Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Tek Zone in The Avenues

With summer here and restless kids there's a new place in The Avenues- Tek Zone where the games are based on technology. A lot of the games have virtual reality head sets for that 3-D feel. There's a Rasing Cane's and Starbucks inside as well in case you get hungry.

It's located in the new area of the mall where the Forum area is, in the middle of the mall there is an opening where you can see down and take the round elevators to go down to the basement where Tek Zone is located. You can find more info on their IG @tekzoneme


  1. i thought this blog was alshaya free?

    1. It was, I still don't support them and since a certain person doesn't work there any more they can't threaten me so I'm free to post what I want. They don't work with me anymore. I just post about things to do and unfortunately Al Shaya runs Kuwait.


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