Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New school year in Jahra

Well my mother decided to return to the school in Jahra. My sister refused and I'm in the states so my mom is left to fend for herself out there. Sorry mom. Already the stories start rolling in about the new parents. You would think that most kids who go to school would know how to at least feed themselves right? Um not in this part of the country.

My mom told me about one of the mothers sneaking into the school and sitting with her son in the classroom. After being told to leave she hid there until lunch time and my mom caught her in the cafeteria feeding her son. When my mom told her to leave she said she couldn't leave her son because he doesn't know how to feed himself? OMG are there really people like that?

During the first days of school she was constantly telling parents to go home because they wouldn't let go of their kids. Some parents even left the maid with the kids. Come on people there is a time to let go. For a boy especially. How will they grow up to be men when they have their moms chasing behind them of have a maid to baby them? It's called independence. When I first took my kids to school they were like "bye mom see you later" no tears or crying.

When I worked in that school last year I saw that most of the kids didn't know how to open up chips or juice. It took all year to teach them how to pick up their garbage and put it in the trash can.

Stop spoiling your children parents because they become a burden to other people once they leave your house.


  1. This is just crazy. No wonder you see so many useless 'grownups' around here.

  2. Well all I can say is Thank You and again Thank you. We are trying very hard at the school to educate the kids, if the parents would just have a little patience with us and not expect miracles!! The first month of school we must teach the kids how to do basic stuff, like sit in the chairs, lower their voices, not to beat up other kids from other tribes?? Stand in line, not to spit on other kids, etc. etc. We are trying to do our best to educate the kids so all we ask for is a chance be a little bit patient and inshallah the results will be great...again, Thank YOu...miss you....oxoxox

  3. Oh, I knew it wasn't great here in that regard. But I didn't know that the parents often don't let go, or teach their kids even those basics.
    And here I am wondering why the grown ups leave all their fast food trash at the beach.
    There's my answer.
    Cheers from Mangaf ;-)


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