Sunday, August 29, 2010

Will I ever adjust to life in America?

I never thought I would say I hate rain. But OMG I hate it so much now. Since I've been in Florida all it does is rain, rain and more rain. I found out it's hurricane season until God knows when and it has rained for 24 hours straight. I got caught in it today while shopping at Wal-Mart. I was soaked from it and driving is horrible.

Something I've never dealt with are the religious people here. I know they seem to live their life around the church and are very proud to be surrounded by it but I can't stand the fact that they will try to push their religion onto you. My daughter wears hijab and is having difficulties in high school with everything being referred to the Bible. They were talking about the crusades over Islam and my daughter said she was waiting for the whole class to turn around and point to her.

Today my daughter was waiting for me to park the car and some guy walked by and said 'Jesus Christ is the son of God'. I was so angry that my child has to deal with ignorance. He's lucky I wasn't there as I would have given him a peace of my mind. In California people are more tolerant of things but here in the south it's almost as if you're an alien unless you wear short shorts and are tanned, if not you don't belong.

School will be over in June and Inshallah I will be heading back to Kuwait. I love the shopping and variety of things but I wouldn't stay here and put up with people's one sided opinion just for a Slurpee. I've learned a lot since being here and I appreciate Kuwait.


  1. Be glad I am not there or I would probably be in jail by now, just hurry up and pass the next 10 months and come back to Kuwait, all the Walmart shopping and all the Taco Bells in the world are not worth putting up with what has become Islamaphobia in the States. By the way to all you readers, I am an American born and family are all rednecks who live in the Bible family are as white as snow....and yet we still have to put up with our own COUNTRY???

  2. Hey you get worried about silly things done by silly people. At least for the sake of kids education, which I feel far better than here you can just enjoy shopping and don’t worry about slurpee. Every religious person pushes their religion on other minorities. It’s a world wide phenomenon. Any how Kuwait is the best place to live.


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