Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hospitals in the United States

I'm sure everyone has visited one of the government hospitals in Kuwait. Not the best experience I'm sure. I wish the government would update the government hospitals in Kuwait considering a lot of people don't have insurance and can't really afford the private hospitals. Even if they had to raise the 1 KD stamp fee I think it would be worth it. Some of the clinics are such a sad and depressing place which makes the employees sad and depressed to work there.

I think that employees who work in a clean and happy environment will be a lot nicer to the patients. I know Adan hospital has had an upgrade which is long overdue. I know private hospitals have increased their fees and will continue to increase the fees whenever they feel like it. I would be willing to pay more money to go to the government hospitals if they would upgrade them all.

Sabah hospital scares me. I went there one time for a check up and it was a scary experience. No men are allowed in the clinic area and I don't speak that much Arabic so I felt really nervous. The bathrooms had no soap or toilet paper and it was during the H1N1 virus time. Thankfully I had some anti bacterial wipes with me. I think they are also doing some remodeling to that hospital also.

It would be great if the government hospitals could compare and compete with private hospitals as the government hospitals do have some great foreign doctors working there it's just going through all the steps to reach them.

Dental clinics also need an upgrade. Again, I say charge more to visit the government clinics and hospitals if it means a better experience for both patients and staff working there.

I had to take my daughter the the emergency room herein the U.S. for her fever and it's such a comfortable feeling being in a clean and sanitary environment. The emergency room is separated for kids and adults. The pediatric unit is so colorful and kid friendly. It's amazing what a little bit of paint and imagination can do to uplift a sometimes sad environment. Of course I had to take some pics of the unit to show what can be done if people only cared enough to do it.

The wall in the pediatric unit.

Inside the private room.

The bed and equipment so clean and sanitary. They change the bedding after each patient.

To the left is the nurses station.

It's such an easy thing to do. If the government cared about the people enough to do it.


  1. It's pretty easy to figure out. America is a better country. Yes it may have some serious issues, but every country has them. In the end, America will always come out on top.

  2. Comparing Kuwait to America is unfair. Kuwait is about 50 years behind in terms of physical infrastructure and 500 years behind in terms of mental maturity and providing its citizens flawless services.

  3. With Kuwait 50 years behind America in terms of physical infrastructure and 500 years behind in mental maturity and political vision, this comparison is unfair to Kuwait. The comparison that is more appropriate is with Oman, Qatar, Egypt, etc.

  4. Well considering all of the money Kuwait has gained recently I would think that rebuilding and updating the country would be a priority. Forget building that million KD home and riding in fancy cars. Use that money to help the country rather than showing off. Kuwait doesn't have to be 50 years behind it could be updated if certain people agreed. But rich people don't want equality because they stand to gain from keeping the country as is and if corruption wasn't everywhere then the country would be in a better position. Educate the people and create equality before blaming it on a time warp. But it seems the quote of the country would be "If it aint broke don't fix it".


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