Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Kuwait House of National Works- Memorial Museum

My husband and I had visited the Memorial Museum a few months ago and I guess I didn't make a post about it so better late than never. 

 Not so great translation but we get the meaning although it seems no one wants to really remember those days considering schools don't have it in their text books.
During this demonstration Iraqi troops killed Sanaa Al-Foudari
 Kuwait oil wells on fire.
 Citizens who were killed during the invasion.
 Dedicated to the US troops
 Kuwaiti babies were pulled from incubators and thrown onto the floor by Iraqi troops.
The head of Sadam given to Kuwait by the US troops.

I love this museum I just wish they took better care of it and re-located it to a better place. It's hard to find and very dusty inside. We didn't have a guide to tell us about anything, maybe we came at the wrong time. I wish the NCCAL would take control of this museum and treat it with more respect.

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