Thursday, September 29, 2011

‘Pay hikes, bonuses to harm national economy’

I agree with this. No one has tried to study the cause and effect of giving away all of this money. With corruption already sucking up money now it's the salary increase. Yes, some Kuwaiti citizens are not paid that much, even with degrees. But when one sits on his butt all day and doesn't work for their income then I think they shouldn't receive a dime. For those who have hard jobs and deserve it should get it. I think chicks who sit in the Ministries and talk on the phone all day shouldn't get one fil more as well as those who are always absent.

There should be a study done before awarding all of this money. Oil won't last forever and Kuwait is far from being a top travel destination so be careful what you wish for, it may have a negative effect on the future generations.

‘Pay hikes, bonuses to harm national economy’:

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 28: The government is currently studying the possibility of increasing the cost of living allowance from KD 120 to KD 220 for all Kuwaiti workers, reports Al-Anba daily quoting sources.

Sources said the proposal was presented recently in a meeting with the Civil Service Commission (CSC) to discuss the proposed salary increment for those not covered by the pay raise decisions issued earlier.

Meanwhile, Al-Mustaqbal daily has reported that the consultative committee tasked to study the local and international economic positions recommended halting the payment of salary increments and additional allowances in a recently-concluded meeting. The committee argued granting demands for salary and allowance increments, which cost billions of dinars, is not a good move at this time, because the whole world is still grappling with the economic crisis.

The committee warned about the dire consequences if the government continues to approve demands for increments, asserting this step may jeopardize the economy. and destroy the social structure due to the widening gap between various sectors in the society. It has also derided some government institutions for giving in to the demands of the protesters without taking into consideration the negative impact of such moves to the Kuwaiti economy.

People should think about the long run before protesting.

Alshaya stores scrap cash refunds to buyers

I noticed this here in Kuwait a couple weeks ago when I returned some clothing. I was always happy to shop at H&M because they would give you cash back if you returned items. I was given a credit card to use at Al Shaya stores. Give me a break! Even though I love H&M I will not shop as much as I used to. I will start shopping online again. It's also the case with CenterPoint, they have never returned cash either. It's like they are holding your money hostage. Sometimes H&M doesn't have correct sizes and I hate having to drive all over Kuwait trying to find something I like.

Alshaya stores scrap cash refunds to buyers - Retail -

Buyers returning faulty or unwanted goods to stores owned by Alshaya will no longer receive cash or credit card refunds under a new scheme that replaces refunds with store credit.

Staff in five Dubai Alshaya-owned stores, including Debenhams, H&M and Oasis, said they were only allowed to give customers store credit in exchange for returned items, even in cases where the goods were faulty, out of stock or repeatedly defective.

The new scheme gives customers 12 months to spend their ‘Alshaya gift card’ but also forces buyers to use the money within the company’s network of stores.
The ruling may also breach Dubai consumer protection laws, which state that stores are obliged to give customers a cash refund if goods are found to be faulty.

Doesn't Al-Shaya own the Avenues? That means none of the stores in Avenues will give cash back?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

American Education Expo 2011 in Kuwait

For all of those interested in studying in the U.S..........

The American Education Expo will be held in Kuwait, on Tuesday October 4, 2011 at the Regency Hotel located at Al Bida’a Al Tawoon Street Kuwait City, Kuwait from 6:00PM-9:00PM.

The United States remains the top destination for foreign students seeking higher education. In 2010, over 560,000 students from around the world enrolled at American colleges and universities. The stabilizing numbers prove that America is still the home of the best college education money can buy. The American institutions are also still able to offer this invaluable investment at affordable prices.

Along with the ability to meet undergraduate and graduate admissions officers, the Expo now hosts a Scholarship Fair. Students will be able to find out about the scholarship opportunities at the presenting colleges and universities. We ask students to bring multiple copies of their report cards, transcripts, and TOEFL scores to the Expo. This will allow the representatives to determine your admission eligibility, and how much you can earn towards your education!

Every year, the biggest American Education Expo takes place in Kuwait.
The event on Tuesday October 4, 2011 will be held at the Regency Hotel located at Al Bida’a Al Tawoon Street Kuwait City, Kuwait. The American Expo is supported by the US Department of Commerce.

The event will open at 6:00PM - 9:00PM and it is open for students and parents. Admission to the event is free. For more information and to register visit

Sounds interesting.

iPhone 5 coming soon...

This may be the reason as to why iPhone 4 phones are getting so cheap and phone companies are practically giving them away for free with a 2-year subscription. I decided to wait on getting the iPhone 4 until I find out what's the difference.

News Article:

Over the past few weeks, Apple has been denying vacation requests from employees for the second week of October. There is much speculation that Apple is doing this in anticipation of a large increase of customers because of the release of iOS5 and the iPhone 5.

A few sources that are familiar with the matter have said that Apple has blacked out vacation time for two date ranges: October 9th- October 12th and October 14th- October15th.

It is believed that the first date range could be when Apple releases iOS5 for existing iPhone and iPod Users. This comes after AppleInsider reported that some sections of AppleCare have already been told to prepare for a large increase in the amount of iOS5 inquiries during that range.
Further fueling the fire is Twitter releasing a pair of “Develop Teatimes” on October 10th and October 12th. The main focus is going to be on Twitter’s integration with iOS5.
Finally, Apple has a history of releasing new operating software immediately before a new release of an iPhone. For example, Apple released iOS4 on June 21st, 2010 and then rolled out the iPhone 4 only three days later.

With this information available, it is highly likely that the second date range will be the release of the iPhone 5. Rumors have mentioned that Apple plans to hold a media event announcing the release of the iPhone 5 of October 4th, which would give Apple ten days to fill the large amount of preorders that will most likely be had before the official launch.

Do you think the iPhone 5 will be better?

Zumba in Kuwait

I tried out Zumba fitness before I left Florida and I thought it was great. I love the music and it was more like dancing than exercising. Finally there are classes here in Kuwait taught by Amani Abbasy, a Zumba qualified instructor. If I had more rythm I might have tried to be an instructor but for now I will be a student.

She will be teaching Zumba at B villa, it's 10 KD with Amani as an instructor I guess all other classes without Amani is 4 KD. Monthly packages are offered, depending on how many you want to take (minimum 16 KD). It's a little confusing so I will have to contact her for more info. I took a 6-week class for $60 back home so 10 KD per class is a little steep. I have the cd kit at home with my shaker sticks so I may have to stick with that, I just hate working out in front of the kids, they get a kick out of making fun of me.

The classes are located at B villa located at Al-Bida GGC st behind Al Zumurruda Hall, villa # 7
Telephone: 66991160
You can also find her on facebook: Zumba Kuwait

If anyone takes the class let me know how it is.

Monday, September 26, 2011

AWARE Center- Activities

Indoor Acitvities from the AWARE Center.

AWARE Center:

27 Sep 2011, 7:00 pm Back to homeAn Overview of the History of Kuwait by Ilene Winokur-AlZaid.

This presentation explores Kuwait’s rich history and uses it as a guide for understanding the country and its people of 2011. It looks at the rich heritage of Kuwait’s past and how it influenced adjustment to change and modernization with the residents of today. Ilene arrived Kuwait in October 1984 and has been learning about her “adopted” home since. She is an educator who held positions as teacher and principal at a private American school in Kuwait for 10 years plus. Currently, she is employed at Gulf University for Science and Technology while pursuing her doctorate in Educational Administration with research in the area of leadership and professional development of teachers.

29 Sep 2011, 7:00-9:00 pm Welcome to Kuwait orientation for newcomers

The AWARE Center continues to open its doors to many muliticultural visitors to Kuwait with the goal of enhancing understanding, communications and promoting positive relations between Arabs and Western expats and is free of charge. If you are new to Kuwait, please join us! AWARE Center buffet is included with our program. Please RSVP:

Stay tuned for more activities!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Kuwait Little League Baseball tryouts

Sorry guys, I just found the website for the little league today. They are having tryouts today from 6-9 p.m. at the field by the hunting and equestrian club. You must fill out an online application before you tryout. You can send them an email for more information


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

GCC guys claim your children

I just read this post from one of the website forums. I hoped this situation had stopped but I guess it's still going on. GCC guys who go to study abroad, find girlfriends, live as a couple and when it's time to go home they leave behind a child or even children. It used to happen more in the late 90's when there was a whole bunch of GCC guys in the states. They come to play and sew their wild oats then go back home to get married. It's about time women who are in this situation unite and let the GCC countries know what's going on.

I remember reading a book from some KSA females about the stuff they do, it was a book of emails. I would like to do the same, instead compile a book of stories from women who have encountered these GCC guys and talk about the children left behind. I even submitted the idea to news programs but no one has taken the idea seriously. Since it is such a taboo no one really knows the amount of children left behind.

Im pregnant from Kuwaiti naval officer : Kuwait expat forum (1):

"Hi, I got in a relationship with kuwaiti man that not only lied but cheated but now I'm pregnant and he tells me I must have abortion bcz if I don't his life will b ruined n God will never forgive him... The thing here is I want my baby more than anything but yett he makes me feel guilty about my decision ... Please help"

If you are in this situation or know someone who is I would like to know their stories as I would like to publish a book with the stories of these forgotten children who should claim their rights. Please email me your stories and I will do my best to produce a book and let the GCC nations know what their students are really doing abroad.

Hire More Americans

The company I work for should really hire more Americans instead of sub-contracting British people who make more than the Americans. It seems the Americans were hired on a surge making $24 an hour and the Brits were making $28 an hour, that is really not cool. If the Americans stayed on after the surge was over they are now making $19 an hour. What!?

After reading about all the homless and poor people in America who are actually educated but hit hard times it saddens me to think that Brits are taking jobs away from Americans, working on an American base. Everyone knows Brits do not like Americans so we all know they are smiling in our faces and taking pay that should go to Americans.

Some of them have no respect for the base either, one Brit in particular wears his boxes to eat in the DFAC. The DFAC he goes to is a Kuwaiti owned restaurant called the Oasis but the fact is he wears his boxers. They ride our shuttles because they claim it's faster than bringing their buses on base, which means less seating for the Americans. Of course it wasn't brought on by the employees it was those who work in contracts that allow it to happen. It just happens that the old PM liked FNs and thought by hiring 1000 more of them he could make money off of it.

It didn't work and now he's gone but we have 1000 more FNs riding around on base working on military equipment without a secret clearance although it's required for Americans, go figure.

Don't get me wrong, there are some Brits that I work with that are totally cool, but one time a few years back when I worked in an office there was a British guy who came to see my boss so he waited in my office. We were talking and then he told me "I don't like Americans", I was like ok well we don't like you. Ever since that day I just feel that they smile in your face but really don't like you.

Some Kuwaitis have said they like to deal with Brits in business and Americans as friends. I just think about my fellow Americans suffering in the states that could use a job, especially these days.

This is my opinion, feel free to disagree, it's your right.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Kuwait to re-introduce visit-to-work permit system

Everyone knew they would change their minds, back to the old system with a little "revamping". I guess it was too much to come up with a whole new system and train people.

Kuwait to re-introduce visit-to-work permit system
Posted on 9/18/2011

Kuwait will once again allow expatriates to obtain a work permit through transferring their commercial visa by the beginning of next year, local daily reported quoting senior Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour (MSAL) official.

The system was suspended at the start of this month in order to introduce amendments that will impose stricter immigration criteria.

"Work is currently underway to introduce new controls and conditions for obtaining commercial visas which can prevent violations in the process of turning visas into work permits", daily reported quoting official. "The revamped procedure is expected to be allowed again by January 1, 2012," Kuwait Times daily reported.

According to the official who was not named by the daily, the condition that the applicant for a commercial visa must hold a university degree was inadequate without any verifiable proof of the qualification.

The move to stop visit to work transfer was taken as part of the ministry's efforts to reduce the number of unskilled foreign workers in order to restructure the Gulf state's population figures. The group of unskilled labourers currently forms the overwhelming majority of the population, the official said.

Maybe they should study the rules of other GCC countries like UAE and Qatar. I've seen airport visa with the employees names literally spelled backward on them ( John spelled nhoJ). Why oh why can't this country hire capable people? It's sad when the FN expats are laughing at the way the country handles these things.

QualityNet part 2

I finally got my QualityNet working after making 2 seperate appointments. My husband deals with the customer service people and from what he says they are not the best. He made an appointment with them between 12-1 p.m. and at 10 a.m. the guy calls and says he's ready to come work on it even though my husband had a different time scheduled.

The guy told him if he didn't do the work at his time then we would have to reschedule. After some more calls to the company they sent a technician who usually works in the city to our area. It seems the other guy got into a car accident. Karma? Anyways, the tech came that night and hooked up the service.

So far so good for our area. I thought it would be outstanding and fast but when I tried to watch some videos on CNN it wasn't real good. It kept stopping and playing, I hate that. I'm beginning to think it's the are we live in. Mangaf and those areas seem to have crappy reception no matter what company provides service.

I must say I used my Magic Jack for the first time to call my grandmother in Florida and it worked finally. That made the whole trouble and waiting 6 months worth it. If anything I can use it to call the states so I'm happy. It's also a good feeling to not worrying about it disconnecting at any minute because I forgot to pay. Wataniya can keep their crappy service and I don't have a 25 KD charge each month.

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kuwaiti girl driving in KSA

Troublemaker or activist?

'Kuwaiti girl detained: '

"A Kuwaiti girl was detained in Saudi Arabia for driving a car, reports Al-Anba daily. The girl’s brother was also in the car at the time of arrest.
Females are not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia."

I'm not sure which one.

Speak Kuwaiti

I just saw an ad for a book on how to speak Kuwaiti Arabic. Each Arab country has it's own dialect but I think Kuwait is different than most. There are different Kuwaiti dialects within Kuwait, the hather and bedoo dialects. I can understand hather dialect easier than bedoo. I think I will pick up this book as I have an older Gulf dialect book I got ages ago.

Examples of bedoo and hather:

The work Failaka as in the island is pronounced as it is in bedoo dialect but in hather they turn the 'k' into 'ch' so it's pronounced Failacha.

If you would like to learn more here's the link:

Friday, September 16, 2011

Ford's last Crown Victoria rolls off the line

Oh no! What will the bedoos drive now if they discontinue the Crown Victoria and Grand Marquis?

Ford's last Crown Victoria rolls off the line - Sep. 15, 2011:

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) --

The last Ford Crown Victoria rolled off a Canadian assembly line Thursday, marking the end of the big, heavy Ford cars that have been popular with taxi fleets and police departments for decades.

Since 1979, almost 10 million Crown Victoria, Mercury Grand Marquis and Lincoln Town Cars -- so-called Panther Platform vehicles -- have been sold.

Demand for better fuel economy and performance has choked off sales over the years. The Crown Victoria and Town Car get just 24 miles per gallon on the highway, a figure matched by some large three-row SUVs today.

Maybe they will still have a small plant somewhere making the cars for the Middle East. Maybe I should buy one now and sell it later at a higher price. Hmm.....

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

One stabbed in female prisoners fight

Cat Fight!

One stabbed in female prisoners fight:


Two female inmates of a prison — a Kuwaiti and a GCC citizen — were allegedly involved in a fight, reports Al-Shahed daily.
During the fight the Kuwaiti prisoner is said to have stabbed the GCC prisoner with a pair of scissors and caused her a deep cut on the shoulder.
The injured prisoner has been referred to the Farwaniya Hospital and the other has been detained for interrogation.

Female Kuwaiti and a GCC female locked up? Very interesting in deed.

Iraqi tribe threatens to occupy Abdali

Iraqi tribe threatens to occupy Abdali:

Trampling of Kuwaiti flag regretted:


Albu Draj, an Iraqi tribe, threatened to occupy Abdali zone after the allegation made by the Iraqi Ministry of Transportation that the Mubarak Al-Kabeer Port will negatively affect the Iraqi ports, reports Al-Shahed daily quoting sources.

Sources have quoted Sheikh Fadhel Al-Draji, one of the prominent members of the tribe, as saying “the tribe will occupy the zone if the problem is not solved in a diplomatic manner.” He warned the tribe has the ability to take control of the area to suspend the project.

On the other hand, Basra police officer Brigadier Faisal Al-Abbadi confirmed the participants in a meeting Monday agreed to wait for the results of diplomatic steps taken in this regard.

Moreover, Al-Seyassah daily has reported that Iraqi Ambassador to Kuwait Mohammed Bahar Al-Oloum expressed deep regret for the trampling of the Kuwaiti flag during a demonstration in Baghdad recently. He explained this behavior contravenes the Iraqi values and Arab morals, and such acts are committed only by mercenaries keen on instigating chaos between the two nations.
Al-Oloum stressed the Kuwaiti-Iraqi relations have been improving despite the recent disagreements. He believes the leaders of both countries have the ability to resolve a number of pending issues between Iraq and Kuwait.

Really? Sounds like a ban on Iraqi expats is needed and close up the border or just drop an A-bomb on Iraq. Harsh, yes I know.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I Kuwait to reduce expat population by half

Some more news on reducing the expat population. I wish they would do something instead of talking about it.

Kuwait to reduce expat population by half
Posted on 9/11/2011

Kuwait is planning to reduce the expat workforce within the next five years by more than half of its current population, reports local dailies. Currently 70 percent of the population is expatriates. Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Dr Mohammad Al-Afasi said that Kuwait is planning to cut down the expat population to 34% from the current level by organizing the process of recruiting expatriate workers.

Daily reported quoting minister that in the past few years alone, 15,000 expatriates settled in Kuwait after entering the country on commercial visas which they then exchanged for work permits. Ministry already stopped this conversion of visit to work by the beginning of this month.

Al-Afasi stressed that those expatriates already living in the country would not be affected by the new regulations, saying, "The amendments are required to prevent further increase to the current demographical imbalance." He added that bringing more foreign workers to Kuwait from other countries would adversely affect Kuwaitis' and expatriates' job opportunities.

Hurry up and do something Kuwait. I am sick of traffic jams at 6 a.m. and once again at 4 p.m. and that's going toward Arifjan, not the city. Raise the salary requirements for driving license to 500 KD or more to cut down on traffic. I also think an increase at the government hospitals would be a good idea. People come here from poor countries on visit visas just to go to the hospitals for free which drains resources for people who live here.

The visa 14 to visa 18 ban has started affecting our employees. I wonder what the next rule will be?

Friday, September 9, 2011

AWARE Center

For all the new folks in Kuwait who are interested in learning more about the country, AWARE center has a gathering this month.

AWARE Center:

26 Sep 2011, 7:00pm

The AWARE Center continues to open its doors to many multicultural visitors to Kuwait with the goal of enhancing understanding, communications and promoting positive relations between Arabs and Westerners. Our Orientation program is designed for western expatriates and is free of charge. If you are a new to Kuwait, please join us! Registration is now open. Please select one of the following dates: Monday, 26 September 2011 Thursday, 29 September 2011 Monday, 03 October 2011 Thursday, 06 October 2011 Time: 7:00pm-9:00pm Venue: AWARE Center Dinner Buffet is included with our program Please RSVP to:


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Veyron Grand Sport L'Or Blanc

I just love expensive cars. My favorite is a Lamborghini Murcielago. I saw this Bugatti and thought it was pretty sweet. It's equipped with porcelain accents.

Of course it was made for a businessman from UAE who already has a collection of 800 cars. Here's another one to sit and look pretty in a showcase. I wonder if it's the same Emirate guy who owned the black one I saw in Dubai at the mall. You can read the full article below.

Jamie Oliver says western diet spurs MidEast obesity

Someone finally points it out.

Jamie Oliver says western diet spurs MidEast obesity - Healthcare -

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has blasted unhealthy eating habits for the dramatic rise in obesity across the Middle East and in other emerging economies.

The UK restaurateur, who has championed of healthy diets among school children, criticised the developing Middle East, India and South America for copying the West’s culture of fast food and consumerism.

"There seems to be a trend with developing countries wanting to follow in the footsteps of the western world, and copy their patterns of fast food and consumerism," Oliver told the UN-backed One Young World conference in Switzerland.

“Pre-packed convenience food is seen as a symbol of being 'modern' in developing countries, but the problems it causes are long-term, and costly."

Oliver, who opened an outpost of his ‘Jamie’s Italian’ restaurant chain in Dubai last year, said diet-related medical problems could create “an absolute catastrophe” over the next three decades if obesity rates continue to rise.

"Diet-related diseases are two of the top five causes of premature death for people under 60 years old,” he said, calling for a “global movement to make obesity a human rights issue.”

The Gulf states have some of the highest rates of obesity and type 2 diabetes in the world. The UAE ranks only behind the Pacific island of Nauru for diabetes incidence, and is closely followed by Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

Click on the link to see the full article.

I don't think opening an Italian restaurant is healthy either Mr. Oliver.

Restaurant suggestion: Mongolian Grill

I think a burger bust will come soon if they continue bringing burger joints. A person can only eat so many expensive fancy burgers until they get sick of them.

Here's an idea, open up a Monglian grill like the one we had at our mall in Riverside. I'm not sure if people here can grasp the concept of picking out their food by themselves but I always thought it was a cool concept as I am picky when it comes to what I like in or on my food.

At these restaurants you start off with an empty bowl and start by adding your proteins, move on to your veggies, back to the noodles and off to the spices. Pile it as high as you can and head to the grill. You hand it over to the grill guy and he cooks it up in front of you using some huge chop sticks.

People watching the guy grill their food.

Grill guy in action.

Buffet you choose your goodies from.

A healthier alternative to burgers.

Smashburger to roll out 17 outlets in GCC region

Another burger joint heading our way......

Smashburger to roll out 17 outlets in GCC region -

Smashburger, a Denver-based burger chain, will open its first international locations next year in the Middle East, said chief executive officer David Prokupek.
Smashburger has signed agreements to open 17 stores in Kuwait, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, Prokupek said in a telephone interview on Wednesday. The stores, which won’t serve alcohol or pork, will begin opening in 2012, he said.

So-called fast-casual restaurants, where consumers typically order at the counter and watch as the food is prepared, “are not as well developed outside the US,” said Prokupek, who is also chairman of the company. “Most of the US leaders in fast casual are only starting to expand.”

Smashburger, which competes with fast-casual chains Chipotle Mexican Grill and Five Guys Burgers and Fries, serves Angus-beef burgers, salads, hot dogs and milkshakes.
Smashburger is owned by private- equity firm Consumer Capital Partners in Denver.

The burger chain is still focused on expanding in the US and may grow to “a couple thousand units” during the next eight years, Prokupek said.
The chain has 118 US stores now with plans to have 150 by the end of this year.

We don't have a Chipotle Mexican grill, that sounds pretty good, maybe like Baja Fresh in Cali? Can we have Krystals or Chik-Fil-A?

I really like the Platinum gym they opened in Mangaf, of course it has a McDonald's located on the corner of the building, nice Wallah. Guys can go to the gym and then while walking to their car they can stop and get a meal that's like 50-60 fat grams. Why not a low-cal restaurant that promotes healthy eating? I guess the one with deepest pockets wins.....

Monday, September 5, 2011

Red Lobster and Olive Garden coming to Kuwait

Red Lobster is coming to Dubai and then to Kuwait soon. It's supposed to open up in Dubai Mall this summer and later on in Kuwait. Olive Garden and LongHorn Steakhouse are set to follow, Orlando-based group Darden Restaurants signed a deal with Americana to open 60 chains throughout the Middle East.

A little Red Lobster in the mall.

Remember Al Shaya is supposed to launch IHOP at some point, they have opened a new burger joint Shake Shack recently as well. The gulf is having a restaurant explosion. I would be happy with a down home Mexican restaurant serving carne asada tacos with fresh salsa like the taco trucks we used to go to in L.A. at 2 a.m. after the clubs.

It sounds good but the prices at restaurants have increased so much people with big families can no longer afford to go out very often. When I arrived in Kuwait in 2004 my sister used to order the ribs and chicken combo at Chili's for around 5.950 KD now the price is hovering around 10 KD.

When a restaurant brings out a new menu I guarantee you the prices have increased but the salaries haven't.

Forget all this restaurant mumbo jumbo just bring Wal-Mart. Pleeeease!

Sunday, September 4, 2011


I finally decided to go with QualityNet, my mom recommended it. They also have an EID special of 128 KD for the year. I just want to stop paying 25 KD a month for Wataniya, most of the time I can't even log on using their service and at 25 KD it's supposed to be the fastest.

Hopefully QualityNet internet will enable me to call with my MagicJack. I can't wait to call the states. We'll see how it goes........