Friday, July 31, 2015

Omar Borkan Al Gala in Kuwait

Well it seems the guy who supposedly got kicked out for looking too good for Saudi Arabia is blessing Kuwait with his presence. I think he was really kicked out because he was dancing at a concert and that's why he was ejected not because of his looks. He was gifted a Mercedes Jeep by some old chick too, I guess those kinds of things make you famous. Kuwait did have Kim Kardashian here and she was famous for her porn movie. Kuwait wow just wow, we can't have Akon but we can have these no names come to visit?

Anyhoo it seems someone thinks he's cool enough to be booked in Kuwait for pictures. So if anyone is desperate interested in taking a picture with him you can book him at the above listed number.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Bullied into Censorship

There's a big battle brewing......

When things die down.....

There's a story to be told.......

David vs. Goliath.....................

If you've been reading the last two posts you might have an idea.........

For those 'corporate watchers' it's sad to think you would want go to the lengths of threatening to fire an innocent person over something out of their control who had no idea, no idea I even have a blog........

My lil' blog that no one reads has scared a giant.......

I finally realize there is no 'freedom of speech' in Kuwait......

They will find someone to make an example out of, unfortunately it is someone I know......

Another Benihana story where speaking the truth will get someone in trouble ......

For all the bloggers beware......there are people watching........
Please lose my number and from this day on I will never ever post any advertising or have a good thing to say about your company. I will avoid your locations at all costs as I know how you operate. I'm not afraid!

I will remove all posts about your company from my blog and wish you nothing but hardship.

Job Ad

I saw this job ad on Bayt

Professional Chef

Al Zabin Family

Job Description

A well-qualified and trained chef is required in one of the high profiled families of Kuwait.
As per the norms , the chef will be responsible for managing the concerned duties. In addition to that, he /she should be willing to prepare and organize catering for in house parties or celebrations. The private chef should have experience in working with the household environment as well as a professional chef.

Job Description
- Responsible for Menu planning and preparing meals
- Must take into consideration all the family member's dietary habits and requirements.
- Oversees the service, presentation of meals and social events
- In charge of everything related to kitchen such as organization , hygiene , shopping for supplies and etc
- Must be knowledgeable in preparing all kinds of cuisines.
- May have to cook different meals for each member of the family.

The number of working hours and leave days will be mentioned during the interview. Also, the salary will be decided based on the qualification and experience. Accommodation and basic necessities will be provided. The candidate is required to carry a complete portfolio of his/her identification details, qualifications and work experience.



------This must be one of the fanciest detailed description for a chef I've ever seen here. This one definitely beats out the 'Asian cook' want ads in Waseet.

"May have to cook different meals for each member of the family' *eye roll*

Monday, July 27, 2015

Tyrese Gibson dedicated to UAE

Tyrese Gibson, the Fast and Furious actor and R&B singer, has announced plans to make $700 million (Dh2.57 billion) of film productions in Abu Dhabi. The 36-year-old made the statement on Thursday while promoting his Black Rose album in Yas Mall.

“I want to do a film slate, at around $700 million (Dh2.57 billion), so when Avatar, Mission: Impossible, Fast and Furious, when these movies are being made, instead of us coming to shoot for three-four days, we’re going to shoot in Abu Dhabi for the whole movie,” Gibson told Gulf News. “We’re going to co-finance these movies, instead of just coming here, shooting and leaving,” he added.

The star confirmed he’s ready to pursue the project as soon as local partners approve.
Gibson has previously visited both Dubai and Abu Dhabi on numerous occasions, continuously expressing his love for the UAE.

“When I first came here, it was the first time I had smiled, or felt joy, since my brother Paul Walker died [in November 2013]. God said to me, go to the UAE, there’s blessing on the other side. I am on a mission now to change the perception of the Middle East. God gave me a vision and, Inshallah, this will all come to pass,” he said in an interview with GN.

The rapper was reportedly staying at the chairman suite in the Jumeirah Etihad Towers, where a car passes through one tower to the other as a stunt for the Fast 7 movie.

As for his album, Black Rose, it’s currently a No 1 on the Billboard 200 charts. According to the artist, it will be his last solo album.

-----This guy is awesome, you have to check out his IG @tyrese it's filled with pictures of his recent trip to Dubai promoting his new album Black Rose.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

TIES- Differences between Arab and Western Culture

Differences Between Arab and Western Culture

Why are North Americans and Arabs considered "cultural opposites"? Join TIES for a discussion of the often extreme variations in communications styles, value orientations, thought frameworks, and cultural preferences between Arab and American peoples.
Tuesday, July 28 @ 7pm

Shuhada Area - Block 4, Street 413, Villa 67 - Kuwait

Tel: +(965) 25231015 /6        Fax:+(965) 25230855


Friday, July 24, 2015

Project Free TV shuts Down

I've been using this site to watch shows from the states for a few years now. A couple of days ago I was watching with no problems, my last show watched was American Pickers and when I went to watch last night it brought up a blank page saying 'goodbye' and that was it. I figured it was something to do with the internet carrier in Kuwait but as I did some research my worst fear has happened. Sadly, the site just shut down with no warning. That's it, no more, no alternatives just

I know of other sites but none that have a daily list of shows as sometimes I forget what I'm watching.

Just one word....WHY???????????

Divorce in Kuwait

Statistics show that mixed marriages have the lowest divorce rate on the country. The absence of openness, the lack of a sense of responsibility and adultery were cited among the major reasons for divorce in Kuwait in 2015. The justice ministry said that the change in the behaviour of spouses after marriage, negligence, domestic violence, and the interference of families were the other reasons cited in filing for divorce.

According to the ministry, 32 Kuwaiti couples divorced in the first three months of the year, representing 1.9 percent of the 1,601 marriages contracted.

The figures showed that the total number of marriages in the country, including between non-Kuwaitis, was 2,120 with 39 ending in divorce, a 1.8 percent rate, Kuwaiti daily Al Watan reported on Tuesday.

About one quarter of the Kuwaiti men who got married during the January-March period took foreign wives. However, six of the 385 marriages ended in divorce, the ministry said.

Kuwaiti women took 134 non-Kuwaiti husbands, and only one marriage ended in divorce.

The numbers show that mixed marriages have the lowest divorce rate in the country.

The figures indicated that 344 marriages were contracted between people staying illegally in the country — a term used by the local authorities to refer to the Bedoon (stateless) residents.

However, the divorce rate reached alarming levels within this segment of the society amounting to 37.5 per cent of the marriages.

Gulf countries have some of the world’s highest divorce rates, prompting the local authorities to seek out solutions to control the phenomenon related mainly to a demanding lifestyle and a high status consciousness.

---Seems like the Kuwaiti women who marry non-Kuwaiti men are the happiest, does that mean the Kuwaiti men are the root of divorce? Hmm....

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Timothy Carr Show Reel 2010-2015

Tim recently moved to Qatar where he is a filmmaker and Executive Direct @houseofwow, Kuwait lost a great guy and producer but money talks/bs walks. You can follow him @tjcfilms and his YoutTube account @tjcfilms2011.

Keep up the good work man!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


I bought a couple small pints of the new flavors that has everyone going crazy. The 'Mistika' flavor not so much, it tasted exactly how the gum smells. I did like the ,Muhallabia, flavor and the pistachio topping.
My sister decide to try out her funnel cake making skills

They turned out really yummy!! New business idea perhaps?

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Women harassed in Saudi Arabia

Saudi police went on alert during the Eid Al Fitr break to catch a large number of young men seen in an online video harassing two girls in a public park in the Gulf Kingdom.

Police, quoted by local newspapers on Tuesday, said they have arrested some of the harassers and are pursuing an operation to catch the others.

The harassment of two girls in a park in the Western Red Sea port of Jeddah triggered public anger, prompting aides to King Salman bin Abdul Aziz to instruct security authorities to arrest all those involved.

A YouTube film published in Sada newspaper showed a large crowd of men surrounding the two girls, shoving them and filming them with their mobiles despite the girls' pleas to leave them alone.

---Definitely a scary situation!

UPDATE: The chicks were guilty as well

Always two sides to every story.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Eid Open House at TIES

Eid Open House

Stop by the TIES Center to congratulate friends for the occasion of Eid ul-Fitr. Celebrations include refreshments, a charity bazaar and special kids' activities.
Thursday, July 23 @ 5-8 pm

Shuhada Area - Block 4, Street 413, Villa 67 - Kuwait

Tel: +(965) 25231015 /6        Fax:+(965) 25230855


Saturday, July 18, 2015

Kuwait born Jordanian kills Marines in Tennessee

As the FBI and other law enforcement agencies continue their investigation into the deadly rampage across the city of Chattanooga,Tennessee, the 24 year old's formative years will face scrutiny. Investigators are trying to build a picture of what caused a seemingly 'all American boy' turn into a killer who targeted the US military. Abdulazeez, a naturalized US citizen, died after Chattanooga police converged on his silver Mustang convertible outside a Naval Reserve center where the four victims were killed.

Over 24 hours after the shooting US authorities said no links have yet been found to the ISIS terror group who have called for 'lone wolf attacks' on US soil. FBI agents removed computers from the killer's home and two of his sisters were led out in handcuffs.

Authorities in Chattanooga are treating the killings as a domestic terror incident.Two fathers, a 21-year-old barely out of boot camp and a Purple Heart recipient who served two tours of duty in Iraq have been identified as the four Marines who died.They were named as Gunnery Sgt Thomas J Sullivan, 40; Lance Cpl Skip Wells, 21; Sgt Carson Holmquist, 27 and Staff Sgt David Wyatt, 37.

----In no way is this guy associated with Kuwait, he is NOT Kuwaiti, he was a Jordanian born in Kuwait and his family moved to USA to get citizenship. I wish the media would stop adding the name of Kuwait in all of the broadcasts. It's like they are trying to smear the country and associate with terrorism. We recently went through the mosque being bombed and now we have to deal with this.

Friday, July 17, 2015

11 Awkward Moments That Happen During Ramadan

I love Buzzfeed!

The part about the period cracks me up. People can't understand when they see women not fasting and then you have to go into a deep explanation, been there done that.

Eid Mubarak 2015

Wishing everyone happiness and joy during these holidays!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Lion attacks Saudi poet's Son

The son of a famous Saudi poet was attacked by a lion during TV filming of the poet and was rescued by the predator’s trainer at the last minute.

The lion was left with the boy, Nayef, as his father Ziad Ibn Naheet recited poems in front of the camera in a deserted area in the Gulf Kingdom.

A YouTube film showed the lion chased the boy, pushed him down and grabbed him from the back before the trainer managed to control the animal.

“Suddenly the lion jumped on the son, Nayef, who tried to flee. The boy could have been killed by the lion if its trainer did not jump and restrain it on time,” ‘Sada’ newspaper said without mentioning where in Saudi Arabia the film was shot.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Qatar is the richest country in the World

Qatar is number 1, USA number 7, UAE number 8 and Kuwait is number 18 beating out the

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Visit visa reduced to 30 Days

Visit Visa Validity A Month As Of Issue

KUWAIT: The Ministry of Interior’s department of public relations and media security yesterday announced that the residency (Iqama) directorate decided to limit the validity of visit visas to one month. The new rule takes effect as of today (July 14).

According to the new rule, the visit visa will be cancelled if the person fails to enter the country within a month of issue as against the previous rule of three-month period. Similarly, duration of the stay of the visitor has also been restricted to one month in the new rule. However, children and wives of applicants may be granted a three-month visit visa.

---I wonder what all of the companies will do now? When I worked on Arifjan the company would bring employees on visit visas and keep them on it until the sponsor company was able to get them residency. Good news for the employees, every month they will get a paid vacation!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Guy steals gas Cylinders

A thief was caught on camera sneaking into a house in Kuwait and stealing two gas cylinders before running out and leaving the door open.

"Shame on you for leaving the door open," the house owner said as she and her family watched the thief filmed by the house’s security cameras.

The Kuwaiti daily 'Al Anba', which published the film, said the thief had apparently waited for the family to go out for iftar (Ramadan evening meal) before sneaking into the house in Kuwait City.

---Maybe he ran out of gas while cooking and the gas place was closed. Gotta' get those samboosas ready for Iftar!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

IHOP Jabriya

We had a late night craving for pancakes and headed to IHOP in the Jabriya complex. First thing I noticed was the new menu and we all know new menu means increased prices. The worst change was to the Big steak omelette, as of two weeks ago it no longer comes with a side of pancakes, nope, now it comes with toast. I don't understand why Al Shaya brings American restaurants and then starts changing the recipes and sides. They are still serving pancakes in the USA so why stop it here and serve toast? 

If it's not broke don't fix it, leave things alone!

These are cinnamon bun pancakes! So good!
 Cheesecake pancakes
The manager said a lot of people complained about the changes, I hope they go back to the original plan, who goes to a pancake joint and orders toast??

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

DNA testing in Kuwait- some good stories will come from It

 MP Ashour calls for applying DNA tests

KUWAIT: MP Saleh Ashour called yesterday for the quick implementation of DNA testing to curb crime and terrorist attacks after the National Assembly passed the law last week. The law makes the genetic tests mandatory for all Kuwaitis and expatriates and stipulates a jail term and fine for those who refuse to do it or for faking the samples.

Ashour said that the law will contribute effectively to uncovering crimes and arresting criminals, adding that many countries have applied the law and obtained good results. The lawmaker meanwhile called on authorities not to penalize the stateless people, known as bedoons because some of them are suspected to have assisted in the bombing on the mosque last month. He said that the majority of the 110,000 bedoons are honest people who have sacrificed for the country and are serving the country in many fields including as servicemen in the police and the army.

The same thing applies to Saudis, he said, after it was found that the suicide bomber was a Saudi national. Ashour said that generalizing the penalties at a certain community because one of their members is a criminal is inhuman because the criminal is a person and can belong to any nationality whether it be Kuwaiti, Saudi or

---So I'm thinking this is going to lead to some serious problems when this is implemented. With all of the cheating going on in this country curiosity may get the better or some fathers. Maybe a father has looked at one of kids wondering if they were really his and decides to go to the DNA bank and submit a sample to compare and it turns out the child is not his? Sounds like some good stories for the upcoming Ramadan soap operas.
---This is good news for the children who were left behind by their Kuwaiti fathers, just submit your DNA sample and voila! yes you are the father. This is going to get exciting! I hope those fathers who left kids behind are starting to sweat.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Eid Holidays

KUWAIT CITY: Eid Al- Fitr, marking end of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, will fall on July 17, announced the astronomer Adel Al-Saadoun on Sunday. The moon is forecast to line up with the sun at 04.24 am Thursday, July 16, after completing its monthly circle around the Earth. On Thursday night, the moon disappears in the Kuwaiti skies five minutes after sundown. Its age since moment of link-up will be 14.26 hours.

---Not set in stone, we still have to wait for the sighting of the moon---

The Eid holidays this year will be either for 9-10 days or for 5-6 days depending on the last day of fasting and the official decision taken accordingly, reports Al-Anba daily quoting sources.

They explained that if the last day of Ramadan is on Thursday July 16, Eid al-Fitr will be from July 17 to July 19. Since July 17 is a Friday, the Eid holidays will be from Thursday July 16 to Tuesday July 21, after shifting the actual holidays of the three-day Eid al- Fitr to Sunday July 19, Monday July 20 and Tuesday July 21. In this case, the total number of Eid holidays will be 6 days.

On the other hand, if the last day of Ramadan is on Friday July 17, Eid al-Fitr will be from July 18 to July 20. Since July 18 is a Saturday, the Eid holidays will be from Friday July 17 to Tuesday July 21, after shifting the actual holidays to July 19 to 21. In this case, the total number of Eid holidays will be 5 days.

In both cases, Wednesday July 22 will be the official day for resuming work. However, if the concerned authorities decide to declare Wednesday July 22 and Thursday July 23 as holidays, the total number of holidays will be 10 days from Thursday July 16 to Saturday July 25, or for 9 days from Friday July 17 to Saturday July 25.

The sources indicated that the authorities may or may not adopt the aforementioned legal calculation to declare either 9-10 days or 5-6 days of holidays.

Diego Costa in Kuwait

Most Barclays Premier League footballers spent their summer months on the beach, but it seems Chelsea striker Diego Costa never gets tired of fighting off opponents and scoring goals. Costa has been in Kuwait, playing in a bizarre five-a-side tournament in which he scored five goals against a Nottingham Forest side before nutmegging men in sumo suits in another odd game.The Spain international is taking part in the Al-Roudan Tournament, which includes upwards of 80 teams with former Chelsea flop Andriy Shevchenko and Barcelona legend Carlos Puyol also playing

Costa - well known for his tendency to wind up opponents - wasn't taking the competition lightly though, and can be seen barging his rivals to the floor before using maximum force with a routine penalty among his five goals.His participation may have caused concern for manager Jose Mourinho, who has seen his star striker miss out on games through injury all too often, but Costa came through unscathed before donning a ceremonial robe and waving to his fans around the pitch.The opposition in the futsal game were set to include legend of the sport Falcao - unrelated to Chelsea's new signing - but the 38-year-old signed by Forest's Kuwaiti owner Fawaz Al-Hasawi missed out through injury. link

---I don't know who the guy is nor do I enjoy anything to do with soccer/football but he must be interesting enough to be brought to Kuwait to embarrass those poor kids.  

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Kuwait to block Whatsapp Calls

I knew that was coming, Saudi Arabia already has it blocked.

UPDATE: They are saying it;s a rumor, no true.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Expat fees to increase by 200 Percent

KUWAIT CITY, July 3: Assistant Undersecretary for Citizenship and Travel Documents at Ministry of Interior Major General Mazen Al-Jarrah affirmed that the charges for the services offered to expatriates will increase by about 200 percent, reports Al-Seyassah daily. He explained that a comprehensive study was carried out in this regard and included increasing the fees of temporary visas (commercial, visit and tourism), family visas and sponsored visas.

Major General Al-Jarrah said, “The visa charges will increase by KD 20 in the coming years. The visit visa charges will increase to KD 30 per month, family visa charges between KD 100 and KD 150 and visas for parents between KD 200 and KD 400”.

In the same context, sources from Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor revealed that a study is ongoing to increase the residency charges which will be borne by the employer and not the employee.

They explained that the current charges for renewal is KD 10 but this will increase to KD 100 for not only visa renewal but also work permit issuance and transfer.

Meanwhile, Acting Director General of Public Authority for Manpower Ahmad Al- Mousa said the authority is coordinating with the Assistant Undersecretary for Citizenship and Travel Documents to look into the possibility of canceling the process of filing absconding reports in some cases such as when the employer withdraws the case or when the Labor Department approves transfer of residency.

In a press statement that he issued after a coordination meeting with Ministry of Interior, Al-Mousa affirmed that some absconding reports can be cancelled if they are filed against the wives of expatriate residents, partners in construction contracts, and first-degree relatives of Kuwaitis.

He said the attendees of the meeting approved the transfer of residency through the Labor Relations Department, provided the approval for transfer precedes the absconding report. Al-Musa indicated that they also agreed that the concerned department at Public Authority for Manpower should receive the absconding report after which that department must coordinate with the Investigation Department to verify the authenticity of the absconding reports. “After verifying the reports, the department will notify Ministry of Interior within 90 days from the day the department receives the report, so that the rights of employees are protected against malicious cases filed by employers”, Al- Musa added.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Kuwaiti arrested in London for filming Himself

An Arab tourist was arrested under the Terrorism Act after filming himself on his mobile phone outside a shopping centre.

Nasser Al-Ansari was detained in a police van for three hours before police decided 'there was no immediate threat' - but officers kept his mobile phone for further investigation.The 38-year-old had been recording a Snapchat condolence message in Arabic for terrorist bombing victims in his native Kuwait, where 27 were killed in a blast by ISIS last week.

He was ordered to delete the footage, taken outside Churchill Square shopping centre in Brighton, by a store security guard but refused because he did not see why he had to.Security then called in the police for assistance.

Mr Al-Ansari said: 'I was filming a Snapchat selfie giving my condolences as there had been an incident in my home country, so it was just my face.'I cannot even describe how I felt.

'I explained what happened and the police officer said, "can I have your phone?" I gave it to

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Car Accident in Kuwait

The other day I was reading when I heard a loud bang outside the window, I rushed to see what happened fearing someone had hit my car as the luck I have had with it lately includes getting hit twice while parked outside the house so I parked it in the dirt area only 5 feet from this accident. It wasn't my car but the OSN guy had hit the back of the neighbors FJ when she pulled out from the parking, her car had a scratch and his car, well, as you can see suffered.

It was so hot and considering the police department is like 5 minutes one would think someone would arrive quickly, right? Nope, not in Kuwait, even if it happened in front of the police station it would take forever for someone to show up. Finally, after 40 minutes the cops come, park their car, get out, take a  look at his car and obviously told them to go to the police station.

As usual, the cops wait a minute and then take off to station, maybe. The poor OSN guy's car was trashed and couldn't be moved. The female rode off in her and the neighbor's driver was nice enough to give a ride to the OSN guy. The police just leave you in the street and don't care if your car is damaged or not.

I've had it happen to me before, a Kuwaiti lady slammed into my car pushing it into the median and tore it up. Once the cops came they looked and yelled at me to go to the station as they escorted the Kuwaiti lady leaving me behind. I had to pull out the fender because it was rubbing my tire but no one cared because I was an expat. Once I got to the station I was questioned by some huge muscle head guy asking if I spoke Arabic and throwing my CID at me to go make a copy. It was an awful experience as usual when dealing with police departments as an expat.

If you can avoid an accident do it as to avoid the police station!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Americans caught taking pictures of mosque in South Surra

The Hawally police have arrested two Americans clad in Afghan costumes, reports Annahar daily. They have been handed over to the State Security because they were caught taking pictures of a mosque in South Surrah.

The arrest came after a citizen complained to the police. During interrogation the Americans have reportedly told police they were taking pictures for sale.

Seriously?! They should be deported for stupidity!

Kuwaiti Kid uses bird as a kite

I heard something going on downstairs and this is what I found. The landlord's son or grandson using his bird as a kite. I yelled at him but he kept doing it, finally he took the bird inside but I could hear the poor thing squawking inside as well.