Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Alien Heads

I found the funniest group on facebook called "Alien Heads, You're not sexy, You look like you came from Mars". Once I joined this group I couldn't help laughing at the pics they had. Now we all know what Alien Heads are right? Those are the girls who have a huuuuge head covered by hijab. I know what they put under it, I saw one chick take off her hijab in the bathroom at the mall and there it was, the biggest flower hair clip I've ever seen.

I've also heard that they put tin cans and yogurt cups underneath it too. Some teenage girls got arrested for fighting and and the police officer was telling the story about her hair. Her hijab had come loose and he saw a tin can under her hijab. I was in Pensacola, Florida last summer and my daughter told me she saw a Kuwaiti girl wearing the alien hijab in Ross Department Store. Wow! Even in a little redneck town they have aliens. To each his own so I'm not knocking the trend, it's not for me or anyone I know but Hey! every person has their own idea of fashion.

I just wish someone could explain to me how it would make anyone look prettier by having a huge head?

The alien diva from fifth element. Uncanny resemblance?

Arabic article, not sure what it says but I'm sure it's funny.

Madam Mona Lisa alien style.

Everyone who has facebook has got to check out the group. It will give you a laugh!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Random Thought

Random thoughts and questions always cross my mind. One in particular makes me wonder. If a person can speak several languages which language do they dream in?

Monday, March 29, 2010


Is it just me or has anyone noticed how NBK charges for every and anything? I went to the bank last week and as usual I'm stopped at the front desk and asked what I needed am I the only one who knows how to go in and get my ticket and wait in line without needing directions? Ticket in hand I went and waiting for the tellers to help me. Let's see there are 4 tellers working and only one guy taking customers? The other chicks just sat around counting money and I knew they were feeling the stares of the customers. When I worked in retail we knew serving the customers was more important than anything else.

Finally after standing there for 15 minutes the chick decides to help me. A new item with NBK is charging you to make a withdrawal if it's under a certain amount. In order to avoid the charge you can do your transaction and go outside to the ATM to retrieve your money. So what's the point of hiring a bunch of tellers? If you have a normal account and you have less than 100 KD they will charge you each month a 2KD fee for being under that amount. What if you run into hard times and can't afford to keep that much in your account? Should you be penalized?

Has anyone ever thought the bank tellers here look like they are about to walk the runway at a fashion show? I mean some of the guys are eye candy but dayum I wouldn't think a salon visit would be necessary to go to work for females. I'm waiting for NBK to start charging entrance fees soon. I had that Jawhara account for years and never won anything either. With all the hidden fees I know how the bank avoided problems during the recession.

I went to Kuwait Finance House in Sharq to try to open an account. This is a religious bank in which the females and males are usually separated, no problem. The guy who helped me was religious and he looked frightened of me. I felt totally uncomfortable in that bank. Everything is in Arabic, some people speak English but I left without opening and account because I felt like an outsider.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Kuwait Turtle Conservation Project

While surfing the web for some volunteering information in Kuwait I came across a website about turtle conservation. I never new Kuwait was into conservation let alone saving turtles. I found this site interesting and thought I would share it with everyone. Here is some information and pics but you can visit their website for more information.

Kuwait hosts two species of nesting turtles on its offshore islands Qaru and Umm Al-Maradim. Green turtles and hawksbill turtles nest on one and the other respectively in different times of the year and their offspring emerge from the nests to reach the Gulf Waters and ensure the circle of life of a very important animal is ensured. Possible presence of the loggerhead and leatherback turtle is being researched. Environmental laws in Kuwait, as in many other countries, prohibit any sort of disturbance of these animals or their hatchlings.

The Kuwait Turtle Conservation Project, launched in June 2008, is a common 3-year effort of TOTAL Foundation, TOTAL Kuwait, The Voluntary Work Center Kuwait and The Scientific Center Kuwait. Its main goals are enhancing awareness and knowledge regarding endangered sea turtles in the country, studying their populations on the offshore islands Kubbar, Qaru and Umm Al-Maradim, studying the state of the marine and coastal areas they are in, conducting environmental information and education, targeting groups of stakeholders and considering possible contribution to the legislative and institutional framework of sea turtles conservation in the country.

Their website is

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Almost settled in

Wow! What a whirlwind of events. I decided on Monday afternoon that I would move out the next day which means I would have to pack and move everything in less than 24 hours. This would be my 5th move in a year. If I'm not there to supervise I always end up losing items. Last time I lost all my satellites to the greedy movers. When there are 6 people moving you out it's so freakin' hard to keep track of all of them. This time I decided to supervise the 6 guys. In between supervising and physically moving items myself it was quite a job.

My brother-in-law brought some Indian movers this time as I've had problems with the Arab movers. No offense guys. So right away we set up a price which we all agreed upon. Last time I moved I was told don't worry we'll discuss the price when we finish. BIG mistake. They took me for 150 KD. The day started off really well. These guys were really good, they packed the truck full which means less trips and less money. First trip OK no problem. Second trip at 11 p.m wasn't going so good. They started moving slower and kinda throwing stuff around and complaining they were tired. I was moving items right along with them and I was as sore as they were.

By 12 a.m. I was physically done and exhausted. At that point I was like just put stuff wherever I don't care. We agreed to finish the last few items the next day. Now I was totally nice to these guys and gave them whole crap load of stuff so I thought they would be grateful. That is until I saw the guy with my shoes on! At 12 a.m. they began leaving to the elevator, I happened to look down at the guy's shoes and I thought hmmmm he has the same Nike shoes I do. HEY!!! those are MY shoes!!!!! I really didn't know what to do, should I snatch them off his feet? Do I really want them back after he has his feet in them? Although it killed me inside, I let him go.

The next day I realized why the guy took my shoes. I found his slippers outside on the balcony. OMG! He threw off his shoes and took mine. He also took my green Puma shoes that were sitting beside my Nike's. They were sitting by my bed because they were my fav shoes and I wore them all the time. Deep down I thought I was wrong so I looked everywhere for my shoes. No luck. Damn. Only 2 guys came the next day. One was working and the other was the driver who sat in his truck smoking. Mind you I got there early and moved the items outside the door to make it quicker for these guys to finish. Yeah right. Finally after 2 hours waiting for them to move 5 items I started putting stuff in the truck.

The driver guy kept asking for my small refrigerator. He asked me like 8 times if he could have it. Then at the truck he asked me for some chair that was in the house. Finally when we got to the new house he asked me for the Arabic wooden game I have. Man, he wouldn't quit asking for stuff even though I gave him a lot of items for free. My brother-in-law went down to pay the guy. The guy had the nerve to say the quote was only for him (this being the guy who sat smoking and didn't so anything) and that we would have to pay additional money to the other guy. WHY???? and then the guy had nerve to say I'm Amrikiya Bakheela, which means he said I'm a cheap American. So my brother-in-law told him to take all the free items off the truck and give them back. He decided to back off at that point. When you be nice to people they become greedy.

Does everyone think Americans are rich? I'm not a contractor anymore so I don't fit into the rich bracket. I'm just a normal person trying to stay afloat. I was going to recommend these guys because after all they did a good packing job. The guy packed boxes for me which was cool. But when he called me cheap I was ticked off and his homie stole my shoes. I had a dream about those shoes. I'm just about settled in now, I just have boxes that I look at and think where the heck am I going to put them? I tried my best to get rid of things I don't use. Of course I always use the excuse that I will use the stuff one day so I hold onto things I don't need. I need Oprah!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Many Thanks!!!!

I truly appreciate all of the positive feedback, it makes me feel as if I'm making a difference. I've been moving for the last few days so my blog has been idle. I'm almost settled in and should be up and running tomorrow Inshallah. I've got to tell everyone the story about the mover who stole my shoes. Stay Tuned!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Constant Attacks

I would like to just let everyone know that this blog was made to inform people about what Kuwait has to offer. Unfortunately some posts have become a forum for attacks. I'm not here to bad mouth anyone from anywhere but when I'm being attacked or I feel some people are bad mouthing expats I cannot sit back and take it especially when the person speaking bad is not an angel. This is not a website that speaks bad about Kuwaitis or any people as it is a site to show people the positive aspects of Kuwait.

For those who try to use this site as a place to bad mouth people I will not tolerate it and I will not post any more comments that may spark racial attacks. I have posted all comments as I know every person is different and everyone reads into a post differently. Recently there have been some extremely negative comments being made so for all of those people who want to turn my site into a WWF smack down go find another hobby!

Thanks to all of those who have posted positive feedback I'm glad my site helps you find all the little things Kuwait has to offer.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Al Sadu House

When I posted information about the National Museum I touched on the subject of the Al Sadu House. It's a beautiful place to visit. It's a place where they preserve the traditional art of Bedouin weaving. Its located in a old Kuwaiti house built in 1936. There are weavers on site Sunday and Wednesday in the mornings. You can see them weave the traditional rugs and crafts.

They have weaving classes and workshops for interested people. I was told the next class would start in November. There's a reference library and a digital database of the textiles and weaving traditions of Kuwait as well as an arts and crafts shop in which all proceeds of sales go to the local weavers and artisans. They have a traditional doll making class for children as well. I tried to buy one of the dolls pictured below but was told I would have to bring my daughter and attend one of the classes and we can make our own dolls. Come on! Just give me an amount, it's much easier than taking classes.

The weaving areas.

Cute little dolls I wanted.

Traditional carrier that sits on top of the camel.

You can find more information on their website:

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sea Side Walk Path

These are the last days of cool weather, summer is almost here. Before the heat comes on strong you can take a trip to the walk path in Salmiya. I usually start off at the beginning of the path and make my way up to the Scientific Center. I think the path actually continues all the way to Marina Crescent. It's really nice and no one bothers you. Everyone is there to exercise or take a nice walk. Some people bring their kids and bikes while others bring their dogs. There is security there which is always a nice addition.

On one side is the sea and on the other side is the abandoned palace of one of the old sheiks, further down are palm trees and grassy areas but be warned, don't step on the grass or the security will yell at you to get off. I guess they don't want people throwing a pic-nic there. There's a coke machine but I tried it and it took my money. There are arrows which steer people in the right direction but as usual don't expect people to follow them.

Nice view of the grass.

Costa Coffee shop.

One of the many resident cats.

More grass, almost feels like home. OK not close but I tried.

Heading toward the Scientific Center.

Get out more and explore!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Go Kart Track!

No matter what age we are we still have that little kid inside of us crying out. My little kid inside loves Go Karts. Located in Dasman (for those who corrected my location I googled it this time so the location should be correct according to Google) to the right of the towers. It's also next to the paintball place. So you could make it a day trip, have lunch at Chili's then walk down to the Towers and take a view from the top, visit the go-karts and then take a shot at your friends with paintball guns.

On your way back down Gulf street stop by the National Museum and the head home. Perfect!? Maybe I should start taking people on tours, I do have a big a$$ SUV to haul some folks around. I'd have to make sure everyone brought their helmets, driving in Kuwait is like a rally race. Summer is already here which means most activities will have to be done when it's cooler in the day starting at sunset. I'm thinking all of the recent earthquakes have shifted this side of the earth closer to hell because there aren't any more winters and it's already geting hot. Can you believe I used to wear an Eskimo jacket because it was so cold?

I know, I know the cars are a little cheesy.

The track is decent size.

Another track view.

Aqua Park in the back.


Friday, March 19, 2010

Kuwait National Museum & Planetarium

OMG! I went to one of the coolest museums in Kuwait. I've been in Kuwait for the last 6 years but really never to the initiative to go to museums. I read about the museum in many articles but never took the time to go, until yesterday. I was visiting different places for pics and I came across Sadu house so I took a sharp right turn (sorry people behind me about that sudden turn) and found the museum. Upon entering the guard takes your civil ID and gives you a visitors badge.

You enter the museum grounds which is really the old residence that belonged to the Al Badr family and once purchased by the government it was turned into a museum. There are two types of museums, the first museum is a display of artifacts found on Failika island during an archaeological dig. The next museum is my favorite. It's a museum of Kuwaiti heritage. It looks like Kuwait during the 40's and 50's, like a small village.

The displays include statues imitating the old ways of Kuwait. From merchants selling their goods to what a typical Kuwaiti house looked like before the invasion of modern technology. So simple were the olden days. There are old photos dating back to 1942. You would never know that Kuwait was once a simple trading hub and that a lot of people depended on the sea for earnings. It's too bad a lot of citizens have forgotten where they came from and want to be more European and up-to-date. Unlike other countries, Kuwait hasn't really preserved the past. Most of the old houses have been lost to skyscrapers and glass buildings. I really wish they would have preserved some of the old houses because they were simple and beautiful.

Other countries like Oman still have villages and people living life as it was a hundred years ago. They have fortresses you can visit and you still feel as if there is a since of pride of their heritage. There are so many palaces in Kuwait left to the elements. Why not bring them back to life for people to see? The old places have been replaced with Gucci and Prada outlets. Thank God they have Mubarakiya (the old souk) at least you can kind of get the feel of the old world. Of course that feeling is mixed up with guys yelling at you and trying to get you to buy a pair of fake clothing.

Let me stop rambling. There's also a planetarium at the same location as the museum which will be my next trip with the kids. A few feet away there is Sadu house which faces the Gulf street. It is a beautiful refurbished old Kuwaiti house and I must say it's amaaaazing. I will post information on Sadu house later. I highly recommend the Kuwait National Museum, it was a real great place to visit if you're interested in the past.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Paintball in Kuwait

I bet you never thought there could be a place to practice your paintball skills, did ya? There is a location in Salmiya close to Kuwait Towers and Aqua Park. I did see it a few years ago when I went to Aqua Park on women's day. That was an experience itself. There are just some things you don't ever want to see. But anyways from the top of one of the slides you can see the paintball field. It's pretty big holding up to 200 players.

They have a store for all the paintball accessories too. So when you and your friends are feeling frustrated go on over to the paintball park and let it all out. I haven't tried it yet because I have to find 10 more friends. For more information visit their website:

Happy Hunting!

Mareena Palace Salon- DraAaaaMaaa!

I decided yesterday it was time for me to get my hair done at my fav salon. It's not the salon that I like but the Filipino stylist Josie. Actually my first visit to the salon was quite traumatic. My friend took me there as she liked their service and she knew I couldn't find or trust anyone to do my hair in Kuwait. I gave it a try. I figured the manager being Lebanese knew what she was doing. A lot of the stylists here are Lebanese and they are known for their flair. I wanted red with blonde highlights, no biggie right? WRONG! Even after showing her a pic on my laptop she felt I needed black hair with red strips! NO WAY! Then she proceeded to butcher my hair with regular scissors not stylist scissors.

In the end I had chunks of hair missing and I started crying. Mess with anything except a woman's hair do. Then Josie took over and fixed my hair and I was happy with the outcome so I've been going to only her for 3 years now. A lot of the customers are expats as well as Kuwaiti chicks. It never fails that some drama happens when I'm there.

I came at 3 p.m. to make sure Josie was there and she would have time for me. After waiting an hour her 4 p.m. didn't show so she started on my hair. Well at 5:30 the Kuwaiti chicks decided to show up for their 4 p.m. appointment. Typical. They come when they feel like it and expect immediate service. They chilled out for a little while talking and drinking their coffee they brought like they were sitting in their living room. Then they became restless and started asking about their turn. Here we go, I knew this was the start of a big problem.

She left me in the middle of highlighting to tend to these chicks. I was thinking about my poor hair and hoping it wouldn't mess up. Josie handed of one of the chicks to the other stylist. No problem. As she finished my hair she started working on the other chicks highlights. I knew this couldn't be good. She was taking too much in order to satisfy those noisy chicks. Josie asked the Lebanese manager to come over and finish up while she took care of me. The manager didn't ask about the highlights, she just began working.

I finished up and it was time for my cut and blow dry, that is until the Kuwaiti chick blew up and started yelling. I guess the manager realized she didn't know how big the highlight strips were until the last part. Josie left me to tend to the raging female. She was yelling in English and Arabic and going craaaazy. Josie made the mistake of saying she treats American and Kuwaiti customers the same. Crap! I was not wanting to fight but if someone said something about Americans I'd have to step in. The Lebanese manager came to me as if she wanted to cut my hair. Hell freaking NO! I was no, no I'll wait for Josie. I had a flashback of her butchering my hair. PTSD.

I did however put my 2 cents in trying to take up for Josie who was taking a verbal beating from that woman. It was awful and I felt so bad for her. The chick was yelling at her about how she paid money and deserved service and blah, blah, blaaaaah! Josie did defend herself telling the chick that she did have a 4 p.m. appointment and she came 1 1/2 hours late. The chick pretty much told her to shut up and don't say another word to her.

As Josie came back to finish my hair she started crying and I felt so bad to see an older lady cry because of some chick who has no respect for people. I tried to cheer her up but I could see the look of sadness in her eyes. It's not like the manager pays her a lot of money. Josie works 2 weeks with only 1 day off and has to pay for her own housing and transportation which leaves her with a 100 kd. If it weren't for Josie the salon wouldn't have 1 customer coming in.

Josie you are one in a million and I appreciate all you do!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Villa Akbar or Villa Oh my God What the Hell?

It's known that some select Kuwaiti families are loaded and do alot of things to outdo one another because they all want to be the best. With this money comes the ability to buy everything they want even if it is the ugliest thing I've ever seen, they can also build whatever they want. This brings me to one of the many examples of "just because you have money doesn't mean you have taste".

Welcome to Villa Akbar one of the most hideous examples of overindulgence I've seen this side of Kuwait. Trust me there are many many other ones that I know of but this one is close to my house. This monument has been under construction for years, I guess the owner keeps on finding new crap to add to it which means it may never be finished.

You can see the villa from 30 highway on the right side when going to Salmiya. I'm having trouble figuring out what the style is, considering there are busts of Julius Caesar, Mozart, a water boy and da Vinci's The birth of Venus. That about covers the history of the world all located at this guy's house. Maybe he bought a bulk load of busts off eBay and that's what he got. Ha! Ha!

The side view of the house with lions and another Roman painting.

One of the front gates and the painted wall.

Mozart and his Roman buddy.

Front view of the house.

Another side view and the other painting.

The birth of Venus and her friend the Roman wine server?

And finally the back view.

Quick! Someone call Oprah and have her buddy Nate take a flight to Kuwait and help this poor guy out with some decorating tips!!!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Last year of being in your 20's

Happy Birthday to my sister today! Next year you enter the 30's hehe!

Little pet store in Fahaheel

There aren't any pet stores here that are the same as back home. Dogs and cats are sold separately from the fish and birds. Usually you can find all kinds of animals at Friday Market. But there not always in the best of conditions and recently the Ministry shut down the animal market. I found this little pet shop in Fahaheel Bizarre tucked away in one of the corners of the place. They have some fish, baby chicks, a few other little birds and this time baby turtles.

Of course my daughter fell in love with the baby turtles and so I had to buy the set up and a couple turtles. One of them would not eat and died, he's on ice now in the refrigerator, I'm going to take it and try to get a new one.

You won't find alot of dogs in shops as they are not favored because it's against the Muslim religion to have dogs in the house though most people have them outside or on their farms. You can also visit PAWS which is a shelter for rescued animals, unfortunately it's located in Wafra which is not easy to get to. I've been there a couple of times with my kids but for the life of me I can't remember how to get there now. It's a shame, my kids love to go there and walk the dogs and play with the cats.


Baby chicks looking like skittles.

Baby red-eared sliders.

They also have some aquariums and other small items.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Expat party at the Party Villa-Busted by the cops!

Ever since I've lived at this location there's a Kuwaiti party at the party villa almost every weekend. The police drive up to the Kuwaitis and then leave, it seems someone has ties with the po-po. At 10:30 last night I saw some Americans gathering outside so I figured they finally found a place to party. Little by little the contractors pull up in their SUVs , Camrys and Gallants. You can spot contractors from a mile a way by the way they dress. Polo shirts tucked into their Docker's and the others in baggy jeans. Sorry guys but it's so true.

The bodyguards at the gate and the American guy sitting at the table checking the guest list and taking payment makes it so obvious. Some chicks pulling up to the party in a Taxi only to find out their date isn't there. Sorry ladies. Finally I went to bed around midnight. At about 4 a.m. I woke up to the sound of police sirens. The Americans were busted by the cops! A single line of contractors were led out from the villa. I didn't see anyone arrested although there were 6 patrol cars circling the area. They were looking for contractors leaving the party.

Some people thought the police were gone so they came sneaking out of the villa only to find the cops circling again and stopping them to check their civil ID's. I know Kuwait tends to be boring and dull but contractors have to know that alot of people are not fond of them. I'm watching Kuwaiti kids leading the police to the expats who were hiding. I see Kuwaiti girls taking pictures and watching it all go down and laughing. Yeah I was ticked off considering all the harassment going on. I've watched Kuwaiti guys and girls falling out of cars drunk, fighting in the street and acting like fools and no one ever gets in trouble.

I was told the head of CID (criminal investigation department) does not like Americans at all and looks for chances to hassle them. From the airports some expats are hassled. The police station is another subject all together. If you get in trouble with the police even for a simple car accident you might find yourself locked up and don't think your sponsor will rescue you either. I'm not saying Kuwait is a bad country but you have to keep a low profile here and don't think you're invincible, things are constantly changing here and unfortunately some expats have given Kuwaiti's a bad idea by doing stupid things.

Beginning of the night.

More and more people.

Tickets please.

Uh-Oh... 5-0

The villa during the day, note the security camera and the privacy thingy.

Make sure you can trust the people your partying with.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Looking for Knock Off Items?

Looking for those knock off items as gifts? You can find them in the Fahaheel Bizarre. From purses to suitcases the market has most of what your looking for all in one place. Alot of guys go for the jerseys which they sell back home. I remember it was all the rage a few years ago when I worked on Arifjan. The guys from my company were selling them to the soldiers and making good money. Looking for that purse for your peeps back home? They're there too in all colors and shapes. Want a Louis Vuitton carry on bag? Look no further. Remember to bargain with the guys even if they only knock off a couple kd it's worth it and it's fun too.

Some of the jerseys the guys love.

One of the shops full of purses.

Ed Hardy T-shirts.

Some more purses.

Happy Shopping!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fahaheel Bazaar

We're all looking for something interesting to do during our stay in Kuwait and what better what to spend time than shopping. I like to go to local places to shop, usually I find something out of the ordinary in these shops. Alot of expats go to the Fahaheel Bizarre to find inexpensive gifts.

When entering don't be alarmed when the shop people yell at you to come into their store, that's just their way to generate business. I really feel like a walking dollar sign when I go to these places. I know they see me and raise the prices. When I came here 6 years ago you might be able to bargain with these guys but as the amount of expats increased so did their prices. The market is located across the street from Al Manshar mall.

I usually park my car across the street in the mall parking and walk over, trying to outrun the Kuwaiti drivers. There are several other shops on the other side of Al Ghanim too. When you want to buy something give them your price and if they don't agree then start to walk off as if you don't care, the shop guys will usually lower the price to bring you back. Stand your ground! There are so many of the same stores that someone will eventually give you a reasonable price.

It's usually calmer during the day before all the people come out.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

ABHA Dental Clinic-Mahboula Beware!

My mom had pain from her tooth, she decided to go to ABHA dental clinic in Mahboula beside the towers. Initially she was told the metal filling had come out and that the doctor needed to clean it out and then refill it. Ok, no problem right? WRONG! He started off with 6 shots in the roof of her mouth then decided to start drilling and drilling until my mom sat up and asked him what he was doing, she knew he was doing something like a root canal not just cleaning. The doctor (some big tall arab guy) told her he knew what he was doing and to sit down. He continued on to do a root canal without asking my mom. If she had the choice she would have just had it removed but she wasn't given that option. They charged her 40 kd for that part.

An hour into it he told my mom he couldn't finish and she would have to come back tomorrow even though she had a massive infection which she found out later. He sent her home with some ibuprofen. Later on she was in incredible pain but had to wait until 9 a.m. the next day to go to the dentist. She complained to the Kuwaiti owner Dr. Waleed about her treatment the prior day and told him she was in alot of pain. He told her his doctor did the appropriate action. Dr. Waleed told her he couldn't work on her as he had patients there, she told him "What am I?" Finally she was referred to the Indian lady doctor and the doctor told my mom she had a massive infection all the way down to the bone and that the other doctor had left half of the nerves exposed.

The first doctor didn't tell her about the infection and didn't even prescribe antibiotics. The lady doctor told her she couldn't do anything except clean it out and prescribe antibiotics. She would finish the procedure after 3-4 days. That bill was another 80 kd. My mom is supposed to have a crown fitted for at a later date which will be another 100 kd. I too have had one experience with ABHA clinic. I usually go to the International Clinic in Salmiya to Dr. Fadi who is excellent. I gave ABHA clinic a try because it was close to my house. BIG mistake. The same big Arab doctor was rude and unfriendly with me also and charged me a hell of alot more than IC. Unfortunately I didn't know my mom was going to ABHA or I would have said NOOOO!

We all learn from experience but it would help if someone warned me ahead of time. I know the clinic charges alot because alot of expats go there so they tend to think everyone is loaded. Personally I recommend International Clinic for your medical needs. It's clean and reasonable. The only drawback is the distance but I'm willing to travel if it makes me feel relaxed. My youngest daughter loves the dentist and will only allow him to work on her. Of course this is only my opinion based on my experience.

If you visit ABHA clinic make sure you ask alot of questions and know what the procedure will be before your mouth is numb or wide open making it hard to communicate.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tareq Rajab Museum

Yesterday I came across the website for the Tareq Rajab Museum in Jabriya so I took my girls with me to check it out. It was about 4 p.m. and no one was there except the guards. They charged me 2 kd to get in, supposedly under 16 is free even though on the website it says free, hmm... are the guards making some money on the side? If only I could pass for 16 NOT! Anyways we entered the museum and it was so beautiful.

So many wonderful artifacts from different time periods. I wanted to take some pics for my blog until I saw the NO PICTURES sign. The rebel in me wanted to take some just to be defiant. So with a few loud coughs I got a couple pics. You can visit the website for better pics, my camera phone sucks. It's a huge museum. The guards come and check on you every so often. I thought I was being slick about taking pics until my daughter points out there is a guard coming. As I put the phone in my pocket a "clicking" sound went off. BUSTED!

I jokingly told the guard I wasn't taking any pics, it was just an accident. Yeah right! Then why did I keep rambling and break into a sweat? I'm not a very good liar it seems. Anyways as we went into the other section there's a guy sitting on the left. My daughter comes to me and tells me Mom! "There's cameras everywhere and the guy is watching you!" I guess that's why he grumbled at me when I said hi to him. BUSTED again! I just use the "I'm an American tourist and I didn't know" excuse. Is it hot in here or is it just me?

The museum is owned by a Kuwaiti married to an expat lady and they have collected these things since the 50's. They also own the New English School around the corner from the museum so they have the funding to travel everywhere. There is a second museum right around the corner from it. But remember no pictures, although you might want to offer the guard a couple kd and he might let you slip. Remember in Kuwait anything is possible.

The entrance.

You can visit the website for more detailed information and pictures at :

Monday, March 8, 2010

AWARE Center Grand Mosque & 'Old Souk' (Al Mubarakiya) Tour

AWARE Center will be taking people on a tour of the 'Old Souk' also known as Mubarakiya and to the Grand Mosque on March 13th.

Mubarakiya or the "Old Souk" is a place where traditional and non-traditional items are sold. It's a famous place to visit when coming to Kuwait where you can pick up all sorts of gift items for reasonable prices.


The Grand Mosque is the largest mosque in the country of Kuwait. Its area spans 45,000 square meters, out of which the building itself covers 20,000 square meters. The main prayer hall is 72 meters wide on all sides, has 21 teakwood doors, and has lighting provided by 144 windows. The dome of the mosque is 26 meters in diameter, and 43 meters high, and is decorated with the "Asma al-hosna", the 99 names of God. The mosque can accommodate up to 10,000 men in the main prayer hall, and up to 950 women in the separate hall for women. The mosque also contains a 350 square meter library of Islamic reference books and documents. To accommodate the large number of vehicles belonging to worshippers, the mosque also contains a 5-level parking structure underneath the eastern courtyard which can hold up to 550 cars. Construction on the mosque started in 1979, and the mosque was completed in 1986.

Saturday, 13th March, 9:00am. Join AWARE Center documentary ‘filming’ tour which takes you to the Grand Mosque & the ‘Old Souq’ known as Al Mubarakiya followed by lunch at the Moevenpick resort hotel. Seating is very limited. For details and registration send emails to

Saturday, 13th March, 9:30am. Guided tour of The Grand Mosque;
for a rewarding, spiritual and informative experience. This is a 1 ½ hour tour. All are welcome

Fish Market, Al Kout Mall

Even though I have no idea how to cook fresh fish I still like to go to the market to see what creatures have been caught. Yes, the smell is fishy as expected but if you can manage to handle it for a few minutes you will see some beautiful fish. Huge shrimp and crabs everywhere and the colors are amazing. I guess they don't get too many American women coming through so everyone was more than willing to sell me something.

The fishermen set out in the morning with their traps and by evening time they bring their catch to the market to sell. I wish I knew how to cook fresh seafood but I don't. For the time being I will just visit the market, it's located in the back section of the mall.

The boats used for fishing.

The infamous Zubaidi fish on the left.

More fish and fresh crab on the right.

A selection of fish.

Fish Market, Al Kout Mall, Fahaheel