Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Still waiting for Internet!

Well I would be posting some stuff if I can ever get my internet and phone hooked up. It seems like there is one problem after another. First moving into an apartment with pot smoking beer drinking college kids was a mistake and then I moved to a nicer place. Apartment had phone problems so I had to wait for the repair guy. In the new apartment phone problems. Sitting on hold waiting for someone for like 2 hours.

Taxes on everything. The phone bill has 2 or 3 different taxes, cable has taxes and gas is crazy high. I don't know how people get by. It's so hot and humid and imagine I have to pump my own gas. Ha! Ha! Just kidding. I did it sometimes in Kuwait just to freak people out. The sad thing is my kids have no idea what's going on. I told my daughter to go pay for gas and she looked at me in horror. My other daughter didn't know how to work the blinds in the apartment. I never knew how many little things they would not know.

Well seems I won't get my phone and internet until Thursday. I will have to just hurry up and wait!

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  1. Are there subcontractors for TCN that are treating their employees correctly & the TCN's are doing a really great job.



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