Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Kuwait is Obese, yes we Know

Another video telling us something we already know, Kuwait is full of obese people. Less eating, more moving might help but unfortunately there really aren't too many places to go for entertainment as mentioned in the video. Entertainment City and Shaab park have since closed leaving no other places to go and run around for a reasonable price. The cost of gyms are outrageous and even more if you want to include a personal trainer which leads us back to food.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Ahmadi Food Complex

I took my mom and kids to visit the Ahmadi park and zoo provided by KOC and stopped by the new complex to see if it had opened or not. Pinkberry, Starbucks and IHOP are open while Raisin Cane's and Blaze Pizza are due to open soon. There's an entrance on the side where the security gate is, I'm assuming it's open for everyone not just KOC employees. 

 The restaurants are divided into sections

 There's a water fountain and park within close proximity of the complex

On the opposite side is a TSC express store. I will be glad when Raising Cane's opens up so I don't have to drive to Jabriya. KOC is always taking care of their employees and the Ahmadi housing area surrounding their offices, I miss working there.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Taw9eel -missing items from Orders

I don't know if anyone else has had experience with this company not delivering the complete order. My sister, on several occasions, has had items missing from her order. This last time was on Tuesday, she was missing 10 KD worth of items and as of today has not received the items or her money. I was with her when she called them 2 days ago, first off her number had been blocked as when she dialed it went directly to a beep beep which means you've been blocked.

When I called from my phone it went thru and she asked for a manager in which the guy replies, there's no manager until Sunday, she proceeds to tell him about the missing items and he says she will get a call back which never happened. She called again yesterday morning and has not received her items or money even though she said she would call beladiya.

Has anyone else had this happen? My concern is that there's a lot of people who don't realize they have missing items and maybe their helpers receive the items and never check for missing things which means this company may be ripping off people without them knowing. FYI folks, if you order anything from online make sure you check them out before the guy leaves!!

UPDATE: They finally reimbursed my sister the money for the items they had out of stock but more than three days and several phone calls isn't customer friendly.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Ramadan Mubarak 2018

Ramadan greetings to those who are Muslim.

As Ramadan approaches make sure you follow the rules of the month which include:

-No eating/drinking, smoking or chewing gum during day light hours or you will find yourself arrested, 100 KD fine and sitting in jail for the entire month.

-Nothing will get done in the Ministries as work slows down to about 1% if you actually find someone present it doesn't mean they have the energy to process anything and might tell you to come back tomorrow.

-Be careful on the roads when sunset approaches, people are speeding home to break their fast and have no consideration for others

-Restaurants will not be open during the day

-Most businesses will now have a Ramadan schedule so call ahead to make sure they are open

Here is the Ramadan schedule, the Maghrib column is the time we break our fast. People will be driving fast about an hour before, so be alert around 5:30 pm each day.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Al Shaheed Park shows elements of the Past

One would have to make many trips to the connecting Al Shaheed Park to see everything. Even though I went to the recent location of the park I missed the back section where the small scale model of old Kuwait was. I showed my daughter how the landscape once looked like and how her grandparents lived.

People who live close to the park are lucky, they get to visit it more often than those of us living in the opposite areas.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Mark Coffee + Churros

The other day while visiting my friend in Boulevard park her daughters surprised me with churros and chocolate, yum. There's a cute little coffee stand near the dangerously steep bridge that leads to the park areas.

They have coffee of course but some really good churros, they almost remind me of California. I was too full to try the ice cream with churros but if anyone has a craving for churros I definitely recommend this place.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

HIjab and Kuwaiti discrimination in Kuwat

This is what happened when I applied for an admin job with a new nursery in Egaila, not only does she discriminate against women wearing hijab like myself but also against Kuwaiti children and yes, she is Kuwaiti as well.

It seems like this is the new norm for young Kuwaiti youth, that being religious and wearing hijab is not an 'in' thing these days, as the fashionistas show everyone how cool it is to show off their whole life to people who don't have money or fame. They lure the youth of today to do what ever it takes to become cool and rich on the surface.