Monday, April 9, 2012

Azteca Mexican Food

There's a new Mexican restaurant at the Villiage, exit 208. I had heard about it and finally stopped by on a weekday when there wasn't any crowds. I met Chef Jorge who was a totally nice guy and a professional chef from Mexico. He would like to teach classes on cooking Mexican food when he has time. The restaurant is owned by a Mexican lady who also sells the traditional Mexican dresses. I spoke with her on the phone and she seems liek a really nice lady.

I ordered the chipotle beef burrito and my hubby ordered the chicken burrito, they were pretty big in size for 3KD. It was 350 fils for a small cup of pico de gallo which wasn't enough, in California you get a huge amount with burritos. I also ordered horchata, a Mexican rice drink for 1.250, it came in a skinny glass and was about 3 drinks. My hubby ordered sprite in the little can which was 850 fils, ouch! The burritos were a little bland for my liking and this was the first time I had a burrito with white rice. I was told the way we eat in California is the "American" type Mexican food and not the way it's made in other parts of Mexico.

The tamale was really good. I would definitely go again for that. They are usually made with lard so no tamales for me while I was in the states but now I can eat them when I crave one for 2.750 KD. I would have had another one if it wasn't so expensive. I really wanted tres leches cake but couldn't spend another 2.750 KD for a piece. I know some ingredients are imported but this place would be a once a month visit. They are supposed to change the menu next month and are trying to include carne asada. Chef Jorge says they will introduce grasshoppers! Hmmm I don't know about that.

The chef had us try the stuffed churros, which were good but would have been better freshly made, these were a bit rock hard. All new restaurants need time to get out the kinks so I will give it some time and visit in the future to see how they progress.

Contact: 23907546


  1. I'm so excited to check this place out.after years of being away from Mexican food in California.... thanks so much.

  2. The food was very good. It is authentic Mexican food, but if you're looking for California authentic, you won't find it. It's more of a Southern Mexico style. I plan on eating there at least twice a month.

  3. Hola, where is located the azteca restaurant ?

    thank you

  4. It is located in the Village area off of exit 208 off highway 30.

  5. how can i get there from the airport? i really want to check this place out.

  6. It's off Highway 30 heading toward Fahaheel you will take exit 208 and if coming from the city you will turn left, you will see a plaza with restaurants.


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