Sunday, March 13, 2011

Back to Kuwait and Drama

The task of leaving Florida was a job in itself, disconnecting utilities, last minute doctor's appointments and packing gave me a lot of headaches. March 7 was my travel date and March 8 we arrived back to Kuwait. No more slow people following the traffic rules. Hello people trying to kill each other oh how I missed it.

The trip itself wasn't too bad. The plane was 70% full of contractors traveling from Amsterdam to Kuwait. Jet lag is rough. I had one day to get back to normal before all hell broke loose. I was in my bathroom fixing my hair when I heard the fire alarm go off. I figured it was the kids playing in the elevator or some trick. My maid went outside and saw people running down the stairs. I finally realized this was a real fire. I smelled plastic burning and took off down the stairs which were pitch black.

The one day they leave the lights off there's a fire. I couldn't see anything at all. Finally I got to the last set of stairs when I missed the last step and felt pain in my ankle as I fell. I have a high tolerance for pain but this time I sat there crying like a baby until a couple Indian ladies helped me out of the building. Intense pain and swelling followed. My husband called the ambulance but finally took me to the hospital.

We arrived to Adhan hospital in the rain. I got my x-ray, no break but a sprain which hurts like hell. I got a half cast which was wrapped up. This sucks big time. As we arrived back to the building the elevators were not working which meant we had to go to the adjoining building and travel to the 13th floor followed by a trip across the roof and finally down 3 flights of stairs. I had to hop my way across the roof in the pouring rain avoiding satellites and wires everywhere. I hadn't had time to grab a jacket or shoes which left me in my house shoes and T-shirt.

No one can ever imagine how much it sucked to hop accross the roof and go down 3 flights of stairs which were wet and covered in soot. I finally made it to my apartment after what seemed like hours. My bed never looked so nice. Now I'm left to hop around with crutches. Everything has come to a halt.

I'm pretty much home bound for now until I get this cast off. As a control freak it's so hard to sit and watch and not be able to control anything. This is pure torture. I have to guide everything from my bed. I can't leave my house either. Now I now how to torture someone just make them hop on one foot. The doctor said 10-15 days in this cast. I will officially be crazy by then.

Welcome back to Kuwait!


  1. Hope you recover soon. - Get Well Soon!

  2. Thanks, I read online it may take 6-8 weeks to fully recover?! This is going to be a loooong recovery.

  3. Sandy in Palm HarborMarch 16, 2011 at 1:41 AM

    Hello, Hope you are feeling better soon. I live in Florida. Clearwater area. Traffic whizzes here, Tampa just 20 miles. I am a retired nurse. Yes the sprain will be worse than a break, you will do fine. I am orginally from Muncie Indiana and had a few Kuwaiti friends from college-love the Arab people. I hope to visit one day & would be nice to know someone. Thank you. I am enjoying your posts.

  4. Welcome back to Kuwait and I hope you feel better soon. :) Congrats on the new job!

  5. Thanks girly! Today we will visit the in-laws inshallah. That means Morrocan food for moi!! YESSS!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Sandy you are always welcome here. Ever think of taking a year off to work in Kuwait? There are so many hospitals here that would love to have American nurses. Let me know!

  7. ohh iam so sorry to hear that , welcome back to kuwait and hope u doing well..
    btw iam arabian from palestine .. but iam really interested in what you wrote about ur experiences in kuwait , and i also live in kuwait :)


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