Thursday, July 22, 2021

Cari's Conchas - Kuwait

 My friend's daughter who has become quite the baker is making Mexican conchas and selling them on her IG @carisconchas, she also makes brownies and cookies.

There's a lot of Latinos in Kuwait, how about helping out a young baker!

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Fuwa Fuwa Kuwait - Japanese Desserts

After seeing these awesome looking Japanese desserts on IG I took the kids to test it out. Fuwa Fuwa is located in The Port off exit 208. It's on the left side, the cafe itself is extremely small with only 4 tables and a small area to wait for your items. When were there people were finished but still sitting at the table which wasn't cool so we had to eat in the car and by the time we got there the ice creams were almost liquid. 

Some of the Japanese drinks to choose from
Watching the fluffy dessert rise 
Voila! So beautiful and filled with cream
Iconic fish cone with unicorn ice cream
Truly amazing drinks, Nebula and Fuji San
It's a more expensive place that I wouldn't visit often but it was really good! You can find their menu and pricing on their IG