Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hospitals in the United States

I'm sure everyone has visited one of the government hospitals in Kuwait. Not the best experience I'm sure. I wish the government would update the government hospitals in Kuwait considering a lot of people don't have insurance and can't really afford the private hospitals. Even if they had to raise the 1 KD stamp fee I think it would be worth it. Some of the clinics are such a sad and depressing place which makes the employees sad and depressed to work there.

I think that employees who work in a clean and happy environment will be a lot nicer to the patients. I know Adan hospital has had an upgrade which is long overdue. I know private hospitals have increased their fees and will continue to increase the fees whenever they feel like it. I would be willing to pay more money to go to the government hospitals if they would upgrade them all.

Sabah hospital scares me. I went there one time for a check up and it was a scary experience. No men are allowed in the clinic area and I don't speak that much Arabic so I felt really nervous. The bathrooms had no soap or toilet paper and it was during the H1N1 virus time. Thankfully I had some anti bacterial wipes with me. I think they are also doing some remodeling to that hospital also.

It would be great if the government hospitals could compare and compete with private hospitals as the government hospitals do have some great foreign doctors working there it's just going through all the steps to reach them.

Dental clinics also need an upgrade. Again, I say charge more to visit the government clinics and hospitals if it means a better experience for both patients and staff working there.

I had to take my daughter the the emergency room herein the U.S. for her fever and it's such a comfortable feeling being in a clean and sanitary environment. The emergency room is separated for kids and adults. The pediatric unit is so colorful and kid friendly. It's amazing what a little bit of paint and imagination can do to uplift a sometimes sad environment. Of course I had to take some pics of the unit to show what can be done if people only cared enough to do it.

The wall in the pediatric unit.

Inside the private room.

The bed and equipment so clean and sanitary. They change the bedding after each patient.

To the left is the nurses station.

It's such an easy thing to do. If the government cared about the people enough to do it.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New school year in Jahra

Well my mother decided to return to the school in Jahra. My sister refused and I'm in the states so my mom is left to fend for herself out there. Sorry mom. Already the stories start rolling in about the new parents. You would think that most kids who go to school would know how to at least feed themselves right? Um not in this part of the country.

My mom told me about one of the mothers sneaking into the school and sitting with her son in the classroom. After being told to leave she hid there until lunch time and my mom caught her in the cafeteria feeding her son. When my mom told her to leave she said she couldn't leave her son because he doesn't know how to feed himself? OMG are there really people like that?

During the first days of school she was constantly telling parents to go home because they wouldn't let go of their kids. Some parents even left the maid with the kids. Come on people there is a time to let go. For a boy especially. How will they grow up to be men when they have their moms chasing behind them of have a maid to baby them? It's called independence. When I first took my kids to school they were like "bye mom see you later" no tears or crying.

When I worked in that school last year I saw that most of the kids didn't know how to open up chips or juice. It took all year to teach them how to pick up their garbage and put it in the trash can.

Stop spoiling your children parents because they become a burden to other people once they leave your house.

Monday, October 4, 2010


Yesterday I took my kids to the circus. I'm sure everyone has heard about the circus. It's a group of traveling performers who stop off in various cities to make some cash. This circus was made up of Hispanic performers from Guatemala and other Latin countries. The prices have increased since the last time I went to the circus. Anyways there were many performers, high wire acts, motorcycle riders and plenty of performing animals. When I saw the camels it reminded me of Kuwait. The camels in Kuwait are better looking than the circus ones.

There were motorcycle riders performing their stunts in a steel cage as well as an 11 year old girl rider performing her stunts with the other 2 guys in the cage.The whole show lasted about 2 hours and there were plenty of ways to make money. Camel rides, elephant rides and pony rides as well as charging an arm and a leg for the plastic lights for the kids. I'm saving for the fair that will be here on Oct 21 that's when the fun starts. My goal is to get that fried twinkie this time. Stay tuned.

The circus tent.

The clowns messing around.

Some animals.

Huge elephants.

The motorcycle riders perform their stunts in this cage.

I wonder if any Kuwaiti guys can ride their dirt bikes around a steel cage like this one?