Friday, April 13, 2012

Nurses refuse to change gloves during Medical

It is high time someone from the Ministry of Health starts checking on their nurses who refuse to change their gloves when taking blood!!!!! Yesterday we had a new guy go to Fahaheel for his medical procedures for his residency. He asked the nurse to please change his gloves, he refused, after asking several more times he went to the manager and the manager put his hand up to the guy and told him that if he didn't want to do his medical then he could leave. Really??? This is the third time we've had an employee rejected from that clinic for the same problem.

A lady was told to go sit on the bus after she asked the nurse to change her gloves. Do they not realize how serious of a problem it is? They are dealing with people from all over the world carrying God knows what and they can't change their gloves? They did the same thing with my kids and I raised hell which invloved the manager and a few choice words. They did change their gloves! There was 2 boxes of gloves sitting on her table and she refused. Finally she snatched off her gloves and started talking to the other nurse in Indian language.

Does anyone in the Ministry know or even care about it? This is the easiest way to spread diseases, not to mention it's disgusting! I've heard gloves are kind of a luxury item that's why they don't change them every time. I was also told that an American lady found thousands of boxes of gloves being sold in Friday market that had Ministry stamps which means someone is stealing them and selling them.

Hello people! Wake up, it's time for someone to regulate the medical system! It's sad to think I have to fight with a nurse (who is supposed to be helping people ) to change her gloves. I'm sure Kuwaiti people don't really care because they don't have to experience it but it is needed to prevent the spreading of diseases!

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