Saturday, July 8, 2017

Jon Sliders Middle East

There's a new slider concept restaurant in Kuwait named Jon Sliders, and they have a menu packed with different kinds of sliders, meat and chicken as well as shakes and sides.

"A #Nojunk Brand!
There is a need for the right kind of Slider in the market, so we set out to create a brand with no junk
perfecting the taste in the process and raising the bar when it comes to natural and tasty
We use premium ingredients with Michelin stars chef’s techniques.
The special techniques we use keep the patty fresh & the buns softer
Our Sliders are all about:
Hormone Free
Real Beef
Real Chicken
Softer Buns
End Result: Naturally tasty with softer buns and this is What a slider is meant to be
Brand Feel: A modern concept with a vintage feel. A blast from the past. Nostalgic."


They deliver 24/7 and you can find them on Jeebley, Talabat and Carriage.
Phone number: 66302662
IG @jonslidersme

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