Sunday, November 30, 2014

Paedophile (sex offender) teacher in Kuwait !?! WARNING to Parents

A British teacher who once claimed he taught Daniel Radcliffe has reportedly left India, where police were investigating him over child abuse allegations.
Paul Meekin, 40, was the principal of Trio World School in Bangalore when he was accused of sending lewd messages online to a 13-year-old boy in January 2012.

Now it is claimed he has moved to Kuwait and taken a job teaching social studies at an international school.
The report in the Daily Mirror claims he took the job at an English-Arabic bilingual school a few weeks ago and may have shaved off his beard.
Meekin made widespread headlines in India in 2012 when he was arrested while leading the £1,400-a-year Trio international school, which teaches international GCSEs and A-Levels to English-speaking pupils.
Just three months earlier Meekin had laid on an English high tea and a tour of the school for Ian Felton, the British Deputy High Commissioner in Bangalore. 
Meekin was accused of sending lewd messages to a boy online, and police filed charges against him under India's Juvenile Justice Act and Information Technology Act, according to a report at the time by the Mail's India edition Mail Today.
He was later reported to police by his school amid claims he had 'fabricated certificates' related to his academic qualifications when he took the job in 2010. link

If you click on the Daily Mirror link it says he is currently working at Hayat Universal Bilingual School.

Real Chola Makeup Tutorial

With all of the Arab make-up tutorials out there I thought giving a different make-up perspective would be good for comparison. So we all know about angry bird eyebrows and trout pout lips but with cholo guys this is what they think a woman should dress like, every culture has their idea of beautiful! I remember my friend used to shave off her eyebrows like the female in the video and I would tell her 'I don't know if you're happy or sad' then she would draw them on with a black liner.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Kuwait Zoo

Since the weather has cooled down some I took the family to the Kuwait Zoo. There have been some positive changes made since I last visited, the place looked a little cleaner, there were video cameras (I still wonder if anyone is actually watching them) and a security guard who was keeping people from feeding the animals crap which is really tough for one guy to handle several areas.
My mom brought apples to feed the animals, the bear was watching the kids throw the apples at him and he enjoyed the treat.

Flamingos are supposed to be dark pink, these have no color which means they are not getting the proper nutrition to hold their color.

Some of the spaces is not being utilized like this one and the upkeep is still low level, the lion cages are still lacking everything other zoos provide for their animals. Can someone please, please change the green smelly water the hippos are in? One has to have a tough stomach to be able to watch the hippos and not throw up from the small.
 I love the elephants, we always buy peanuts outside the door and feed them. Of course there was the one Kuwaiti teenager who climbed the fence and went to the right side of the elephant's cage to tease him, the elephant tried his best to hit the kid with his trunk making the kid run off squealing, not too tough after all, huh.
 Someone has provided these ropes to the monkeys and they were having a good time on them.

 Whenever I see the lemurs all I can think of is "I like to move it , move it"...
 The security guard telling the people not to feed the giraffe bread and leaves they pick from the trees. The people actually listened which was surprising.

 Security cameras, but where are the security guards with walkie talkies handling the issues?
 They have put wire cages around the small trees to stop people ripping off the branches and leaves and feeding them to the animals. I remember the Little Jungle sold green shrubs to feed the giraffe and other animals. If the zoo was managed correctly by someone with zoo knowledge they could easily make money off selling appropriate food to feed the animals.
Even in Knott's Berry Farm they have a small petting zoo and sell feed for the animals by the cup. The children can touch and feed the variety of animals and the money goes toward the upkeep of the facility. It's obvious the children want one on one with the animals. Where are the educational movies showing the children proper ways to care for animals? Ahhh, so many unanswered questions!

Friday, November 28, 2014

For Laughs

Maybe most of you have seen this but it still makes me think WTH?

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Millennium Hotel and Convention Center Kuwait

I'm sure most people know about this building being built on the corner of 4th ring and 30 highway, it's supposedly haunted and has been under construction for several years. Well it's supposed to open Q4 2014 which ends next month.

I found these brochures and you can get limited information on their website. At least it has a name and a possible opening date.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Run Q8 from FSRI

Run Q8 brought to you by Fawzia Sultan Rehabilitation Institute.

"Join RunQ8 and help us treat vulnerable kids with physical and/or cognitive disabilities for free!"

Monday, November 24, 2014

The Cicret Bracelet- Skin Tablet

Now, if you could just answer your arm or be able to make a phone using your fingers and answer that would solve it all.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Alchemy of Wisdom

I found this book at work, a gift for my boss, it was such a nice looking book I  had to open it and see what is was about.
It was actually published in 2012:
Inspirational, album-styled book showcases some of Kuwait’s greatest achievers and achievements
In a first for Kuwait and the Middle East, Lulua Publishing launched a one-of-a-kind book aimed at inspiring Kuwaitis, young and old alike, and invoking in them a sense of pride for their country.
Titled Alchemy of Wisdom, the book showcases a number of remarkable personalities that have risen from the Gulf state, and the many achievements they have inspired, directed and executed, in Kuwait and across the Middle East. Penned and compiled by Sheikha Intisar Al-Sabah, Lulua Publishing’s founder, and accompanied by stunning photography from world-renowned photographer Cristian Barnett, Alchemy of Wisdom highlights these Kuwaiti pioneers and features inspirational quotes and words of wisdom that have guided them on their distinctive journeys.
“Alchemy of Wisdom is a unique undertaking to raise awareness of the great people – some illustrious, others little known – who have distinguished themselves and the country,” explained Sheikha Intisar about the inspiration behind the coffee table-styled book. “Born from a tiny seed of an idea, as I began speaking to Kuwait’s notable pioneers, I found myself leaving a discussion with one prominent Kuwaiti inspiration, only to have two or three more added to my list.”
“All 46 of the singular personalities included in this edition have been profiled with a bio showcasing their many activities, their personal mantras, and striking photography that in itself says it all. Alchemy of Wisdom brings these individuals together to show what Kuwaitis can accomplish and to encourage pride, ambition and a positive attitude in our society.”

Nice table book.

2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat First Drive Review: 4 Doors & 204 MPH

Nice but I prefer a Supra.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Vehicles we should be driving on Kuwait Roads

Every morning when I go to work I wish I had one of these to drive.

Have you ever had the feeling of wanting to ram someone who has blocked your car or purposely parked their car taking up multiple lanes?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

How to get around when KSA Floods

You see me rollin' hatin'

Pork in Abu Halaifa Restaurant

Pork found in Abu Hlaifa restaurant
KUWAIT: Ahmadi Municipality officers busted an unspecified amount of pork inside an Abu Hlaifa restaurant during a recent campaign. The meats were confiscated and referred to the investigation department. The restaurant’s owner was summoned for questioning.

From Another post:

Meanwhile, Ahmadi Municipality officials collaborated with their counterparts from the Ministry of Interior to confiscate and destroy a quarter kilogram of meat whose origin was unknown and some quantity of pork inside a restaurant in Abu Halifa. It has been reported the items were found in the basement being used as the central kitchen of the restaurant.
I wonder if it was one of the restaurants run by an American? Pork comes from Camp Arifjan, you can even buy a whole pig if you want. FYI people there is no alcohol being sold in the PX, the only illegal item would be pork, so if anyone attends an American bar-b-que be aware that pork may be cooked alongside your beef.


Saudi guy thrown off of moving Vehicle

I was wondering when there was going to a video of a guy falling off the car.

Flat for Rent

My sister found this ad which says something along the lines of:

Rent- 120 KD, 3 bedrooms, broken floors with cement. No electricity, kitchen ready with a pot and lid. First floor, no elevator, you leave from a rope. The bathroom is across the street in the masjid.

I bet you have to pay the haris his share as well as paying the agent.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

All about Kuwait Video

All about Kuwait video done by Kuwaiti students at University of Malta.The video starts with the Kuwaiti anthem followed by overview of Kuwait History and pictures of the country today (2013).

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hamsa bracelet from Sleeveclub

Genuine stingray leather cover

I saw these awesome bracelets in IG from Sleeveclub for 49 bucks and less, they also have cuff links and a few other items as well.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Filthy beaches in Kuwait

After having lunch at Johnny Carino's the kids rode their big wheels around the small park not far from the restaurant, what I saw was terrible, trash everywhere and a neglected park.

 I did find severak copies of City Pages magazine

So much for the 'no trash dumping' rules.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Iranian People of Kuwait

A little video for those who don't know about the different ethnic backgrounds of Kuwaiti citizens. They came from Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran and other surrounding countries. In certain areas of Kuwait you will find a lot of Shi3a Kuwaiti with Irani backgrounds who speak Farsi along with Arabic.

Kuwaiti citizens with Irani backgrounds have different cultural ways than Kuwaiti citizens of Arab backgrounds as well. Kuwait is a melting pot even with its citizens.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Cosmetic Surgery- Wow!

I was browsing IG and came across the account for @ahlamalshamsi and I couldn't believe what she looks like now! She has overdone her whole face, now she's looking more like the cat lady pictured below with her huge trout pout and narrow eyes. 
Cat Lady
Of course at some point almost all Arab singers male and female alike get something done at some point in their career.

I was shocked when I saw Ronaldo's face before he fixed it up.
 And then we have stories from China, this just proves that you never know what your children will look like if one of the parents has had cosmetic surgery!
No, it's not just make-up and contouring either! Take it from the Chinese guy's experience, be careful when marrying that 'perfect' woman, she probably isn't and worst case scenario she was born a man.