Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Today's Ministry adventure

Oh man, I would much rather walk over hot coals than deal with the ministries, especially those that inlove dealing with Kuwaiti females. Unfortunately some braniac in the immigration had at some point combined my first and middle name. My husband then changed it back to my 3 names. When he went to register my son he was told the marriage cert and my name didn't match and we would have to get it changed, until then we can't get the document.

Seriously? He could have let it slip by but he wanted to be a jerk. Today was my appointment in Hawally at some name change ministry place. This is also where all of the bedoon people are going to get their marriage/birth certificates since they have been allowed to have them issued.

This means the people are used to dealing with bedoons and have the crappiest attitudes. My husband has to walk around with his civil id to show them he's Kuwaiti.

When the women see me they get attitudes immediately. We waited for about 20 minutes. The Kuwaiti lady called my name. We sit down and the she asks if I speak Arabic. Well I do to some degree but not all the technical mumbo jumbo. She tells us we must have a translater and my husband can't do it. WTH? I' started contracting again ( another story ) so I have no time to keep going here and there. My husband talked to the manager and he said it's ok if he translates.

That pissed off the Kuwaiti chick. We sat down again and she was like sorry it's 12 and time for me to get off. I don't work overtime. OMG! We did finally have her majesty do the swear in and writing for us but she was pissed off. When we got down to the car the time was 12:08 which means she was trying to get off work early and we messed up her schedule.

While talking to the lady the other Kuwaiti chick was talking on the phone to her mom about purple, black and beige purses. The old bedoon guy came in and she was totally yelling at him. I couldn't even hear the questions being asked. I felt bad for the guy. She was totally rude and so loud. We finished the first step and hopefully my husband can finish the rest. I don't feel like dealing with ministries on my only day off.

I had to get a new number for work because my new company is damn cheap and wants us to have contact with them all the time but they don't want to give us phones or lines. I guess we are responsible for the bill too. I didn't read that in my offer letter. Anyhoo we went to Mangaf to get a work number. As we are finalizing the paperwork in comes a niqabi chick yelling/asking how much the Iphone is. She came in and stood almost on top of me asking about the phone.

Hello! Don't you see me? I really hate when they walk up on you when you are waiting in line or something. It's called PERSONAL SPACE so back off!! So as we are standing there she decides she wants the phone. She gives him some sob story about how her daughter lost her phone and he should give her a good price because she was crying about it WTH? She then told him to hurry up because she had to go to work. Obviously we were invisble or something. All of this on my first day off since I started working.

Like I said I would rather walk across hot coal than deal with b.s. But it seems I always have something that needs ministry attention. I wonder what the next thing will be.

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