Wednesday, February 6, 2019

T4 terminal, Kuwait Airways

I usually fly Qatar airways but the prices were too expensive so I went with Kuwait Airways. The good thing is when you book online a pop-up  message tells you T4 terminal is where you need to go. Well, the airport was lackluster to say the least, it was very basic, it didn't have any welcome vibes. It' pretty much empty with one coffee shop coming soon, a couple of atm machines and that's about it. No exchanges, no restaurants just a small space with some couches. When you enter the departure area it's one big long line because they combine two or more flights and on this day half of the ticket agents were missing.

 We stood in line for almost an hour, people were getting irritated and then they had a last call for Saudia in which all of the people started running to check in. It's total chaos with some people thinking they can just walk around the everyone and head up to a counter. It really lacks tough people who have the huevos to tell them to get back in line.

Once you reach the departure area there isn't much more, a couple of coffee stands one of which is from Kuwait Airways, the sell coffee and sandwiches at premium prices. Both up and downstairs has minimal seating, we had to sit three seating areas away from our gate because it was so full.

On the way back in the Qatar terminal Kuwait Airways only has a small space with four ticketing agents which makes for another long wait and even more chaos when people try to head up to the business/first class line when they are economy. The only good thing is when arriving there isn't much of a wait to get back into Kuwait, the passport control and security areas are quick.

I will only take KA if I can't find a cheap ticket, the wait is just horrible.

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  1. I dont think crowd management is a strong suit in arabia. Everything seems to be a chaotic cluster and deer in headlights... Hmmmm I wonder how to persuade people to move along efficiently and orderly without offending LOL


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