Saturday, October 19, 2019

Kuwait Bowling Club in Salmiya

My friend and I took the kids for a round of bowling at the new Kuwait bowling alley in Salmiya. At this time there are two sections, one for families and the other for single males. We got there around 8 pm and had to wait in line for about 30 minutes. When it was our turn there weren't any shoes in our sizes available so we were told to bowl in our shoes. 

The lanes were neon and when it was time for the younger kids to bowl the rails came up and wet down once they finished their turn which was good for all of us. I was worried about having to get an additional lane for the smaller ones so they could use the rails but we all shared one game. 

There's ample seating surrounding the lanes, a small snack stand and one table to sit at. They don't allow metal water bottles so you will have to leave them at the desk if you bring them in. In the future there will be some more attractions there from what I've heard.

Each game was 2.500 KD, we had eight people so it took a while to complete one game and it was late but over all we had a good time. You can find their IG @kuwaitbowling_


  1. 2.5 KD per game (no matter how many players) or 2.5 KD per game per person (so 8 players paid 2.5 KD each)?

  2. 2.5 KD per player which includes shoes. if they're available

  3. Ok thanks for clarifying. Seems pretty steep to have to pay 2.5 KD per player for one game (especially if you are more than 5 people). Unfortunately, this is how it is in all the bowling places

    1. They have some specials for after 11 pm. It's cheaper than Cozmo, I remember them charging 3.5 KD per game.

  4. hi, just noticed you changed your blog name to life in kuwait. why if you don't mind my asking? :) i'm a silent reader, i think i've read almost all your posts by now when i found your blog earlier this year while doing research on kuwait, i used to scroll through at work when it was dead and it definitely helped pass the time!

  5. Once I decided to make it a .com I decided to change the name to make it easier to find when searched as most people will Google 'life in Kuwait' and it's sounds nicer when introducing my blog to businesses.


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