Monday, October 4, 2010


Yesterday I took my kids to the circus. I'm sure everyone has heard about the circus. It's a group of traveling performers who stop off in various cities to make some cash. This circus was made up of Hispanic performers from Guatemala and other Latin countries. The prices have increased since the last time I went to the circus. Anyways there were many performers, high wire acts, motorcycle riders and plenty of performing animals. When I saw the camels it reminded me of Kuwait. The camels in Kuwait are better looking than the circus ones.

There were motorcycle riders performing their stunts in a steel cage as well as an 11 year old girl rider performing her stunts with the other 2 guys in the cage.The whole show lasted about 2 hours and there were plenty of ways to make money. Camel rides, elephant rides and pony rides as well as charging an arm and a leg for the plastic lights for the kids. I'm saving for the fair that will be here on Oct 21 that's when the fun starts. My goal is to get that fried twinkie this time. Stay tuned.

The circus tent.

The clowns messing around.

Some animals.

Huge elephants.

The motorcycle riders perform their stunts in this cage.

I wonder if any Kuwaiti guys can ride their dirt bikes around a steel cage like this one?


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  2. I really hate Kuwait. Hate the people there. How they treat outsiders. They trip on other nationalities for no reason. When I was heading back home and I was just right in front of my building, I saw an Indian guy pushing a cart heading back to the store after delivering a tank of gas. Then these three guys were tripping on him. One gave a slap on the back of his head for no reason and Indian guy said stop but then those guys were talking back as if they were superior. Forgot to mention those guys were only teenagers. The most thing that hurts is that. I hear so much news about Kuwaiti bosses hurt and abuse Indian or Filipina maids or even Asian like Indonesian. That's the reason why many maids in Kuwait kill themselves because they couldn't handle the pain. They are even being trapped in the house so they wouldn't run away. I respect their country and I like the way of living there. I wish I was an American citizen. I can talk right in the face of a Kuwaiti cop and they wouldn't dare to touch me. Kuwaiti's can't touch American's because they are under them. If only America would take over Kuwait. I wouldn't bother at all. It would be a wish come true. American people don't care how you look or how old you are. They will still accept you for who you are. I can't explain how much anger and blood is running through my head right now.


  3. Thanks for accepting the comment I posted earlier. God bless you and your family. Have a good stay in Kuwait.


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