Monday, May 16, 2011

Salon Drama

Salon workers beat up, hurt Kuwaiti clients:


Two young Kuwaiti women sustained injuries in different parts of their bodies when a number of female Asian workers in a famous salon in Jabriya allegedly attacked them.

Eyewitnesses revealed one of the injured paid in advance for the services she wanted to avail from the salon. However, when she arrived in the salon, there were many customers waiting inside. She then asked one of the salon workers to return her money, because she cannot wait in line as she had an appointment. The worker grudgingly returned the money and dealt with the Kuwaiti woman in a bad manner.

When the Kuwaiti woman asked the worker why she was behaving badly, the worker started beating her with the assistance of the other salon staff. The woman then called her sister, who was waiting for her on the ground floor of the building, but the Asian workers took turns in beating them. One of the workers allegedly tried to attack the two Kuwaiti women with a scissor but the other women inside the salon intervened.

The women reported the incident at a nearby police station and investigations are ongoing."

I wonder what's the real story? I've seen the way some people treat the salon employees. There's 2 sides to every story. I doubt it happened as written.

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