Thursday, May 28, 2020

The Post-Quarantine Life

Looks about right!!

Next step for Kuwait - Phases of returning to Normal

Drum Roll please:

Phase 1: 3 week trial period

=  Kuwait return back to initial curfew from 6 PM to 6 AM

= New areas joining isolation: Farwaniya, Khaitan, Hawally, Nugra and Maidan Hawally.

= Jleeb and Mahboula continue their isolation (sorry sis)

= Restaurants, cafes to reopen for takeaway/drive-thru & home delivery (yes, see you soon McD's)

= Cars showroom, auto parts stores, garages, car wash stations to reopen (I can get my new tire)

= Mosques and worship places to reopen with health requirements

Phase2: 3 week trial period

= Workplaces in government agencies and the private sector (less than 30%)

= Construction
= Financial / banking
= Commercial complexes (from 10 am to 6 pm)
= Retail stores
= Restaurants / caf├ęs (receiving orders/ No dine-in)
= Public parks and gardens
= Avenues has specifications such as no bathrooms, no prayer rooms, no dine-in, limited entrance points and a limited number of people in the store at any given time

Phase 3: 3 week trial period

= Government bodies and the private sector (less than 50%)
= Hotels, resorts and hotel apartments
= Taxis (1 passenger only)
= Mosques (Friday prayers with conditions)

Phase 4: 3 week trial period

= Government bodies / private sector (more than 50%)
= Restaurants and cafes (with social distancing)
= Public transportation (with social distancing)

Phase 5: 3 week trial period

= Government bodies / private sector (more than 50%)
= family /visits, gatherings
= Social gatherings, weddings, graduations.
= Conferences, events, cultural exhibitions & training courses.
= Health and sporting clubs.
= Theaters and cinemas
= Salons
= Public sport areas

If everyone follows the rules then we pass the level and can move to the next and if not we will go back to isolation so it's up to everyone to chill and follow the rules. I will stay home for the first week because I know people will go crazy once Sunday morning comes.

As for airports I have this photo for info:

Not sure if it will be open for incoming only.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Kuwait Prisoner Pack - British Embassy

Did you know the British Embassy offers a "Prisoner Pack" information brochure? It's information every British national should know in case they are ever arrested and it has loads of information.

I posted a couple pages I found interesting which basically tells British nationals that the embassy won't help you if you get arrested which is like the U S embassy, they won't help you either unless you get a cop to help with some guy they know that speaks English other than that you're on you're own! You can find the prisoner pack along with a list of Kuwait police stations here

I wonder if the American embassy has anything like this available?

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Life after Corona

The Gulf Health Council has put out a PDF with slides  about how things will be after this virus. Click on the link to view their idea on how they suggest life will be after we are free from being locked down.

Personally I feel as if I will also be somewhat afraid to go back to work and be around strangers. I really want to travel, should I wear a hazmat suit? I saw an article about the crew on Qatar airways wearing hazmat suits, masks and goggles for the foreseeable future and passengers are required to wear masks beginning on May 25, 2020.

Can I bring one of those small breathing apparatus they use for diving?

COVID-19, Corona has taken my Cousin

I was notified yesterday by my mom of my the passing of my cousin who was only 29. She passed away in Oregon and her family lives in California, unfortunately she couldn't be brought back to California due to laws about people who die from the virus.

Everyone always goes through the initial stage of, 'I should've checked on her more, I should've called more, etc' It is crucial to stay in touch with loved ones even if we have problems with them because no one is guaranteed another day in life.

I will be praying for my aunt, uncle and cousins, I hope their hearts will heal in time. 

Monday, May 11, 2020

Total lock down in Kuwait

Today is day one of the total lock down, besides the hours between 4:30 to 6:30 which is ok for walking around your neighborhood although a lot of people think the beaches are their neighborhood. I knew about this potential block over a week ago as a lot of this info was already released and most people had an idea it was coming. I got my cooking gas, loaded up on groceries last week and prepared for the chaos that would follow the official announcement.

The day before the announcement the co ops were crowded but the following day there were more than 200 drivers and single men waiting to get in while inside it was packed with people loading multiple shopping carts as if the world was ending. Videos showed hundreds of people waiting in lines that were a mile long waiting to get in. My co-worker, a single American male had to wait for more than an hour just to reach the cashier and he arrived at LuLu a few minutes after 8am and there was already a line even though curfew begins at 8am?

I went to get gas for my car, there were loads of people waiting as well. Curfew violators were let out of jail by paying a fine which defeats the purpose of laws against being outside after the specified hours so no one is really afraid of the consequences. While the Mahboula and Jleeb lock down occured without any given notice this time there was a 2 day notice allowing for the chaos that followed. Some co ops deliver, others won't while some hospitals still take patients and some don't. 

I know the reason behind the actions are intended to save people but the way they do things makes me scratch my head sometimes. Lock down was meant to take control of the situation but the 48 hour they gave the country meant everyone was on top pf each other, some without protection trying to get essential items and spreading the virus among people who were otherwise staying at home but forced to come out to get what they needed.

I really hope we reach the peak so that we can come back to some sort of normal life soon. We are safe as long as the airports are closed, once it opens back up that will be another type of controlled chaos in itself. I've heard of the second wave topic as well which makes me wonder if we will have to do this again in the near future?