered part as there has been people spitting and throwing things at diners from the second floor. It is a third world country still and not all people have manners and just want to be a nuisance.

We ordered different dishes so we could have a bite of everything. I got chicken shawarma with mushrooms, our friend ordered chicken kebob and mom ordered a pot pie thingy. The spinach and meant fatayar was huge and really good. I might go back again with my hubby, he always asks me to go but I had refused up until yesterday. I'm a believer now.

The service was excellent and we met Jassim, the Kuwaiti Manager and the GM Kevin, thanks guys for the great food.

Cheesecake Factory update: Here are some pictures of the new section about to open. I will attend the media conference tomorrow and update everyone. I think they will open the new section tomorrow at 12 pm but don't quote me on that.

Off to the right is Texas Roadhouse, not all shops will be open according to the American guy guarding the entrance to the area. I hope they made more parking.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Kuwaiti Maritime Museum

After visiting the Dickson House we went to the Kuwaiti Maritime Museum. Again, it might be better to go during the day as there was no one in the museum at all only a cleaner outside the door. It's a really nice museum compared to the Liberation museum that poor museum needs a complete overhaul.

There are many things to do in Kuwait if you just take the time to explore!