Thursday, September 16, 2010

Expat bloggers leaving Kuwait

It seems to be an ongoing trend of expat bloggers having to leave Kuwait. I have had to temporarily leave Kuwait due to the outrageous school fees. Having to sell my cars and leave everything behind was a really difficult thing to do but there isn't much help if you can't afford the private schools in Kuwait. But I know Inshallah one day I will be back which keeps me hanging in there.

I don't know if any of you have followed desert girl Kuwait's blog but she inspired me to start my own blog about Kuwait. Unfortunately she has run into some problems with employment in Kuwait. I know from experience how it feels to be fired from a company for no reason. After giving the company all of your ideas and giving it your all they just come out from no where and fire you. I was the only American in my company and my salary was almost nothing but I loved my job and the people I worked with so I stayed there. Desert girl has had some problems with the same action. Now she is getting ready to go back home after many many years in Kuwait.

After living and working in Kuwait for a long time you get used to the place. Yes, it does have it's good things and bad things but you just become one of the locals after a long time being there. Adjusting to stateside life takes some time. I'm still getting use to the changes. It seems the job market in Kuwait for Americans has shrinked now that the war is winding down. Some Americans have given us a bad name by their actions and it seems we are not as popular as we used to be. Outrageous salaries and VIP treatment has just about vanished. It's ok for those who come to Kuwait to make money and go home but for those of us who have established a new life in Kuwait these changes hit hard.

I know that the feeling is "Why hire an expat for a huge salary when you can hire a TCN for 1/3 that amount and they have Masters and big degrees to go with the low wages." Some of us are willing to take a lower salary just to stay in Kuwait but companies just look passed our CV because they are afraid we want to be paid a large amount.

I wish Desert Girl the best of luck and hope she can find something that will keep her in Kuwait. If not I wish you the best wherever you land!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Eid Mubarak!!!!

Wow I can't believe Eid is here. The month has passed by so fast. It felt a little longer here in the states but Eid is finally here. Although the feeling is not the same as it is in Kuwait my little family will enjoy shopping, eating and going to ride the go-karts. Too bad it's so freaking hot and humid. The kids will miss school tomorrow now let my try explaining why they won't be in school to the staff hopefully they will just say ok.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Eid and I wish you all the best.

As I've finally got my internet working today I will be bringing my experiences here in the states to those who continue to follow my journey through life. I appreciate those who continue to stop by the blog and check things out.

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Still waiting for Internet!

Well I would be posting some stuff if I can ever get my internet and phone hooked up. It seems like there is one problem after another. First moving into an apartment with pot smoking beer drinking college kids was a mistake and then I moved to a nicer place. Apartment had phone problems so I had to wait for the repair guy. In the new apartment phone problems. Sitting on hold waiting for someone for like 2 hours.

Taxes on everything. The phone bill has 2 or 3 different taxes, cable has taxes and gas is crazy high. I don't know how people get by. It's so hot and humid and imagine I have to pump my own gas. Ha! Ha! Just kidding. I did it sometimes in Kuwait just to freak people out. The sad thing is my kids have no idea what's going on. I told my daughter to go pay for gas and she looked at me in horror. My other daughter didn't know how to work the blinds in the apartment. I never knew how many little things they would not know.

Well seems I won't get my phone and internet until Thursday. I will have to just hurry up and wait!