Saturday, July 18, 2015

Kuwait born Jordanian kills Marines in Tennessee

As the FBI and other law enforcement agencies continue their investigation into the deadly rampage across the city of Chattanooga,Tennessee, the 24 year old's formative years will face scrutiny. Investigators are trying to build a picture of what caused a seemingly 'all American boy' turn into a killer who targeted the US military. Abdulazeez, a naturalized US citizen, died after Chattanooga police converged on his silver Mustang convertible outside a Naval Reserve center where the four victims were killed.

Over 24 hours after the shooting US authorities said no links have yet been found to the ISIS terror group who have called for 'lone wolf attacks' on US soil. FBI agents removed computers from the killer's home and two of his sisters were led out in handcuffs.

Authorities in Chattanooga are treating the killings as a domestic terror incident.Two fathers, a 21-year-old barely out of boot camp and a Purple Heart recipient who served two tours of duty in Iraq have been identified as the four Marines who died.They were named as Gunnery Sgt Thomas J Sullivan, 40; Lance Cpl Skip Wells, 21; Sgt Carson Holmquist, 27 and Staff Sgt David Wyatt, 37.

----In no way is this guy associated with Kuwait, he is NOT Kuwaiti, he was a Jordanian born in Kuwait and his family moved to USA to get citizenship. I wish the media would stop adding the name of Kuwait in all of the broadcasts. It's like they are trying to smear the country and associate with terrorism. We recently went through the mosque being bombed and now we have to deal with this.


  1. Exactly! It feels like the media is misleading, they always mention that he's ''Kuwait-born'' but they don't frequently mention that he's Jordanian citizen. He was born in Kuwait during the Iraqi invasion and he was raised in Jordan or the US. so he didn't even grow up here, yet the media insists on mentioning Kuwait's name even in the headline.

  2. They mean that's where he lived before... they should be more clear... but it was terribly tragic. A lot of Eid activities were cancelled over this side of the world.

    Who knows why he did it? I mean, he was busted for a drunk driving incident, he did sport fighting, not very Islamic things to begin with, so maybe it has nothing to do with crazy Islamic groups... Who knows? Its just very sad, whatever country (he became an American) he was from or went to.

    My prayers are for those poor families. I can't imagine my kdis losing their father.

  3. There are other cases where media keeps quite about the citizen being Kuwaiti and just refers to have moved from Kuwait.

    See this. I doubt if it was even reported in Kuwaiti newspapers

    1. Omar al-Kutobi is Iraqi. His family fled Iraq one decade ago:

      Mohamed Kiad is not Kuwaiti, he was just born in Kuwait. The Aussie media is so misleading. There is no Kuwaiti family called Kiad and there are no Kuwaiti male nurses. The Kuwaiti government does not give scholarships for nurse education to Australia or anywhere else in the world. There are no Kuwaitis studying nurse education in Australia, Kuwait does not send Kuwaitis on scholarships for nursery. There are no male Kuwaitis working as nurses. So how on earth is Mohamed Kiad a citizen of Kuwait? This is empty talk, so many reputable media outlets reported that Jordanian guy is Kuwaiti and that turned out false. I wouldn't be so quick to jump to conclusions without governments confirming his nationality.

  4. He was not Jordanian. He was Palestinian. Fact check.

  5. I know that, however I am not going into his family history. He carried a Jordanian passport which technically makes him Jordanian. No need for an explanation, I know the Palestinian history as well and I know why you said he was Palestinian even though he carried a Jordanian pp. The point of my post was stating the fact that he is in no way KUWAITI, his blood line is irrelevant.

  6. The majority of the population living in Jordan are not ethnic Jordanians* but that doesn't mean they aren't Jordanian. Palestinian/Jordanian/Kuwaiti/American that would be a confusing mix for a guy wouldn't it, with everyone saying you're not from where you have lived or are from no matter the passport you carry? {tyring to understand what makes someone go crazy or act evilly}

    And there are Kuwaiti male nurses (maybe not funded by the Kuwaiti government) but I know an ETHNIC Kuwaiti guy who did study nursing, in the US, on his own money who married an Omani nurse, and they work together in Oman. So that is possible. Just to let y'all know;).


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