Thursday, June 30, 2016

G4S taking over Kuwait Airport

‘GS4’ to monitor security at airport

The Ministry of Interior Wednesday morning has signed a working contract with the multinational security service company known as G4S, on the grounds of strengthening the security of Kuwait International Airport through series of consultations and specialized training for the airport security workforce.

The ministry, through its media security department disclosed that this London based company is one of the leading companies in the field of airport security, and that this step has been taken in order to increase the level of security of the country’s airport to the highest possible international standard, although it was not clarified whether this step was prompted by the attack on Istanbul’s Ataturk airport Tuesday night.

On behalf of the Minister of Interior Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khaled, the media department stated that this step is but one amongst a series of planned directives aimed at raising the efficiency of airport security alongside the upgrade of security equipment as to keep up with the technological developments of this field.

The minister added that the Interior Ministry has deemed it vital to upgrade the level of airport security in order to prevent any possible dangers and correct flaws pointed out by technical reports, hopefully bringing its status up to one of the safest airports in the region and the world

By Ahmed Al Naqeeb Arab-Times Staff

---If I'm not mistaken one of the security firms for an American company is G4S and they have security guards from Fiji working in their apartment building. Those guys are huge, I had to ask where the were from because they reminded me of The Rock and they told me Fiji, I also had to ask if they had tribal tattoos and do the war dance and they said yes. This led me to ask if they performed their war dance and said maybe October, that would be awesome to see.

If they hired guys from Fiji for the airport I'm sure there wouldn't be any problems, who wants to mess with a 6'5 man with huge arms?

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Sloan's Ice Cream Shop

While cruising around Promenade Mall in Hawally we came across this cute and quirky ice cream shop. They had loads of different flavors, cookies, brownies and candy. They have one-of-a-kind offers such as a Sandcastle Sunday served in a bucket that includes 5 scoops of ice cream or the one I want to try- Tracy's kitchen sink, served in what looks like a kitchen sink which includes 18 scoops of ice cream, cookies and lots more.

 The actual kitchen sink bowl

It is a bit pricey compared to Baskin Robbin's but I like the quirky Sundaes.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

When people steal your Posts

I came across this on FB and it really ticks me off (using nice words but I mean something else) when people do this and think it's ok. They actually took time to watermark their website on it as well. It's good to allow people to send you pictures etc, but try to find the source before you post them.

Original post....
After messaging Kuwait Today they sent me their source picture, again someone not crediting me.

Kuwaiti students killed in Los Angeles car Crash

Bystanders wasted no time jumping into action with buckets of water and fire extinguishers Saturday after two people became trapped in a fiery crash in Woodland Hills that left three dead.

At least eight people were treated, and five were taken to the hospital, the Los Angeles Fire Department said. Three people were killed, and two were seriously hurt in the fiery four-car wreck that witnesses said consumed the intersection. 
News Article: click here

Monday, June 27, 2016

Kuwait acquires land in Mexico to build cemetery

MEXICO CITY: The State of Kuwait has legally acquired a plot of land in Mexico State, in Mexico, where the first cemetery for the Muslim community bearing the name of Kuwait will be built. “The 7,500- sq-m land was gifted to the Kuwaiti diplomatic mission by the friend of Kuwait, Mexico Governor Eruviel Avila Villegas,” Kuwaiti Ambassador to Mexico Samih Johar Hayat said.

The Kuwaiti ambassador has officially received the documents on the land acquisition from the governor at advent of the blessed last ten days of the holy month of Ramadan. Ambassador Hayat said the governor and concerned Mexican officials inked all the documents and finalized legal transactions, with attendance of the embassy lawyer, thus the plot of land became a “waqf” in the name of the people of Kuwait; where the Mexican authority no longer have jurisdictions over it.

The embassy, Ambassador Hayat added, would begin constructing the cemetery after Eid Al- Fitr, with a generous donation from a Kuwaiti good doer. — KUNA

--Yes, there is a Muslim community in Chiapas, Mexico which needs a lot of help.
They face a lot of problems as they are a minority group, Kuwait has done a good thing for these people, bravo.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Police- No phones while on Duty

‘No using cellphones on duty’: Undersecretary of Ministry of Interior Lieutenant General Suleiman Al-Fahad has banned police force on field duties from using mobile phones or headphones as well as their personal accounts on social media, reports Al-Rai daily. He also issued another decision to ban patrol officers from parking police vehicles on road pavements.

----Do they think they will stop them? I see them all of the time talking on their phone and driving, if they are serious they will need a cyber patrol to check out all of the Snapchat accounts of police officers who are Snapchatting pictures and videos of police activities while on duty. Good luck with implementing this decision. If people see them and report the police officers will anything be done or will we get arrested for taking pictures?

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Breaking Bad themed restaurant in Kuwait

For all you Breaking Bad fans....a restaurant dedicated to the series.

Up Update: Some pics of the interior

They also have an IG account @heisenberg_kw

Thursday, June 23, 2016

En Mexico

My friends and I tried out En Mexico in Salmiya which is their second location, the first one is located in Jabriya. It's been a long time since I've had some good Mexican food although I've hear and seen this one I never had a chance to try it. 
 Clean, comfy and chilled environment
 I love the wood shelves

 Queso fundido
 Sopa Azteca
 Mexican corn soup
 Pulled beef burrito
 Chicken burrito
 Jalapeño cornbread
I'm glad I finally tried it, the burritos were big and fresh, the Mexican corn soup, thick and creamy.

Queso Fundido 2.550KD
Soups: 1.500 KD
Burritos: 3.400KD
Cornbread: 1.650
Elote: 1.600KD

There are two locations in Jabriya (block 12 street 6) and Salmiya behind the Green Tower building. They have delivery and catering @enmexicokw Phone Number: 25353265

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Eid holidays 2016

According to @csc_kw the Eid holidays have been announced.

July 5 - July 9 with everyone returning (except those who will still be on vacation) to work on July 10.

Texas Roadhouse Kuwait- No shells on the Floor

We were having dinner in Texas Roadhouse Mahboula when the American guy and his date sat in front of me. I noticed him chucking the empty peanut shells on the floor which surprised me as I don't think they practice that here. In USA you will find peanut shells all over the floor, one time I almost slipped and fell on them so I guess he thought it was ok here too.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Court rejects Kuwaiti woman's Suitor

KUWAIT CITY, June 20: The Court of Cassation overturned the decision of Appeals Court and stopped a Kuwaiti lady from getting married. According to the lady’s father (defendant), the plaintiff (intended husband) isn’t compatible with her daughter and also clings to an ambiguous creed.

Representing the defendant, lawyer Nada Al-Atheri explained that the man who planned to marry the daughter of her client was dangling between Sunni and Shiite doctrines; in the sense that he chose what suited his worldly desires, as opposed to making a choice to safeguard his religion and belief.

Therefore, the man is considered to be lacking uprightness in religion. She noted that compatibility in Sharia means “equivalence between a prospective husband and his prospective wife, and it’s necessary to follow the right step. She added compatibility depends on multiple factors, which include religion, social status, morality, piety and wealth, lineage or custom; thus depicting compatibility as part of the conditions looked upon before married.

Earlier, the Court of Cassation rejected the case filed against the lady’s father on accusation of preventing his daughter from getting married without any acceptable reason. However, the father managed to convince the court that the man in question did not fulfill the condition of ‘compatibility’.

---And this is one of the reasons there are so many divorces in Kuwait, the family is always is in the middle or choose who they want their child to marry.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Under the Ghutra - Surprise!

 With all the fake hair, contouring and Spanx hiding who we really are we tend to forget that men are sometimes hiding that receding hairline and trying to hold on tight to what little he has left. In Arab countries men try to hide this when wearing their ghutra and egal. Yes ladies, you may see a nice line of hair showing from underneath the cap but don't be fooled underneath it may lie a shiny chrome dome!

Ask him to come out in casual clothing, does he still wear a cap? If it doesn't bother you then you have nothing to worry about but if you think he has a nice head of hair be honest and ask if it is real or a mirage. The first male I met in Kuwait had what I thought was a nice head of hair, nope casual clothing day came and voilà there was a shiny landing pad staring back at me.
A friend of mine sent me a photo of him in the hospital with blood everywhere, I thought he had an accident but it was after his hair replacement treatment where they take individual strands of hair and transplant them onto his head, ouch!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Saudi tries English- Fail

Getting pregnant by the tribal goat...!?

Seems he is a pro at this by looking at all of his videos.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Security- no more last names on Badges

‘No show tribe, sect’: The Ministry Interior has issued a circular to all ministry sectors according to which securitymen are forbidden to wear name plates on their uniform while on duty showing their family name or tribe or sect, reports Al-Anba quoting security sources. The source noted this action is aimed at preventing embarrassment for officers who may tend to show a soft corner for tribe or sect members while issuing citations.

----Security men would be police officers I assume or military and police? Do they honestly think that will stop the wasta? I know for sure that one can tell another person's tribe/family just by their face so what good will it do to remove their last name? When issuing citations they will read the name of the person and will know if they are related or not, duh. Another question, if a 'security man' makes a problem or harasses you how will you be able to report them if you only see his first name?

How about 'Abdullah 1234' or some other way of knowing their name? I had an incident in Shuwaikh a couple weeks ago with a Kuwaiti woman working in the Ministry. She was rude and mad at  the world and kicked the mandoub and I out of the waiting room beside her office because we sat down so he could explain some things to me. When I asked him to get her name the other lady would only say 'Salwa' and refused to give any other info.

Yes, I would like to have made a complaint but no one will give out their names. When I talked to someone I know he asked for her name which I could not provide. 'Salwa' in the corner office is the only thing I could tell him.

Expat women married to Kuwaitis

For all of those foreign women married or divorced from a Kuwaiti there's a group on FB for you. It's called Expats married to Kuwaitis where you will find a lot of different mixes and stories.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Kuwait...even in Pensacola

My mom was on her way to the Masjid in Pensacola, Florida and noticed this guy's T-Shirt- 'Warrior Gym Kuwait.' I think it might be a T-Shirt from one of the U.S. bases here.

Side Note: My mom stopped and told him she lives in Kuwait and gave him some money.

Monday, June 13, 2016

The Breakfast Club- Kuwait

I'm sure the movie is the first think that comes to mind for some people when they hear the name 'The Breakfast Club' but in Kuwait it refers to a Kuwaiti founded restaurant. I wasn't really hungry when we got there so I chose a berry drink and what I think was a twice baked potato minus the boiled egg which was surprisingly good. It seems as if almost every item on the menu incorporates eggs. I've heard their Kinder pancakes are also very good,

This location was in Kipco Tower but there is another location in Alia and Ghalia Towers in Mahboula.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Shuwaikh Market

I've seen so many postings on social media about this place so when my friend suggested it I gave in and went to check it out. Well, it was a nice concept, decoration was really nice and I get the concept. There were very few people, a few coffee an clothing shops.

I think it's better when they have some things going on, One more item checked off of my bucket list.