Thursday, February 24, 2011

Amiri grant causing chaos

It seems the grant of 1000 KD given to Kuwaiti nationals is causing quite a stir. Ex-spouses are fighting each other over it as the father is the one who receives the grant money even if the mother has custody. My mom tells me it's total chaos all over Kuwait caused by people on shopping sprees. It seems they have emptied out Kuwait of electronics. My mom's hubby was trying to find a computer but was too late. My mom decided to go out in the middle of it to take my nephew shopping, bad idea. She said that there was no parking and it seemed everyone in Kuwait is out.

Her Kuwaiti landlord rolled up in a brand new SUV considering he has 6 kids Mashallah plus his wife and himself, he got a hefty payment. He left the country with his family on their way to Jakarta. My husband went to the bank and had to wait over an hour to get to the teller. Today the atm was out of money and he can't get me any money because the banks are closed until next week which means no Wal-Mart for a few days.

I'm happy they received the grants, but to give it all out at once? Considering it's a national holiday plus everyone has 1000 KD to spend that equals chaos especially when some people act like they never had money before. I doubt anyone used it to pay off the huge amount of debt they have. That can be paid off someday right? Or some are waiting for the day they get their loans paid off by the government. Imagine 3 million KD for spending. When will Kuwait recover from this?

I hope everything calms down by March 7 when I come back. I guess all the stores will be empty, but that's ok I have shopped at Wal-Mart so much that it hurts. I feel sorry for the guy working in the mail room of my hubby's company. He should be ready for the 4 huge boxes on their way and that was just the beginning, I still have another week to shop. Thank goodness for APO.

Happy National Day Kuwait!!

Ex-spouses in Amiri grant spat:

"Spat over bonus:

A Kuwaiti woman filed a case against her former husband who had been allegedly threatening her on phone that he will take the KD 1,000 Amiri allowance which will be granted to his sons. He allegedly claimed that he has the right to do so. The woman added that she has the custody of her children.
Police will summon the former husband."

Will she get the money??


  1. Interesting post. I, too, think they shouldn't have issued the whole sum of 1000 at once. As for the shopping spree and all, this is not the only time this has happened; Us,Kuwaitis, seem to have some sort of skin allergy to money paper.

  2. Personally speaking, I condemn this, or any decision by the Government to hand out free money willy-nilly. The subsidized foodstuff scheme was enough for many to combat rising food costs. But giving away 1'000 to each citizen just tempts us to shop it all away!


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