Tuesday, January 24, 2017

3D Lipo Kuwait

A lot of people are scared of surgery, I am one of them. I have hypothyroidism which makes it hard to lose weight in stubborn areas. I saw 3D Lipo on an IG account and have gone for two sessions so far. Their location is in Kuwait City across from the Behbehani building. When you first enter it's a bright, clean office and the staff are really nice. 

You will have a session with a doctor on what you want and she will take your vitals. You can start the session right away if there aren't any appointments, I decided to come the following day. The first session I lost three inches, as of the second session I'm down six inches. The third session introduces you to the cryogenic phase of freezing the fat which has a longer lasting impact.
The room is very clean and Patchi is a really sweet former ER nurse who will be straight with you. She will let you know if the procedure will work or if you're wasting your time. The first procedures consist of breaking up the fat areas and tightening which lasts for an hour.

It's a quick and easy process, the down side is it is rather expensive and I don't know how long the results will last. After spending this amount of money I plan on keeping up the high protein diet and trying to fit in some exercise when time permits. Anyone who has hypothyroidism knows how difficult it is to keep the weight off and normal people don't understand.

3D Lipo: @3dlipo.kw Phone: 22263065


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    1. It's 150 KD per session and the amount of sessions depends on the problem areas.

  2. Dear crazy in kuwait
    I have contacted you through email but haven't received a response from you. I also left a comment on older post of yours regarding mangaf houses, will you please check it? Thank you

    1. It's near to Cambridge school but I don't know if it is still there as they are building a lot and tear down old houses. There is an old one in Fahaheel as well.

  3. WoOOW.. Sounds Great..!!! Will give a try... Thanks for this Post.. I hope I can reduce my weight also...


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