Sunday, December 17, 2017

Hollywood females falling for Arab Men

It looks like a lot of Hollywood females are coming to the brown side, they are hooking up with men from Middle Eastern continents. But will it last?

Rihanna and her Saudi billionaire man from KSA Hassan Jameel

Britney Spears and her Persian man Sam Asghari

Kourtney Kardashian and her Algerian man Younes Bendjima

Janet Jackson and her Qatari ex husband Wissam Al Mana

Khloe Kardashian and her Moroccan ex French Montana

Although two relationships bit the dust the other three seem to be going on strong. Most females who know about Middle Eastern men is that they tend to act one way before marriage and a different way after. It's all fun and games while dating but once you officially become their wife they will probably expect some changes. Janet Jackson couldn't handle the Islamic way of life that her husband expected so she divorced him while gaining some significant benefits.

I do feel sorry for their son, the father wants him raised Muslim but his mother and her family which are the people raising him are Jehova's Witnesses so more than likely he will not see the Islamic way of life, sorry, but Wissam should've seen that coming. I just wanted to let Mr. Wissam know that if he needs anyone to talk to I'm here for ya boo..ha ha..issa joke folks!

I do wonder how the families of these men feel about their relationships, like the Saudi billionaire dating Rihana. KSA is a strict country but as seen by their actions in the media once they leave KSA they tend to leave everything else behind as well and party hard. Doesn't his father and their family care about his actions? Of course a lot of Saudi families have a huge amount of kids so one black sheep in the family probably doesn't count.

These are my thoughts and opinions, like anyone cares, but ladies, keep doing what ya doing, brown guys are another breed of man so enjoy!

Disclaimer: Yes I know some people do not consider Persian men Arab but they are in the general vicinity.


  1. They like middle eastern men because western men are cheap!

  2. Omar not necessarily. A lot of Arabian men seem really interested and attracted to--- and treat a girl likes she's the only woman in the world, which can be different from our culture too;). There's a lot of rich white men too;p.

  3. 2 words

  4. Sam Asghari..... Yuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmm

  5. Oh please.... most of the Arab men I've met over 3 decades are waaay cheaper than Western men. but maybe thats because I was living in Kuwait... my bad. I don't know who would be the gold diggers in the relationships as all of these women have plenty of their own money.


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