Monday, October 29, 2018

Mw6iny beach clean Up

I've always been interested in joining a beach clean up and there will be an opportunity to join @mw6iny for a beach clean up in November for those who are interested.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Al Shamlan Dwaniya

The AWARE Center offered a group visit to Al Shamlan dwaniya in Kuwait City, one of the many old dwaniyas on the gulf road that I've passed many times and wondered what the inside looked like so I joined. We met at the AWARE Center and then took a bus ride to the dwaniya. 

 These few remaining buildings are from the early 1900's with one masjid close by dating back to the late 1700's. I learned that there are about seven main family dwaniyas along the coastal road that are owned by the government but operated by the families. Once upon a time the area along the coast was all old Kuwaiti houses and when oil and money came the government bought the lands and gave the families money to set up house else where. A few buildings were saved, like the dwaniyas, masjids and Bait Dickson.

It is still used today for meetings and gatherings for men. There were some old original photos along with the old palm leaf and wood roof. The AWARE Center offers many different outings, most free of charge for anyone interested. You can find their website link for more information.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Bait Al Arab Horse Show

I took my mom and daughters to the horse show, my mom used to ride horses and knows all about them so I thought she would enjoy the show. The place is really beautiful and the horses are too. The show was for the greys and a couple of the had their babies with them, they were so cute!

After the show we were allowed to go into the stables and feed the horses carrots. We had a pretty good time. You can find more about Bait Al Arab here

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Dhow Cruises

27 Oct 2018, 9:00 am

For a relaxing morning or a splendid evening on the water, cruising the gulf of Kuwait. Join AWARE for an enjoyable experience: a Breakfast/ Sunset Dinner Cruise. Breakfast Cruise: KD 10 per person Sunset Dinner Cruise: KD 15 per person Very Limited Seats! Registration is via ticket purchase only at AWARE during our office Hours Registration Deadline: Tuesday October 16, 2018 Tickets are non-refundable Please note: • KD 0.5(Breakfast Cruise)/ KD 1(Sunset Dinner Cruise) discount for AWARE Members. • In case of bad weather, the cruise maybe cancelled (in such a case, AWARE Center will refund the participants or reschedule the cruise.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Bait Al Arab horse Presentation

I'm still trying to figure out the details on registering or just showing up? You can find more on their IG @bait_alarab and their website link

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Advertising Etiquette- no Bueno!

UPDATE: For the hater that responded below with threats of police stations etc, first of all, don't hide, if you want to make threats then say who you are. Second of all, the point of this post is when businesses send out invitations etc, they should know how to write an email which includes details of their offers. If the offer is not to try out their brand and only to offer a 20% savings so should be stated from the beginning. This bullying and threats are one of the reasons I don't blog as much anymore. I can't be bothered with someone who can't understand English taking things wrong and then coming after me.

This is not the first or the last time there will be threats and as other bloggers have been dragged to court and sued, I guess it's hard to understand that everyone has their own opinion and may not like your business so instead of crying, suing and threatening suck it up and move on.

As bloggers we are always receiving invitations to businesses and for me I don't mind promoting local businesses, this blog is a hobby not an income which is one of the reasons I don't blog as much as I used to.

I received this invitation from a certain company using the exact words 'host you' twice in the email so I asked a few friends to join me and I messaged them to set up a date. The response I got from the whatsapp was completely different than the email. Who ever is behind the whatsapp account is clearly more rude.

I was trying my best to respond in a nice way but I was pissed off in the end. Most 'influencers' on social media charge hundreds and thousands of KD's to show up and here I am taking time out to try out their business and this is the tone I get?  I bet they won't love my blog any more after this post! The good thing about having a free blog, I get to say what I feel and I don't have to censor myself because I am getting paid.

Kenny Rogers Roasters Kuwait- Not the real Thing!

The last time I ate at this restaurant was around 2000 in Corona, California and we might have visited a couple of times. My friend sent me a picture of the display poster for it in City Center Salmiya so I took my mom and daughter to try it out. It's located upstairs close to KFC and boy is it hot in the restaurant, perhaps the oven heats it up.

My first impression was good until I saw the menu which was made up of some weird cocktail drinks and items that weren't American. It turns out, just like Shakey's, it's a branch from the Phillipines and not directly from USA meaning in no way is it the same.

 We ordered the meal below, my daughter opted out and got McDonald's. We expected the below to be served and unfortunately we got something that looked like a hospital meal.

Instant mashed potatoes, macaroni with no cheese and a hard cornbread cake
We talked to the 'restaurant in charge' according to his business card and told him we wanted to cancel, it was horrible food.  It tasted like 'Hawally chicken' the ones you find in the roasting box on every corner and was bland. He told us this was their soft opening and would take our feedback into consideration.

My opinion, don't even bother, it's a knock off.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Adan hospital has no printing Paper!

I went to pick up my lab report from Adan hospital. The procedure is to stand in line, no numbers, and wait for your turn. As you stand there people (Kuwaitis) cut in front of you as if you're invisible. After on lady cut in line I saw a Kuwaiti guy heading for the door so I blocked him. As my turn came I stood at the door blocking it while two Kuwaiti females tried to get inside, I told them to wait like everyone else but they pushed their way through.

When I finally got to the doctor, he scrolled through my results so fast I have no idea how he saw anything, he replied with, there's no problem. I asked for a print out of my results and he told me there's no paper for printing and that the hospital has a shortage! How can a country with so much wealth have no printing paper!

As I went on a search for paper I ran into a guy wearing a MOH badge and I asked him how is there a shortage of paper? He might not have understood what I said but the Egyptian doctor with him translated. He called an office guy over and after 5 minutes I got my test results on a double sided paper as not to waste I guess.

As much money as the MOH collects from expats they can't afford paper? I know the problem stesm from the law makers having no idea what is going on as I doubt they have ever visited a government clinic and know nothing about common problems. People who really care would visit random hospitals under cover and see what goes on, this is the only way to truly address the theft of drugs, no bed sheets, paper shortage, the front hospital doors open letting the heat in, patients in beds having to be wheeled through the middle of the hospital, men coming into the female observation unit and many other issues they have no clue about.