Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Paris Hilton Plane Crash Prank

Now she's suing over the stunt because she's afraid to fly. I guess no one will be pranking foreigners any time soon because they can sue, the Arab folks just laugh but not Paris Hilton.

'Paris Hilton is telling business associates ... she will sue the people responsible for putting her on a plane that appeared to be in crash mode ... just to get a rise out of her. 
We're told Paris is furious over the stunt ... in which a TV crew got the pilot to pretend to shut down the engines in her plane, and then nose-dive to the ground. Paris says she was in mortal fear for her life ... something the video pretty clearly shows. 
Our sources say she's "totally freaked out" over flying anywhere ... something she's required to constantly do. She's already called her lawyers to find out who's responsible, and they told her she has a solid case for emotional distress.
Paris tells them she had absolutely no clue this was a prank ... she wasn't in on it. She also doesn't believe anyone in her camp was involved.
An Egyptian TV show host engineered the prank as they flew over Dubai.
And Paris says ... it was a lot worse than it looked on video. She says the plane almost hit the water during the dive and then steeply pulled out of the dive, almost doing a loop as it ascended.'

Monday, June 29, 2015

Mini roll of toilet Paper

This tiny roll of TP was included as a regular size roll in the bag my mom bought from the store. 

Things we find only in Kuwait.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Lu & Lu- Rotten Produce

Once again when I get home from shopping at Lu & Lu in Qurain I find the produce is rotten. Last time it was the potatoes and onions and now tomatoes, I wonder how they store the produce? The top of the box looked fine and once I look at the other side they were rotten. I guess I will have to stick to buying loose items instead of boxed ones, Has anyone else had this problem?

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Plan details of terrorist group in Kuwait

KUWAIT CITY, June 25: The Criminal Court adjourned until July 9 the issuance of a verdict on State Security Case Number 8/2014, known as ‘the Islamic State in Kuwait’ case, in which eight people are involved.

At the same time, the results of investigations unveiled dangerous and surprising information that the most treacherous terrorist group is not too far from the country; hence, the necessity to issue laws to control the situation.

It has been discovered that among the aims of the group is to destroy the ruling system in Kuwait, expand its power to neighboring countries, and commit all forms of hostilities to confront anyone who stands against them.

These developments seem to prove the members of this group are planning to make Kuwait a launching pad for their plan to wreak havoc in other countries. According to State Security officer, two of the accused — Ali Al-Hubeishi and Nassar Mohareb — travelled together on July 31, 2014.link

Friday, June 26, 2015

Warning from MOI

Strictly Advised.. Please SHARE


Those who have shared any bombing or political videos/ photos on social netwoking sites as by a recent ROYAL DECREE carries punishment : For Citizen 3 years in prison, lashing and heavy fine. Immediate deportation for expats. Kindly refrain from it as your phone calls are traced and tapped, WhatsApp msgs are recorded and all your social networking sites are being monitored. Its easy for the authorities to track you down as your mobile phone number is registered with your iqama.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Omniaty- Granting wishes to ill children in Kuwait

Ramadan is the perfect time to give back to the less fortunate and what better way to do that than give to children who are hospitalized with terminal and deteriorating illnesses.

Omniaty is an organization that grants wishes to ill children, they work in collaboration with Bait Abdullah (BAACH), Kuwait association for the care of children in hospitals (KAACH) and other children's hospitals in Kuwait.

They grant wishes to children regardless of their financial status, gender or nationality.

You can find more about their cause by visiting their website which contains information on how you can help and stories of children who had their wishes granted.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Emirati talks about Life and Cup cakes- So funny!

Good morning everyone! I died laughing when I saw this video! You will enjoy it so much - insanely funny

Posted by Aida Al Busaidy on Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Ramadan fasting challenge from TIES

Ramadan Fasting Challenge

Non-Muslims are invited to fast for 1 day and experience the spirit of Ramadan firsthand. Upon
registration, guests will get valuable tips and incentives to fast. You will get a chance to shareyour experience as you wait to break fast over a sumptuous buffet dinner. Participants who
complete the challenge will get a certificate of achievement.
Friday, June 26 @ 6 – 9pm (Call to register)

Contact Information:

Shuhada Area - Block 4, Street 413, Villa 67 - Kuwait

P.O Box 1613, Safat,Kuwait 13017

Tel: +(965) 25231015 /6        Fax:+(965) 25230855

Email:  info@tiescenter.net

Monday, June 22, 2015

Faces of Ramadan

During Ramadan everyone will see what women look like without contouring, fake eyelashes and tons of makeup for the most part. I think a lot of women hide at home are post pictures on IG from their days before Ramadan. If you go to ministries or banks you might catch a glimpse of their natural state. What do you think? Has anyone noticed the difference yet?

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Knock off items in City Center Mall

I found this store full of fake Herm├Ęs bags, Chanel, Dior and Valentino shoes. The fakes used to be cheap but after the Americans started buying them up their popularity grew and the prices shot up, those fake bags were 70 KD.

Real or Fake, I think those Dior sneakers are ugly.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Break your fast with TIES

 Ramadan Breakfasts

The TIES Center will be hosting a traditional Arabian buffet dinner on Mondays and Wednesdays in the first three weeks of Ramadan. We hope to see old friends and meet new ones!

Call theTIES Center to make your FREE dinner reservations on the day of your choice.
Mondays and Wednesdays from June 22 to July 8 @ 6:30pm

Contact Information:

Shuhada Area - Block 4, Street 413, Villa 67 - Kuwait

P.O Box 1613, Safat,Kuwait 13017

Tel: +(965) 25231015 /6        Fax:+(965) 25230855

Email:  info@tiescenter.net

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Ramadan Kareem 2015 and some tips

Today is the beginning of Ramadan.

Please observe the no eating/drinking, no smoking, etc.

Remember all restaurants will be closed until 6:50 pm and all ministries and banks will also have different business hours.

Any transactions you make in the ministries will probably take even longer, that's if you can find someone to help you during the day.

People are warned to stay off the highways around 30 minutes prior to breaking the fast as there are crazy people trying to rush home to eat so be prepared!

Working hours during Ramadan 2015

Announcement : Ramadan working hours for public sector

The Civil Service Commission in Kuwait has officially announced the working hours for public sector during the holy month of Ramadan

The work hours would be reduced to four and a half hours (9.30am to 2:00pm) at the following departments:

Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Public Works, Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Communications, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Information, Public Authority for Housing Welfare, Kuwait Ports Authority, Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources, Public Authority for Youth and sports, Environment Public Authority, Public Authority for Industry, Public Authority for Minors’ Affairs, Customs General Department, Kuwait Fire Services Directorate, Kuwait Credit Bank, Zakat House, Kuwait Municipality, Civil Service Commission, and National Council of Culture, Arts and Letters.

The remaining state departments would work from 10am to 2.30pm in the remaining state departments.

As for private sector, the Labour Law number 6/2010 indicates the work hours during Ramadan, and needs to be shortened to 36 hours a week, or six hours a day.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

DynCorp Jobs- UAE,Saudi Arabia, Qatar and OMan

Anyone thinking about leaving this country? Check out this job list from DynCorp.

Dinosaur prank in Dubai

I wonder how it would work here?

Karak Gholam in City Center- Salmiya

I was surprised to see Karak Gholam shop in City Center Mall, I wouldn't think a lot of new chains would open up there as it's not as popular as it was 10 years ago. I wonder if anyone actually reads that sign.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Guy drives on two wheels in the Ocean

Not quite sure where it is, usually Qatar or Saudi Arabia guys are always on two wheels.

Deported over parking Space

Asians deported for fighting over a car parking spot

KUWAIT:  Two Asian men who fought over a car parking spot were arrested by police. The fight started in a Salmiya parking lot, and police were called to break it up. One of the Asians sustained a head wound, so he was taken to Mubarak hospital, while the other man was sent to the police station. Both will be deported.

No more fighting over parking spaces or you will get kicked out!

Houses in Kuwait

It's always interesting to get lost in neighborhoods in Kuwait as you never know what types of house you will find. This one below is a cross between a cathedral and a wedding cake.
 It belongs to lawyer Al Adwani according to the plaque near the entrance. Does that mean it's his house or office, anything is possible here.
 And then there is this suburban house with shutters and a white picket fence, one would never think that house is in Kuwait.

This is one of my favorites with neutral colors and some elegance.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Misha Shisha Trial

The makers of Misha Shisha sent me a sample box of grape flavored shisha heads. They came in a cute box of three individually wrapped heads. I took one to one of the cafes to test it out on a friend. It was smooth and tasted great but didn't last long due to the small size.

I'm not quite sure about the prices, they sent me the samples from Qatar but you can check out their website for more information and their list of flavors.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Kuwaiti guy takes on Thai 'girl'

Me no like you!!!!!! Not convinced she is 100% female

It's funny how the guys smoking shisha are just chilling, watching the action offering no help at all.

KUWAIT - Through Our Eyes (PART 2)

Wow, that might be some place I want to move to, wait, I do live there! Where is this Kuwait in the video? No one being arrested or deported! Citizens working and smiling! 

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Only shades of beige and white for Kuwaiti Houses

The Kuwait Municipality recently decided to set a special penal code for citizens painting the exterior of their houses in colors other than shades of white and beige, reports Al-Rai daily. The new paint color conditions had been proposed by Municipal Council member Fahad Al-Sane, who asked to include the paint condition in the construction specifications chart. By studying the proposal, the municipality said it found that the Municipal Council had approved a similar one in 2008, in addition to another one pertaining with mandatory use of shades of white and beige to paint the exterior of all buildings in various areas around Kuwait.

Yuck! Only white and beige? That's going to piss off the neighbor who just painted their entire house a hideous shade of smurf blue.

British principal arrested for working on visit Visa

KUWAIT CITY, June 12: Nineteen people — 17 Asians and two British (a principal and a teacher) working for a foreign school have been arrested by the authorities for violating the residence law, reports Al-Rai daily. The daily added, the arrests came after the Operations Room of the Ministry of Interior received information that two British men were working for the school in violation of the law.

The ministry after taking necessary permission from the Public Prosecution raided the school and arrested the violators. According to security sources the principal of the school and one teacher (both British men) entered the country on visit visas. The suspects have been handed over to the concerned authorities.

I guess they should have taken their vacations early!

No Freemason in Kuwait? Take a look around!

A large structure at a roundabout in Faiha area built in the form of a pyramid is provoking controversy, as some people look upon the figure as a symbol of Freemasonry due to the prevalence of the practice in the area, reports Al-Seyassah daily. Mayor of Faiha retired Major General Mohammad Dhahi Al-Hawas refuted the claim saying the structure does not represent the system and institution of freemason.

He explained an engineer living in the area Fahad Al-Waqyan volunteered to design the structure while Kuwait Municipality and the Ministry of Public Works approved of it before execution. He affirmed that residents of Faiha are religious and well behaved, and that the ideology of Freemasonry does not exist in the area or Kuwait in general. He stressed the rumor is unfounded, ruse and misleading, because the engineer who designed the pyramid is not a Freemason.

He noted the residents of Faiha coexist peacefully with love, and considered those insinuating the residents of Faiha are into Freemasonry as liars. He challenged the rumor mongers to prove a single Kuwaiti citizen is into Freemasonry.

In his comment, designer of the structure Engineer Al-Waqyan said he came out with the idea based on the beauty of mindset rather than Freemasonry or other ideologies. He corroborated the Mayor saying the residents of Faiha are religious and won’t allow anybody to use the symbol of Freemasonry to represent the area. He indicated the triangular structure is suitable for the location and that water fountain with lights will be built in the same location, indicating he is waiting for official approval of the project.

----Well I guess they don't know about the very large Mason and Eastern Star groups actively working here in Kuwait. Mainly based on Arifjan which includes the company managers. I had never heard of this when living in California, I found out when I started work on Arifjan. These people control the hiring and firing and just about everything that goes on, if you are part of their 'click' then you can be the worst human being but still move up in a company if you have their support.

I've heard they have rituals and and people have to go through initiations to gain entry into this elite club. They hold annual balls here in Kuwait right under the noses of the Kuwaiti security. Don't let their passports fool you just look for their tell tale symbols they wear on their rings, hats, clothing and chains.
After googling 'masons in Kuwait' I found this old thread with one saying :

'According to my information, Can’an Lodge is recognized by England Lodge .. and I know - in personal - a Kuwaiti brother who has started with some Australian lodge and was accepted in Can’an .. he assured me that they follow England Lodge'

For those who want more information visit their Wiki page.

Use Google people!

Friday, June 12, 2015

UAE adds Lykan Hypersport to their police Force

Having recently appeared in Fast & Furious 7, the Lykan showcased its LED headlights encrusted with 420 diamonds.However, it was first revealed at the Dubai Motor Show in 2013, and then at the Shanghai Auto Show this year.

If it’s purchased by the force, the Lykan will serve alongside Abu Dhabi Police’s Rolls Royce Phantom, Ferrari FF, and Lamborghini Aventador.Both of the UAE’s security services, the Abu Dhabi police and Dubai police have a range of luxury patrol cars.

Dubai police’s collection includes a Veyron Bugatti, a BMW i8, and a limited edition $2.9 million Aston Martin One-77.As for Dubai-based W Motors, it’s the first Lebanese manufacturer of sports cars, established in 2012.
Kuwait, your move.

Kuwait MP trying to ban K POP World Festival

'MP Faris Al- Otaibi has warned about organizing the World Pop Festival and allowing the entry of K-Pop bands to participate in this festival, as such events might have a negative impact on the mindset of youths in Kuwait. He called on the ministries of Interior and Foreign Affairs to address the issue, indicating the concerned government authorities will be given some days to prevent the entry of these bands.'

I guess everyone will find out tomorrow who made it in to Kuwait!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Al Mahboula Land from Al Shaya

Just when we thought no more food complexes could be added to Mahboula Mr. Al Shaya brings his restaurants. A new complex being built in Mahboula so far known as Al Mahboula Land brings Al Shaya backed restaurants including The Cheesecake Factory, possibly Texas Roadhouse, possibly Shake Shack and many more I'm sure. They need to bring IKEA to the area so no one has to travel all the way to Avenues. 

Everyone should pray for decent parking!

TIES Animal Fair

TIES' Animal Fair

Second Chance is teaming with Kareq8 to raise money and awareness of animals in Kuwait.
Please donate pet food and supplies. Shop at Second Chance and vendors -- all proceeds will
go to Kareq8. Special fun activities and a petting zone for children.

Saturday, June 13 @ 5 – 8pm

Shuhada Area - Block 4, Street 413, Villa 67 - Kuwait, 25231015 /6

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Begging in Kuwait

Bangladeshi beggar arrested

Bangladeshi beggar was arrested in Capital Governorate in possession of KD485. Reportedly, he collected the money from people after pleading that he is sick and in desperate need of money. In addition, Capital security men arrested five Asian women near a mosque for violating the residency law and absconding from their sponsors. Sources affirmed that Capital Security Directorate will continue to hold such security campaigns and patrol throughout the governorate to arrest violators of the law.

Here's my question, when they arrest these beggars where does the money they confiscate go? I doubt they send it along with the criminal, anyone have an idea?

Old Kuwaiti House Salmiya

This old Kuwaiti house has Kenny Rogers Roasters restaurant built into it. I don't know why someone would build a restaurant into an existing house but anything goes in Kuwait as long as you have money. The house has caught my eye since moving to Kuwait but with the fence around it it was impossible to see it close up. Ever since the wind storm came and blew down the fence the house has been calling my name. I'm not sure if it is part of the connecting property that is owned by a sheikh or not and how I wish I could find pictures of it when it was new.

As with many other structures of this time there are a lot of turquoise colors everywhere which is one of my favorite colors

 The hallways surround a huge hosh (open area) in the middle with what looks like an old well.
 In the old days the shelves were built into the wall with a glass paneled door
This has to be on of the fancier decorated doors I've seen
Different designs etched into the cornerstones

 The old style doors with styled corners

 Different sizes of archways

And of course the run down adjacent property owned by a sheikh