Saturday, January 30, 2010

You've got to be kidding me!

(This is an Oprah interview with Zain Al Sabah a few years back her commoner husband is from Boodai family, a rich common family

All Kuwaiti people are rich? Someone tell my hubby that.Hmmm am I missing something? After people see this they all think the people here are rich. That's why I always hear "Oh you live in Kuwait where all the rich people are". Well, there are rich people but I have met very few of them and the ones I've met are not quality type people. Yes, it does seem that everyone drives Mercedes and Jags but does everyone know that they are on payment or rental cars used to pick up chicks?

Does everyone know that the rich get richer and the other people stay the same? Yes health care for Kuwaiti's is free but have you seen the hospitals and clinic? Rich people don't visit government hospitals, rich people don't send their kids to government schools. There are poor Kuwaiti people who get the food hand outs during Ramadaan. Taboo. There is a giant gap between rich and regular people but most people will never know unless you live amongst the normal folks as I do.

Oprah makes a big deal about the "12,000 dollars" the government gives the Kuwaiti people when they get married. That only applies if both of them are Kuwaiti and what does 4000 kd get you? It's equal to $4000.00 in the states if not less. They don't realize what the cost of living is here. I wish people knew about the real Kuwait. Oprah gives a one-sided version and people think everyone in Kuwait has an oil well and gold toilets. NOT!!!!


  1. I say that we live in inner city downtown Detroit paying 5th & Broadway Manhattan prices. I've never paid so much for an apartment, let alone our mortgage back home.

  2. Sorry, but your conversion is wrong 4,000 KD is worth over $13,000 USD.

  3. Rich people send their children to government schools.

    It hurts to reading this. You're the most offensive 'know-it-all' blogger on the net.

  4. back then i actually did write to Oprah to let her know that this free health care could lead to serious death because it was very poor health care. Plus everything else she mentioned , but i didn't get any reply , the least she could do is come and see for herself


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