Monday, September 16, 2019

Sirhan Restaurant - Mahboula

If you wan a nicely decorated place with a cozy feel check out Sirhan Restaurant in Mahboula where they serve a variety of grilled items from brisket and ribs to an awesome tenderloin with Greek salad. It's definitely a meat eaters dream place!

I had the kale and quinoa salad, there's also a grilled romaine for those non meat eaters
Pulled beef cheek tacos
 Melt in your mouth tenderloin with Greek salad, a must have
 Brisket with all the fixings

 Menu prices

Kale and Quinoa Salad- 2.900 KD
Marinated tenderloin with Greek salad- 9.500 KD
Brisket- 225 grams 6.00 KD

You can find them on Carriage and @sirhankw on IG

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Kuwait School Fees 2019

From what I've heard the Ministry of Education put a stop to rising school fees, only one of the schools from the 2018 LIST has increased their fees:

The English Playgroup
Last year 2018 fees
Here are the links to the schools from last year:

Kuwait American School
American School of Ahmadi
American United School
International British School
Cambridge English School

Some new ones:
American German School
Canadian Bilingual School
American International School
Kuwait National English School
The English Academy
Al Bayan Bilingual
AlGhanim Bilingual School
American Academy for Girls
American Creativity Academy

Not all of the schools make it easy and list their school fees.
The British School of Kuwait
Future Bilingual School

I hope the MoE keeps the fee increase on hold, if not those schools would raise their fees every single year until parents are unable to keep their family with them and have to send them back home. I paid for 3 kids to graduate here so I know how difficult it is to make ends meet when rent and school are 75% of your salary and the education they get does not account for the price. To me most of the schools are just baby sitting kids for 3000 KD a year.

Here's a link to school fees in 2013-2014 if you're curious.

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Kuwait ranks last in Top Expat Destinations 2019

'Taiwan was ranked best, and Kuwait the worst.  
More than 20,000 respondents representing 182 nationalities were polled about what life abroad was like for them.  
The respondents said they had come from 187 countries or territories before moving to the destination countries in the report. To make the cut, nations ranked required at least 75 expats. 
Respondents were asked to rate up to 48 factors, from quality of life, to education options to personal finance. 
The US ranked favorably with the quality of medical care and educational options, but not the costs. 
The report found 71 percent of expats think medical care in the US was not affordable, compared with 65 percent globally. '

In 2018 Kuwait was last (#68) while in 2017 Kuwait was next to last (#64, Greece #65), for the last two years Bahrain was #1 and this year #7.

'Kuwait ranks last once again, a position it also held in 2018 and from 2014 to 2016. It still places last and second to last for the ease of settling in and quality of life, respectively, though it has improved for personal finance (from 50th to 38th in 2019). Results for working abroad remain bleak, though: Kuwait places 60th. While expats are mostly satisfied with the state of the economy (63% positive ratings vs. 63% globally) — the majority (59%) moved there for work-related reasons — 36% are unhappy with their work-life balance. All in all, Kuwait is the country expats would recommend the least. 
Qatar in 2017 was  in the bottom 10 at #58, rose to #38 in 2018 and #18 for this year, way to go Qatar!

Check out the story link for more details.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

New addition to Bait Al Othman Museum

There are some new displays in Bait Al Othman including a new scientific area which includes animals and scientific displays.

 The museum is located in Hawally, it's the best museum in Kuwait and my favorite.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

ICEE drinks in Kuwait from Trolley Markets

ICEE drinks are here from Trolley in various locations and they are the real thing.

So far the best one I found was in Jabriya gas station, Qortuba gas station and  Masayel gas station but they aren't always working and you have to ask the cashiers for the cups for some reason which makes it inconvenient when having to wait for a turn just to get a cup and half of the time the machines are broken. The small 750 fils, medium 1 KD and large 1.250 KD.

Monday, July 22, 2019

Chili's Seaside location opening Soon

When visiting the Chili's location in Bidda I spoke with the manager and asked her about the seaside location as I had seen the sign put up. She told me it will open in about a week. I stopped by the new location and my manager friends were there setting up so they gave me a sneak peek inside.

The decorations are from the old location with a few new additions, there is still a sea view and a view of Green Island. The location will include a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf  and Ocean Basket seafood restaurant planned to open in a week or two so stay tuned.

 The new Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

And Ocean Basket which I've yet to try

Once again we will be able to enjoy Chili's seaside......

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Universal Studios Dubai- Cancelled

I found this video about the fate of Universal Studios Dubai, what a bummer.

It would have been way to hot in the summer to walk in the park and riding the roller coasters in 130 degree heat might burn your face off. They do have IMG Worlds (post link) which is an indoor park and it's awesome if anyone is looking to take the kids to ride rides.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Good Bye McDonald's

McDonald's seaside is being dismantled piece by piece.

 Gone are the yellow arches that led you to the beach

What will replace it? Time will tell.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Arabella- On the verge of Closing?

A friend of mine told me about restaurants closing in Arabella during Eid so I went to check it out and see what had closed. It looks like Five Guys and Futur Kids have opened up, maybe not a good thing considering Al Shaya has closed all of their restaurants, Cheesecake Factory, Texas Roadhouse and Pei Wei as well as Starbucks and Pinkberry leaving the plaza almost completely empty of any places to eat.

My friend's daughter had mentioned that Radisson Blu which is next door may want to take over this location? Everyone knows how horrible their parking area is and what a narrow place to try to get in and out of. Has anyone heard of what's going on? Here's my post on Arabella when it first opened, what a difference!

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Deliveroo - my first Experience

UPDATE: I used their service to order Shake Shack and I wasn't disappointed, it was cool watching the driver as he got closer to the house. Definitely will use it again, the burgers were good but the fries were sad, it's better to have Shake Shack fresh.

The other night hanging out with friends they wanted to order burgers so I suggested Five Guys which are only on the Deliveroo app. I've always used Talabat so this was a new experience, I downloaded the app and chose our items, added the credit card number and submitted it. It was late, around 12:30 am or so when I ordered but according to the app our order was being prepared.

We waited for around 45 minutes, the app said it was processing and the money had been taken from the account as well. I decided to check Five Guys on Google and realized they closed at 1 am but the order said being processed. I called Deliveroo company and no one answered as they close at 11 pm.
After an hour I cancelled the order and had to order Hardee's which took another hour to get there and was cold, wet and just gross.

The next day I called Deliveroo and they were aware of the problem, the operator told me they had contacted Five Guys and gave them a warning about what they did, they should not process orders if they can't fill them and if they did it again they will have a problem. I told him it was my first time using the app and he said he was concerned about their reputation as well.  I asked him what the company will do, they really did mess up our night and he told me he would credit me. Later on I saw that he had credited my account with 5 KD which was really nice of them.

I will use that credit and hopefully the next order will be a better experience. As for Five Guys, I hope they fix this problem and won't let another customer be disappointed.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Ice skating rink in Kuwait City

I took the kids to the ice skating rink so they can have the old school experience before it is torn down to make way for a new phase of Al Shaheed Park. From what I've heard it will be replaced with a concert hall and new ice skating rink, I wonder how much the fees will be then?

If you bring a child with you that doesn't want to skate they still charge you 3KD.

 The first time I came to Kuwait in 2003 I attended a Kuwait Miami concert held here and it was super cool, I miss the old days when life was more simple in Kuwait.

 There are two rinks, one for professionals, when we visited the Kuwaiti women's team were warming up there which made it scary for the beginners so we moved to the smaller rink down the hall.

McDonald's is closed so there is no food or drinks in the facility but the ice cream man out front is available. I suggest visiting before it's gone and if you're a history buff then I suggest taking a drive around Kuwait and photograph what remains of the old locations as it looks like all the old buildings and businesses are slowly being torn down and soon there will be nothing left but memories.