Saturday, August 7, 2021

The Warehouse Mall - IKEA coming soon to Ahmadi area!

 Those of you who were sad when they knocked down Ahmadi Drive in Cinema should be happy to hear Kuwait National Cinema Companies have taken over the plot of land and are now building The Warehouse Mall in Ahmadi district, Sabahiya area. From the looks of it there will be an IKEA in the area!! 

Concept picture

Mubasher: Kuwait National Cinema concluded a contracting deal of KWD 39.8 million with First United Co. for the construction of the first phase of a commercial, entertainment, and cultural complex in Kuwait.

The new complex, situated at South Sabahiya, will be spread across a total area of 79,640 square metres, according to a statement to the Kuwaiti bourse on Monday.

Kuwait National Cinema also referred that it will provide further details in this regard during the project execution phases.

As for the material impact, the transaction will contribute to higher fixed assets (projects under implementation) as well as an increase in the company's liabilities during the project implementation period.

From the looks of the picture IKEA will be full size, not like the tiny one in 360 Mall. I've always said there needs to be an IKEA in that area due to the amount of people living there and having to travel to Avenues to shop which is a hassle. I can't wait to see the final product!

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Cari's Conchas - Kuwait

 My friend's daughter who has become quite the baker is making Mexican conchas and selling them on her IG @carisconchas, she also makes brownies and cookies.

There's a lot of Latinos in Kuwait, how about helping out a young baker!

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Fuwa Fuwa Kuwait - Japanese Desserts

After seeing these awesome looking Japanese desserts on IG I took the kids to test it out. Fuwa Fuwa is located in The Port off exit 208. It's on the left side, the cafe itself is extremely small with only 4 tables and a small area to wait for your items. When were there people were finished but still sitting at the table which wasn't cool so we had to eat in the car and by the time we got there the ice creams were almost liquid. 

Some of the Japanese drinks to choose from
Watching the fluffy dessert rise 
Voila! So beautiful and filled with cream
Iconic fish cone with unicorn ice cream
Truly amazing drinks, Nebula and Fuji San
It's a more expensive place that I wouldn't visit often but it was really good! You can find their menu and pricing on their IG

Sunday, June 27, 2021

List of places for 'vaccinated' residents in Kuwait

Sadly,  the discrimination towards those that haven't received their vaccines has been began and they will not be allowed into most places even though most have registered months ago. I registered in March and didn't receive anything from the government, my company was able to get vaccinated due to the kindness from KOC towards their subcontractors. We received our first does of Oxford last Thursday, I was wishing for Pfizer but I wasn't about to turn down anything that came my way.

Most people that I know aren't vaccinated, besides the Kuwaitis. It's going to be a long summer and the psychological stress of this will take its toll soon enough. 

Monday, June 14, 2021

American Mattress Kuwait is not American Mattress from USA!

My mom had been  telling me for years about the mattresses from American Mattress thinking the store was a branch of the US brand. I finally decided to get one of the beds from the Fahaheel location. When looking at the beds I asked if they were from the US and the salesman assured me they were. I ended up buying what I thought was a 'Dream Cloud' model for 450 KD.

It was delivered a few days later and it was not like the store model. It was so tall I couldn't reach the floor and felt like wood. I couldn't even sleep on it and had to use my daughter's bed. I went back the next day and explained to the salesman what had happened and that the bed was too high, I chose a more expensive model adding another 50 KD. The store was great about returning the bed and delivered my 'Majestic' mattress a few day later. 

Unfortunately the same height problem and it didn't feel right. My mom contacted the US branch and I contacted them on Instagram. They told my mom they don't have a branch outside of USA and via Instagram they told me the same thing and was concerned about the name confusing people into believing they were one in the same. I messaged the salesman and told him my concerns and that they aren't affiliated with the US branch and that was fraud because most people think they are American mattresses from USA. 

I went back to the branch and explained I wanted my money back because the whole idea of it being an American related brand was a lie and the mattress wasn't the same product from USA. He got a manager on the line and that's when they back tracked on saying the Kuwait store is related to USA once I told him I had contact with the American branch. He said 'oh, well it's a Kuwait name' and I told him they were deceiving people into believing the products were from USA and charging them high prices. In the end I got my money back but it was a horrible experience.

Kuwait Brand

Actual American brand

There are actual American brands 'Dream Cloud' and Majestic but they aren't the same. Everyone is free to buy what they want, this is just my experience so others won't have to face the same problem and for those who are not familiar with the situation will have a better understanding. Buyer Beware.

I went back to my IKEA mattress for now, if I decide to purchase a mattress I will shop at West Elm, Pottery Barn or The One.

Friday, April 2, 2021

Mansaf from Chef Bu Naji

A long time friend of mine has a weekend restaurant making Irani, Kuwaiti and other Arab dishes. I decided on Mansaf as I haven't had the dish since my trip to Doha. I scheduled it for 2 pm today which is a Friday and it arrived on time nice and hot.
It arrived in a big box with yoghurt sauce and some saffron rice pudding dessert

This was for four people
I love any dessert with saffron (sholeh zard)
A big thanks to Bu Naji for this amazing homemade dish, you can check out his menu and place orders from his IG @ma6bak_bunaji he also shows his cooking skills on his Snapchat account or call 55126969.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Food Hall in 360 Mall

I haven't visited 360 in a while, I needed to pick up some perfume in Bloomingdales so I had a walk around. In the new extension I found this extremely cute food hall and took a stroll through it.

There are so many little shops for tea, sweets, chocolate and more
Next time I want to try bao, I've seen it but never tried it

I love the bright open spaces and greenery
Woop! is a popular juice place for IG people to take pics of their juice
Outside seating area over looking the new tennis courts that might be used one day, who knows
I got a juice from Woop! and finally tried a donut from DOH! It was wow!

I love this hall and definitely will visit again, it was difficult to eat a donut, drink juice and take photos while standing, I can't wait for some freedom. Please open up the seating again! I use IG for more activity as blogging has taken last place these days. Not much going on or freedom to move but for the days I do go out you can catch me @mimiblogz