Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy New Year

Although the new year has been here for a couple weeks now I am hoping this year brings everyone happiness and prosperity. I too hope that this year brings me back to Kuwait as I've had my fill of the U.S. I can truly say there are things I miss in Kuwait. Of course the first thing I miss is my maid, I really didn't appreciate the help but I do now for sure. I miss the bakala and not having to get out of my car to get that Snickers.

I can say I have neglected my blog recently due to personal issues. My mom keeps me informed of the happenings in Kuwait as does the Arab Times website and hopefully soon I will be back there to continue my Kuwait reporting. I thank all of those who have visited my blog and hopefully soon I will be back to reporting from Kuwait.

If anyone knows of any contracting companies doing any hiring please let me know. Going back there with a job would be ideal. Thanks to Desert Girl I did send my resume to General Dynamics. I'm bummed that I'm not there for their job fair this weekend at the Hilton Mangaf. I'm sure it would be the same kind of turn out like that of all the other companies that have their fairs there. Controlled chaos. Everyone goes to turn in their resumes and are given big promises of employment yet nothing ever comes of it.

It's always the job fair for a proposed contract. I don't know why they offer possible jobs and benefits yet they don't even have a contract. We know that ITT has taken over CSA so of course their positions are guaranteed ones. I don't know what GD would be doing in Kuwait but I always apply for that chance at a position. If anyone knows of any company hiring let me know. I'm anxious to get back to Kuwait.

For everyone who visits thank you for your support and wish you all a happy new year!


  1. hi, i hope you get back to kuwait soon. I'd like to add your blog in my blogroll. thanks in advance.


  2. I am the yin to your yang... I am of kuwaity origin, and have lived my life the last 8 years in the USA (seattle, WA)... Went back to kuwait to work because of the economy crash left me unemployed... I dont have a problem finding work in kuwait do to family connections... but anyway, I have only been here 6 months and already had my full of kuwait... didnt take long, and I miss all the things that are bugging you.... I miss doing my own stuff, I hate being waited on hand and foot... I dont know... anyway, I enjoyed reading your blog. Good luck tryin to get back here....

  3. Sanks! Add me to your blog roll, no problemo. Inshallah I will be back soon.

  4. Actually, CSA employees were not guaranteed their jobs. In fact MOST did not get jobs and are being sent home in about a week and half. ITT is still hiring, as is


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