Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmed has passed Away

 Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmed, ruler of Kuwait from 2006-2020 has passed away after being sent to the US for treatment. May he rest in piece, إِنَّا لِلَّٰهِ وَإِنَّا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعُونَ‎

I was here in 2006 when Sheikh Jaber passed and now Sheikh Sabah, may Allah haver mercy on them.

Monday, September 28, 2020

Old Kuwaiti pigeon Tower

 This is the first time in my exploring that I found an old Kuwaiti pigeon tower and it was cool. Standing alone surrounded by garbage and piles of sand lies this piece of history. I'm glad I got to take some pictures before it will probably be demolished like most historical buildings and houses in Kuwait.

I couldn't find too much information on Kuwait pigeon towers in English but according to other articles pigeons were once bred and used for sending messages and their droppings used for many different things back in the day, from fertilizer to being used in making ammunition. There are still breeders today and some going for thousands of dollars or you might see the flying rats gathered around water and rice people have left out for them around Kuwait.

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Ushk Coffee

Late nights on IG show you all kinds of tempting desserts and foods and on of which caught my eye. The saffron milk ice cream, I love everything saffron and had to try it. Located in Mall 30 in Abu Hassani which is a really nice complex, more so in the winter for outside gathering. I love the industrial feel of the place, which has a neat study area in the back, bar seating and some couches to relax on. 

The staff were so nice and helpful with all of my crazy requests for my pictures.
I had of course, the milk saffron ice cream sitting on a slice of saffron cake. The ice cream was just amazing but the cake was dry and needed to be soaked in milk which would be complete.

I think I paid 2.500 KD for the dessert, I would go back again for the ice cream alone! For more information visit their IG @ushkcoffee

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Darah Restaurant Complex - Abu Hassani

On one of my exploring Kuwait days I came across this new complex in Abu Hassani called Darah. It isn't complete yet and there are only a couple of restaurants and a café open. You can find future images of it complete on their IG @darahkw which remind me of Al Kout.

One of the restaurants that is open is Abu Hassani Market restaurant (which is followed by Safa Al Hashem) a cute little restaurant serving a variety of dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

On the the other side there is a Turkish restaurant named Izmir which according to their IG claim to be 'the first of its kind in Kuwait'. After looking over their account I saw there is another location in the Boulevard Salmiya. Located on the second floor is View Café with a real nice 'view' of the sea. It looks like they opened in September 2019, not sure if it was a sheesha type place or not. 
Casa Gym is for ladies and looks like it's currently open for business, from their IG they have a ladies salon inside as well. Some of their classes include belly dancing, spinning and HIIT.

The location over looks the beach where many people gather to swim and tan along the shoreline. 

Some IG accounts for more info: @casagymkw @darahkw @abuhassani.market @izmir_restaurant @viewcafekw

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Joy Tea in Avenues - Bubble Teas

I saw this place last year in Avenues but didn't have time to stop by, my friend and I had some shopping and on our way out passed by. I've been looking for a bubble tea place that had tapioca bubbles, not the weird smelling brown sugar ones. Majority of the staff are Chinese which was pretty cool, making the place more authentic. There were a lot of customers and the staff were busy with delivery orders as well. I got the milk tea and my friend ordered the matcha tea flavor. 

 It was a good tea and I liked the tapioca bubbles but the price was high considering the size and amount of ice. The milk tea was 2.500 KD and matcha small one was 2.750 KD so it's probably a one time thing for me. Their shop is located in the middle of the mall beside Qatar National Bank and their IG is @joyteacn 

According to their IG if you spend more than 5 KD you can get a free soufflé pancake although we didn't know that two days ago, and they responded with 'it's not available every day' so I guess your lucky if you actually get one?

Sunday, September 20, 2020

World Cleanup Day 2020 - Kuwait

Today I teamed up with @trashtagkuwait and headed to Jahra early in the morning eventually ending up in Khuwaisat, a place I had never heard of or visited until today. The Google directions took some of us to another exit which had us driving through the middle of the desert not knowing exactly where to go and a lot of people with their luxury sedans getting stuck and one Harley guy who thought his motorcycle could also 4x4.

There were six different areas with section two for the VIP people and other areas for normal people

As the day went on it got really hot and a few people were getting heat stroke, I myself had to leave early due to nausea from being over heated

 I did find some old bottles to add to my antique collection and a 50 fil coin from the 90's