Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Policewomen of Kuwait

After seeing the policewomen of Kuwait I was wondering when this was going to happen. I wrote about the new policewomen I saw in Manshar and the perfume that you could smell from 2 blocks away. Now it seems someone is finally telling them to tone it down. No colored lenses or excessive make-up? Good luck on those rules.

Here is the article from Arab Times:

Female police warned - ‘Keep it simple’

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 25: Deputy Minister of Interior Lieutenant General Ghazi Al-Omar has ordered the female supporting police force of all ranks to strictly stick to the proper police attire while they are on duty, reports Al-Watan daily.
In a circular, he banned the women police from wearing excessive hair accessories under hijab (headscarf), or wearing their hair long or dyeing the hair using eye-catching colors. They are also not allowed to use colored lenses or wear excessive make-up or wear more than one earring on each ear. They shouldn’t wear long nails or henna (a darkish orange natural dye) on their hands or tight-fitting clothing or abaya (traditional Kuwaiti dress).
According to Al-Watan, this circular has been issued, after some female officers reportedly became non-compliant with the ministry’s rules on proper police uniform."

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Embassy of Kuwait in Washington DC

Those of you who have traveled to the United States have dealt with the Kuwait embassy in Washington. Is just me or do they have the rudest people working there? When you call of course you get a recording but if you want to speak to an operator you press 1. Simple. Then some non-Kuwaiti man answers the phone sounding like he's 300 pounds and just ran a marathon. He answers "N3aam" instead of hello like you are calling his house or something. He told me husband "shtebby" in his Egyptian accent. What!? They speak to Kuwaiti citizens like that? Does anyone in Kuwait regulate their embassies?

Last year I dealt with a young Egyptian female who answered a little bit more politely but still acted like she was doing you a favor by talking to you. I had to have some documents authorized and that meant dealing with the Magda character. She talks down to you as if she is better than thou. I thought the American embassy in Kuwait was bad. At least the Kavork guy has a better attitude now than before. I wanted to smack him a couple years ago because he was so rude.

Honestly someone should regulate the Kuwaiti embassies around the world because they are so rude and nosey. When I applied for a visa back in 2004 there was some guy who was asking my mom personal questions because her hubby was my sponsor then. It's like these people think they do others a favor by answering them and feel that because they are part of the great embassy they can do as they like and ask what they want or they can deny you. Wow what a power trip that is.

When they hear my voice and know I'm American they get an attitude like why are you calling a Kuwaiti embassy and then when they hear my hubby is Kuwaiti they get even more rude, especially the women. For some reason they get mad when a citizen marries a foreigner. I would love to go to Washington and visit that place just to see their faces but I hate Washington. One visit there was enough.

They don't even have a website to visit so that you can possibly avoid contact with those people. Even Canada has a website. Wow U.S. is being outdone by Canada? I would much rather visit a website with all the necessary info than to contact anyone at the embassy unless I have to. Come on U.S.-Kuwait embassy it's 2011 everyone has a freaking website.

My point is someone from Kuwait should regulate them. Have someone call the embassies and act like they need something just find out how other people are treated.

For all those people who say I'm racist I have no problem with Egyptians but this really happened and they were rude and happen to be from Egypt. So don't send me stupid comments about me being a racist. Nuff' said.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy New Year

Although the new year has been here for a couple weeks now I am hoping this year brings everyone happiness and prosperity. I too hope that this year brings me back to Kuwait as I've had my fill of the U.S. I can truly say there are things I miss in Kuwait. Of course the first thing I miss is my maid, I really didn't appreciate the help but I do now for sure. I miss the bakala and not having to get out of my car to get that Snickers.

I can say I have neglected my blog recently due to personal issues. My mom keeps me informed of the happenings in Kuwait as does the Arab Times website and hopefully soon I will be back there to continue my Kuwait reporting. I thank all of those who have visited my blog and hopefully soon I will be back to reporting from Kuwait.

If anyone knows of any contracting companies doing any hiring please let me know. Going back there with a job would be ideal. Thanks to Desert Girl I did send my resume to General Dynamics. I'm bummed that I'm not there for their job fair this weekend at the Hilton Mangaf. I'm sure it would be the same kind of turn out like that of all the other companies that have their fairs there. Controlled chaos. Everyone goes to turn in their resumes and are given big promises of employment yet nothing ever comes of it.

It's always the job fair for a proposed contract. I don't know why they offer possible jobs and benefits yet they don't even have a contract. We know that ITT has taken over CSA so of course their positions are guaranteed ones. I don't know what GD would be doing in Kuwait but I always apply for that chance at a position. If anyone knows of any company hiring let me know. I'm anxious to get back to Kuwait.

For everyone who visits thank you for your support and wish you all a happy new year!