Sunday, May 22, 2011

Another reason why Americans are not Liked

American eludes arrest in ‘liquor-peddling’ bust; Pakistani, Egyptian ‘deliverymen’ nabbed:

"American eludes arrest in ‘liquor-peddling’ bust; Pakistani, Egyptian ‘deliverymen’ nabbed

KUWAIT CITY, May 21: A team of anti-narcotics officers arrested a Pakistani and an Egyptian for trading in alcohol with 250 bottles of foreign liquor in their possession.
It has been reported the team put an American under surveillance after receiving information that he has been importing liquor into the country and has become popular in the trade over the last years. After gathering enough evidence, the team sent an undercover agent to purchase four bottles of liquor worth KD 270 from the suspect but they were surprised to find the Pakistani and Egyptian in the American’s apartment in Salwa.
The team searched the apartment, resulting in the discovery of 260 bottles of different types of liquor. During interrogations, the suspects told police they got KD 15 for each bottle sold. They were referred to the concerned security department for the necessary legal action.
A case was registered and the authorities have launched a man-hunt for the American."

Now that they have an idea of what this guy looks like they will be putting up check points everywhere and will start harassing innocent Americans. Good job man. I guess he doesn't make enough money contracting???? He has to sell liquor too? Will people ever learn to stop doing illegal stuff? Is it worth a manhunt and losing your job? Wait until they catch the guy and put him in jail. The embassy has no involvement with people, especially those who break this kind of law. I think part of in-processing should be to take all people on a tour of the jails in Kuwait to give them and idea of where they would go if they get caught. A jail cell with 50 other FN men who don't shower, no beds and from what I've heard no food except some rice. If no one knows you're there you will be lost for a long time until someone finds you. No phone calls either.

One guy working for ITT years ago accidently hit and killed an Egyptian worker who ran in front of his car. He was arrested and never heard from for 2 years. Finally after paying blood money he was released and got a job with CSA only to later turn up in the newspaper when he was arrested for drugs. Some people never learn. After that no one knows what happened to him.

I ask everyone, is it really worth losing it all for greed?


  1. 'no food except from rice'?
    check the AL OUHN - Official Gazette for Kuwaiti government contracts.....tenders for jail food include certain provisions....
    i was at the police station when the contracting company arrived with dinner - yogurt, fruit, juice, biyani - pretty damn good

  2. Hmmmm why were you at the police station? Anyhoo the food may have arrived but did you see the food actually go to the prisoners? The catering companies send food to the FN staff at the stations just like the FN at the camps, they have food delivered to them I doubt however it was for the prisoners. Did you see the 50 men per cell?


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