Sunday, March 30, 2014

Pictures around Kuwait

It was a real nice day to walk around the towers in Salmiya....

Anyone for some fishing?

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Another building coming Down

The time has finally come for these old buildings to be torn down, it has taken over 6 years to get everyone out so the demolition can take place.

I wonder what they are going to build? More restaurants perhaps?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Street Vendors Beware - Permits needed Soon

New guidelines mulled for mobile food vendors Consumer health vital: official
 KUWAIT CITY, March 25, (KUNA): Chairman of the Municipal Council Mhalhal Al-Khalid presented a proposal recently listing new regulations and requirements to organize the activities of mobile food vendors and delivery services to guarantee consumer health, stating it is time to follow suit other GCC countries in this regard. Al-Khalid told reporters the Municipal Council sees it as part of its responsibility to support the executive bodies of Kuwait Municipality through issue of regulations organizing these activities, to help keep up with the boom in such businesses.

The proposal is in favor of allowing permits for such activities in parks and entertainment utilities, shopping centers, cooperative societies, sea resorts and chalet areas, and agricultural farms and livestock farms. It also suggests banning the activity on highways and public streets. The permits should also be given after thorough consideration of the exact location for the activity, with factors such as drafts, sun exposure, and overall exposure to the elements and insects, birds, and critters taken in consideration. A mobile unit must also meet strict guidelines in terms of structure and equipment, he proposed, to guarantee safety of all items to be sold to consumers.

There should also be regulations on utensils, both used in preparation or actual sale of food items. He also suggests fixed equipment, power lines, and linkage with the main sewage system at the sites where such activity is to be licensed, with appropriate safety precautions and criteria. The proposal came with an item suggesting fees to be paid to the municipality in exchange of utilizing a set space. It also indicates that should items be prepared in a location other than that of the mobile unit, strict guidelines for preparation and storage, and for consumption dates and information should be

Well, it was just a matter of time before the Ministry caught wind of the pop-up markets happening around Kuwait. People should realize that advertising all over Instagram, Twitter and other avenues will eventually lead to popularity and then the government getting involved. Now they want their money! How dare any citizens make money without giving the government their share, we all know how 'easy' it is to start up a business here right? (sarcasm)

The one time I visited Shakshooka market the popo showed up and everyone ran.

Redbull Showrun

Car racing my favorite sport!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Restaurant Mubarakiya

One of the old restaurants in Souq Mubarakiya

Great inexpensive food, if you order the family meal be warned that it comes with grilled liver, I realized it once I ate a piece, I didn't tell the kids but they found out later. There are tables outside as well when the weather is nice.

Monday, March 24, 2014


Crazy Qatari guys! 

Samsung Galaxy 5 offer from Viva

Viva is taking registrations for the new Samsung Galaxy S5 check it out here.

The 99 banned by Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has officially banned the internationally popular cartoon featuring Islamic heroes, The 99.

The comic book series based on characters that each personify one of the 99 qualities that the Koran attributes to God has for years been successful, particularly in the Gulf, and has received the backing of Kuwaiti Prime Minister Sheikh Nasar Al Sabah and US President Barack Obama.

Written by Kuwaiti Dr Naif Al Mutawa, The 99’s characters include a woman wearing a burka named Batina the Hidden and a Saudi Arabian Hulk-type man named Jabbar the Powerful.
A television series based on the comic books has aired in more than 20 countries for more than a year and it was supposed to launch in Saudi Arabia this year on MBC3.

However, the government council General Presidency of Scholarly Research and Fatwa has banned the show, saying the 99 attributes of Allah should not be personified.

In its written judgement, the council went so far as to accuse Al Mutawa of not being a Muslim.
Al Mutawa, the founder of Teshkeel Media Group, criticised the decision and said it was “a shock” amid international support, including in Islamic countries.

“I didn’t expect that attack to accuse me of kufr [being an infidel] and atheism,” he was quoted as saying by Arabic website

The series was named as one of the top 20 trends sweeping the world by Forbes magazine in 2009.
Al Mutawa has worked with writers such as Fabian Nicieza, who wrote for the Power Rangers and X-Men comics, and a group of managers including an ex–Rolling Stone publisher, which Al Mutawa has previously said helped make the show also successful in non-Islamic markets.Saudi Arabia has banned numerous artistic works and television shows that relate to Islam, which does not allow any personification of the Prophet (PBUH).

The decision not to allow The 99, follows US broadcaster ABC Family’s decision to axe a new show Alice in Arabia, which had been due to air this year.The drama was based on a teenage girl who had grown up in the US and was then taken to Saudi Arabia by her family after her parents died. In each episode, she would have dealt with various issues regarding living in the conservative Islamic kingdom.

Critics said it would ridicule Islam and inflame already negative Western perceptions of the religion.
The US writer had claimed the plot summary was incorrectly portrayed but the broadcaster decided earlier this month not to risk airing the show, which was yet to be

Old Kuwaiti buildings - Masjids

A couple of the old masjids in Kuwait City.


The old buildings were so beautiful and life back then was so simple.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Teaching Opportunities in Kuwait

There's a company looking for teachers for their contract with Saudi Chevron in Wafra if anyone's interested in a new teaching adventure. You can visit their site for more details of their vacancies.

The requirements for the English teachers are :

Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant field

• TEFL Certificate (CELTA/Trinity TESOL)
• Native or near-native English speakers (IELTS band 8 or above)
• Minimum three years’ EFL/ ESOL teaching experience
• Computer literacy in MS office
• Excellent oral and written communication and interpersonal skills
• Must be able to work independently and in a team

Good luck!

Mowasalat Documentry English

The transportation system in Qatar, Kuwait take some notes.

Rides and camels beside Magic Mall

Outside of Magic Mall there's an area for shisha and tea as well as the beach. A ride park sits next to it with grass, camel rides and a horse and carriage.

A nice little area for the kids to play.

AWARE Center - Dishdasha Night

It's that time of year, AWARE Center in Surra is holding their annual dishdasha night on March 27, from 7-9 pm, the even is free but prior registration is required 2533-5280 or email you can check out my post from last year's event. The food was great and the speech about Kuwait was very informative.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Mishref park bike Rental

If you want to ride a bike without having to bring one with you then Mishref Park is for you. There's a rental truck with different size bikes and you can rend them for 1.500 KD for 30 minutes and 2 KD for an hour, he will ask for your civil ID just make sure you remember to pick it up before you leave. My son forgot his and I had to go back and get it, the man showerd me seven other IDs from people who forgot them.

He's there daily starting at 3 pm.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Al Kout Mall

Some new pictures of the mall on a lovely sunny day.

Fishermen heading out to sea with their traps. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sears in Kuwait Magic Mall

For those who don't want to drive to Farwaniya to go to Sears there's a smaller one in Kuwait Magic in Abu Halaifa.

It only has a few items mostly for women, I love the shoes but I would kill myself if I wore them.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Random pics around Kuwait

 The winter rains have brought out the beauty of the wild flowers around Kuwait.
Random chicken in front of my apartment.

Tired camels at P2BK 
So many things to do in Kuwait!