Tuesday, August 30, 2022

House of National Works Museum - Demolished!

 I drove by the area where all of the old houses are and the House of National works museum, sadly I found the museum completely destroyed. The museum was closed many years ago due to some disagreements about the land link and the NCCAL/Kuwaiti Government displayed no interest in relocating it. You can see the museum before link and at one time Sheikh Talal's car was parked beside the museum link too.



The weird thing was that inside the demolished building there was a large amount of bee hives that had been destroyed. As you can see below there was a huge amount of honeycomb destroyed and thrown out. It was really sad to see, not only was the museum destroyed but much needed bee housing as well.

Whoever destroyed all of this wasn't a nice person and had no disregards for anything. We can add this to the list of lost places in Kuwait.