Saturday, December 31, 2016

Rents to Drop

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 28: Owners of some investment buildings in Salmiya and Hawalli areas have started reducing their rent and two-bedroom flat— for the first time in many years, has gone down to KD 300 and below, reports Arab Times daily.

Lute The daily quoting sources pointed out that most of the buildings are new and their owners have agreed with real estate agents to rent two-bedroom flats for KD 280 in Salmiya area.

They added the rent of three-bedroom flats also dropped to KD 400 and below in areas like Fintas after jumping down from KD 420 to KD 390. They added that marketing of investment flats became so difficult that some real estate agents decided to relinquish their commission in order to manage the buildings.

They stressed an investment group sealed a deal to purchase five investment buildings for KD 6 million and this reflects the current condition of real estate market. He added that minor investors are willing to dispose of their buildings because they can’t bear the losses for a long time, and they look forward to quick gains while major investors — on the contrary, are prepared to take the risk of purchasing more buildings to their advantage.

When my mother and sister came to Kuwait in 99 they were paying 80KD for an apartment in Mahboula and when I came in 2004 I was paying 180KD for a 2 bedroom apartment. Now I pay 430KD for a 3 bedroom floor. If they build the bachelor cities then the rent will drop dramatically in Mahboula areas. I can't wait!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Horror movie from Kuwaiti film Maker

A local film maker Tarek AlDuaij is looking for help funded his horror movie based in Kuwait.

"Our crowdfunding campaign is now live on We are looking for local support to produce a unique horror film for presentation at film festivals around the world. The story is a psychological journey into the mind of a serial killer based on 6 years of research into psychopathology. This film aims to offer a better understanding of the subject matter as well as create an unforgettable horror experience with intense special effects and moments of gore. Help us attract greater interest in the underdeveloped local film industry we have here in Kuwait by supporting our project: https://www. film-production."

You can find more info on the indiegogo page here, good luck!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Pregnancy and Lactation Cookies

In case any pregnant or breastfeeding women are looking for cookies #sofunny

BTW, I got in trouble at Sultan Center Salmiya for taking a picture of these cookies. The security guard came after me telling me not to take pictures so I told him look, I'm not taking pictures of any rats in your store so just chill.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Slim Chickens coming Soon

It seems as if Al Ghanim is trying to give Al Shaya a run for his money by bringing in a competitor chicken chain that is comparable to their own Raising Cane's chain. Here we have Slim Chickens coming to soon, located next door to Wendy's along Gulf Street. While Raising Cane's has only chicken strips and fries this chain has a variety of items.
"Now over a decade and thousands of happy customers later, we know that there’s something special about our hand-breaded chicken tenders, fresh Buffalo wings, and handmade dipping sauces that keeps our loyal fans coming back…over and over again."
I have family in the South and I've asked some people at work if they had heard of it but no one has so I don't really have much feedback. From the website it looks like they have chicken and waffles, chicken sandwiches, fried okra, mac and cheese, fried pickles and desserts. I am definitely interested in the chicken and waffles and fried okra!

You can find more of their menu on their website and IG @slimchickens and their new one @slimchickenskw I don't have a date of opening yet.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Childhood games destroyed!

We have that image of games we used to play when we were young. I decided to order my favorite ones for my kids and I was disappointed at what I received. 

I always remember Trouble for the popping dice in the middle

Old version
New pathetic version that may last a couple of months

 The old Simon, the fat bulky game you could slam and it would keep working

 The new skinny version which is really sensitive, it might last a couple of months
What did they do to our memories? The new versions are so cheap and flimsy. The love and care has been removed. #sosad

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Boulevard Kuwait

I work so much these days it's hard to find time to explore new places like I used to. We decided to check out the Boulevard the other night which happened to be freezing but I had to do it for my blog. I was surprised when we pulled up and it was pretty much deserted. I guess the weather kept many away but it seemed as if no one was quite interested in the place.

It is really amazing outside with a lot of trees and a walk path for those fitness folks. We made our way to the mall which was really huge but I didn't feel as if they utilized the space. There were a few shops open which included Sears, Sketchers, Vans and there were still more spaces yet to open. There are two Starbuck's, once inside and one outside on the water which was closed. 

Inside there are a few random restaurants and a restaurant zone outside which has Chili's, 5 Napkins and Asha's Indian restaurant, again there are a lot of spaces for rent or rented and yet to open. It was too cold to explore further and no restaurants that interested me so we left.

I will check it out at a later date during the day to explore more. It's located in Block 8, Salmiya opened from 8am-12am contact: 2571 6376. IG @boulevardq8

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Kuwait supporting Trump?

'It looks great' "It looks cool'.....seriously? After all Trump has said about Muslims? Kuwait shame on you!!!

Applebee's new concept restaurant in Bida

Applebee's has been a staple restaurant in Kuwait for many years. With so many new concept restaurants opening up the older restaurants have to keep up with the new generation. This Applebee's is a two-storey building with a new upgraded look. The decor, plates and glasses are all new. I really like the overall feel of the place and will be frequenting this location more often.

 I love the mason jars

You can catch their lunch specials from Sun-Thurs/11-4 pm for 3.750 KD

Monday, December 19, 2016

Ministry over Charges!

I had some Ministry documents to renew, I went to Jaber Al Ali for this task. The one machine needed for 1/2 KD stamps was broke so I was told to put a 1 KD stamp on it! So all of the people getting the same documents that need 1/2 KD stamps had to pay 1 KD instead. I'm not complaining about .500 fils however that is not fair to those people who count every fil due to their low salary, this is very unfair to them.

The old document on the bottom with 1/2 KD stamp and the new one on top with the forced 1 KD stamp. Instead of someone calling the company to fix the machines that aren't working they decided it was easier to over charge people. There was a guy downstairs filling the machines with new stamps but didn't bother to go to the second floor to check on the broke ones. Very clever way of making more revenue Mr. Ministry!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Wendy's now Open

Wendy's is now open, located on Gulf Street in Salmiya.

Chili and Frostee is a must when you order from Wendy's!

Address: Salmiya, Block 8, Plot 28, Blajat Street، Kuwait
Phone: 2496 4940
Hours: Open today · 11AM–1AM
Their IG @wendyskuwait

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Babel Lebanese Restaurant

Cold Mezza
Raw meat dish
Mixed grill
Dessert platters
Ashta bel Ashta..Ashta ice cream with fresh ashta and rose jam
Ghazlieh..cheesy sweet with Lotus and sugar strands..I wanted another plate!
The mezza we had is priced at 13.000 per person without beverages, minimum of 4 people. The prices are those of an upper scale restaurant, sheesha is 4 KD. 

The restaurant is located on the Gulf Road where Hard Rock Cafe used to be, their hours are 12 pm-12 am and the phone number is 22081111, you can find them on IG @babelkuwait.